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Yamaha Corporation Yamaha Smart L2 Switch “SWX2220-18NT” “SWX2220-26NT” Yamaha Smart L2 PoE Switch “SWX2220P-18NT” “SWX2220P-26NT”

Yamaha Corporation
Yamaha Smart L2 Switch “SWX2220-18NT” “SWX2220-26NT” Yamaha Smart L2 PoE Switch “SWX2220P-18NT” “SWX2220P-26NT”
New model with 18/26 ports for 2.5 Gigabit/10 Gigabit compatible switch – Switch ideal for building a Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless environment, to be released in late December 2023 –
Yamaha Corporation will release “SWX2220-18NT,” “SWX2220-26NT,” “SWX2220P-18NT,” and “SWX2220P-26NT” compatible with 2.5 Gigabit/10 Gigabit as new smart L2 switch products in late December 2023. Masu. [Image 1d10701-794-9973c28c24514361de2d-3.jpg&s3=10701-794-a3de8842c18ac72ced3eaa357cda1fd3-820x206.jpg
Smart L2 switch “SWX2220-18NT” (top left) “SWX2220-26NT” (bottom left) Smart L2 PoE switch “SWX2220P-18NT” (top right) “SWX2220P-26NT” (bottom right)
In recent years, the use of Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible wireless LAN access points with a wireless throughput of over 1 gigabit has expanded as the amount of communication has increased due to the increase in the capacity of content and the increased functionality of communication tools. Additionally, high-speed wired LAN ports are increasingly being adopted, especially in desktop PCs and high-performance notebook PCs. Many of these devices have 2.5 Gigabit wired LAN ports and require connection to a 2.5 Gigabit switch for maximum performance.
The four models released this time are floor/access switches ideal for accommodating Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible wireless LAN access points in medium-sized offices and devices with high-speed wired LAN ports (gaming PCs at e-sports facilities, etc.) . Inheriting and enhancing the functions of “SWX2220-10NT” and “SWX2221P-10NT,” each model has 12 (18NT) or 20 ( 26NT), 4 10 Gigabit/Multi-Gigabit compatible LAN ports, and 2 SFP+ slots, suitable for connecting to higher-level network devices and servers. Additionally, it supports multi-gigabit speeds that can be achieved using Cat5e/6 cables, allowing you to speed up your wired LAN environment without replacing existing cables. “SWX2220P-18NT” and “SWX2220P-26NT” support PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at), which can supply up to 30W of power per port on all LAN ports installed. The entire device has a power supply capacity of 15.4W from all LAN ports simultaneously, so it can accommodate a large number of PoE powered devices such as Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible wireless LAN access points and high-performance IP cameras. In addition, it is equipped with a function that allows you to schedule PoE power supply and a function that automatically restarts when a problem occurs with a wireless LAN access point or IP camera, making the operation of PoE powered devices more convenient.
■Product name / Product number / Suggested retail price
Smart L2 switch / SWX2220-18NT / 242,000 yen (220,000 yen excluding tax) Smart L2 switch / SWX2220-26NT / 291,500 yen (265,000 yen excluding tax) Smart L2 PoE Switch / SWX2220P-18NT / 297,000 yen (270,000 yen excluding tax) Smart L2 PoE Switch / SWX2220P-26NT / 357,500 yen (325,000 yen excluding tax) ■Release date: Late December 2023
◎Sales plan: Total: 3,000 units/year
Related options
■Product name / Product number / Suggested retail price Release date ・SFP+ module / YSFP-10G-SR / 85,800 yen (78,000 yen excluding tax) ・SFP+ module / YSFP-10G-LR / 160,600 yen (146,000 yen excluding tax) ・SFP module / YSFP-G-SXA / 44,000 yen (40,000 yen excluding tax)* ・SFP module / YSFP-G-LXA / 99,000 yen (90,000 yen excluding tax)* ・Direct attach cable / YDAC-10G-1M / 24,200 yen (22,000 yen excluding tax) ・Direct attach cable / YDAC-10G-3M / 30,800 yen (28,000 yen excluding tax) ■Release date: Now on sale
*Revised price as of April 1, 2023
[Image 2d10701-794-737574d569364a177c23-0.jpg&s3=10701-794-63e75146156c0518730ec68ad88deb5b-620x652.jpg
Expected usage scenarios for medium-sized offices
[Image 3d10701-794-c60abfa4096edc2ec695-0.jpg&s3=10701-794-4ec9da2723a9a81d11f138c817f0f3be-620x436.jpg
Expected usage scenarios for e-sports facilities
Main features
1. Can accommodate multiple devices with Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible wireless LAN access points and high-speed LAN ports
The four models to be released are each equipped with 12 (18NT) or 20 (26NT) LAN ports compatible with 2.5 Gigabit, 4 LAN ports compatible with 10 Gigabit/Multi-Gigabit, and 2 SFP+ slots. I am.
[Image 4d10701-794-10a200a8b70eceebc564-4.jpg&s3=10701-794-cd0d460c9eca74d29f2df326dacdaa65-500x354.jpg
Usage scenarios for “SWX2220P-18NT”
Many mid-range Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible wireless LAN access points require connection to a PoE power supply device that supports both 2.5 Gigabit speeds and PoE+ (IEEE802.3at). The PoE switches
“SWX2220P-18NT” and “SWX2220P-26NT” are mid-range because they support power supply via PoE+ (IEEE802.3at) on all 16 or 24 LAN ports that can communicate at speeds of 2.5 Gigabits or more. While taking full advantage of the speed performance of the following Wi-Fi 6/6E compatible wireless LAN access points, you can accommodate a large number of access points with a single switch. The entire device has a power supply capacity of 15.4W that can be supplied simultaneously from all power supply ports, so the Yamaha wireless LAN access point “WLX222” compatible with Wi-Fi 6 can be supplied with power from all wired LAN ports. However, it is possible to operate at the fastest performance of 2.5 Gigabits.
