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Tokushima City 1 night 2 day migration experience tour!

Tokushima City
Tokushima City 1 night 2 day migration experience tour!
You can experience the traditional culture and charm of Tokushima City. Please join us.
For those who are considering moving to Tokushima City, we invite you to actually visit the city and experience Tokushima City’s traditional culture and charm, and to create an opportunity for you to concretely consider moving to Tokushima City. We will be holding a trial tour. [Image 1d96281-50-14b80e7edd7aa71f87e1-4.jpg&s3=96281-50-3d8c9da1e1bbfcc70c56eac27d1cb714-1240x1754.jpg
Tokushima City Immigration Experience Tour
Tour content
〇Date     January 26th (Friday) and 27th (Saturday), 2020
〇Capacity     10 people (minimum number of participants is 2) 〇Price     5,500 yen per person (consumption tax and accommodation fee included) *Transportation expenses to the meeting place will be at your own expense. 〇Target: People living outside the prefecture who are considering moving to Tokushima City.
〇Reception start date  Tuesday, November 21, 2020 From the portal site dedicated form
*For details, please refer to the Tokushima City migration portal site “Just Town Tokushima.”
[Image 2d96281-50-c9f077a2c4488b34ddd8-1.jpg&s3=96281-50-ff37fef2c9c5ac79c863b9400fdee552-1873x1405.jpg
Shinmachi River bank
[Image 3d96281-50-b2fcb067a2505c02a1f6-2.jpg&s3=96281-50-d3231dcde134d940e248dd5cc2a6801c-600x400.jpg
Woodworking business tour
Tokushima City is the second smallest “compact city” among the prefectural capitals of 46 prefectures excluding Tokyo.
Various large and small rivers, including the Shikoku Saburo and Yoshino Rivers, flow through the area, and world-class culture such as Awa Odori and pilgrimage is still alive and well. The city is home to many offices, commercial facilities, universities, high schools, etc., and within a 20-minute drive you can reach beaches and clear streams where you can play in the river, making it easy to realize a variety of lifestyles depending on the area. Masu. On the “Tokushima City Immigration Experience Tour,” you will be able to experience the charm and lifestyle of the region that you cannot experience on a trip through interactions with local traditional industry businesses, farmers, and senior entrepreneurs. Why not experience the charm of Tokushima City, which is just the right place to move to?
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