It also enables faster wired LAN environments at lower costs. The four models to be released this time can use existing Cat5e/6 cables for 2.5/5 Gigabit communication, so you can replace the conventional 1 Gigabit environment with a 2.5/5 Gigabit high-speed environment without having to rewire the LAN cable. It is possible. Furthermore, by using a 10 Gigabit compatible port as an uplink port, bottlenecks with higher-level network devices can be reduced, and communication from the accommodated devices can be transferred to higher-level devices at high speed. As the required communication volume is expected to increase, it can be used for a long time as a floor/access switch for 10 Gigabit networks.
[Image 5d10701-794-47e9bea174d5f56dc33e-4.jpg&s3=10701-794-b615c1e407277c701bb52e8871c488f1-430x246.jpg
2. Inherits and enhances smart L2 switch function
In addition to inheriting the functions of the SWX2220-10NT and SWX2221P-10NT, the four models being released this time have enhanced functions related to communication quality, security, PoE power supply control, and maintenance and operation to make them more convenient to use.
●Enhanced functions related to communication quality and security QoS settings for web conferencing applications, whose usage
opportunities have increased significantly in recent years, can now be easily configured on the GUI. By simply selecting the type of web conferencing application to be used on the GUI, you can prioritize communication from web conferencing applications such as “Zoom Meetings” and “Microsoft Teams.” It also newly supports LACP as a link aggregation method, creating a highly fault-tolerant network. [Image 6d10701-794-6ffeb3105834711b6856-6.jpg&s3=10701-794-ff91b0bf26c091b29f616ced5e1e563c-480x214.jpg
Security functions now support DHCP snooping and expanded ACL filter conditions (destination specification, L4 port specification), contributing to more secure network construction. DHCP snooping also supports Option 82, making it suitable for use in Internet
condominiums that require flexible address allocation using DHCP. ●Equipped with functions that make the operation of PoE power receiving devices convenient
“SWX2220P-18NT” and “SWX2220P-26NT” inherit from “SWX2221P-10NT” functions such as PoE scheduling and restarting when a problem occurs with the PoE power receiving device, and restarting for reasons such as firmware updates. It also supports the “Continuous PoE function,” which continues supplying power to the PoE-powered device while the device is in use. By preventing inadvertent interruption of power supply to wireless LAN access points and IP cameras connected to the switch, system downtime is minimized and contributes to more flexible and effective PoE power supply control.
●Supports functions that reduce maintenance and operation work It supports cooperation with Yamaha wireless LAN access points using the “LLDP automatic configuration function”. By simply connecting to a Yamaha wireless LAN access point, the switch side can automatically recognize the built-in RADIUS server of the wireless LAN access point, perform automatic life-or-death monitoring of the wireless LAN access point, and the wireless LAN access point can perform automatic recognition of the wireless LAN access point’s built-in RADIUS server and automatic life-or-death monitoring of the wireless LAN access point. (linked with the switch’s PoE scheduling)” automatically operates, making it easy to use functions useful for maintenance operations.
[Image 7d10701-794-f571fe80658af9bb574c-6.jpg&s3=10701-794-2b3036b21c7ad968d3ec789d9108375d-500x260.jpg
It also supports management using the LAN visualization function “LAN Map”. By combining it with a Yamaha router, intelligent L2 switch, or L3 switch, you can check the network status of the entire LAN, including devices connected to this machine, greatly reducing the burden of troubleshooting and daily maintenance and operation work. . Furthermore, it is newly compatible with the “Performance Observation Function” which allows regular observation of traffic volume etc. and data accumulation for up to one year. This allows you to easily check the accumulated past communication status, so it can be used for troubleshooting and failure analysis. Reduces the burden of demand forecasting. In addition, by using the latest version of the free PC application “Yamaha LAN Monitor” (scheduled to be available from November 2023), you can manage the CONFIG of multiple switches without having to configure IP addresses individually. It enables batch firmware updates and greatly reduces the burden of kitting work. [Image 8d10701-794-0a19a7977f347b52a3a9-6.jpg&s3=10701-794-436a1ae0ff18a383fa9f0d8edc4095b3-500x448.jpg
[Image 9d10701-794-fdbaa16f1894eb27a77d-6.jpg&s3=10701-794-65fefbe694e794a421cb4614b364b035-500x448.jpg

3. Design that is friendly to people and the environment
The four models being released this time are the first of our network products to support “visualization of power consumption.”
“Visualization of power consumption” is a function that calculates the power consumption of the entire device using a unique calculation method and records and displays it as statistical information (patent pending). Since it is provided as part of the “performance observation function”, you can easily display the recorded power consumption trends in graphs on the web GUI. By visualizing the power consumption of the entire device, you can notice unnecessary power consumption, so you can use the device’s PoE scheduling, etc. to appropriately reduce power consumption. “Visualization of power consumption” is scheduled to be supported in the lineup of our switch products currently on sale.
[Image 10d10701-794-47f25963eef74a0f9dd9-10.jpg&s3=10701-794-42dab4c0fc5805fb1ee2dc83fbed6580-565x206.jpg
In addition, the fan has a quiet design, achieving an NC value of 25 or less in a typical office room temperature environment (25°C). The NC value is an index of noise level, and a value of NC25 or lower indicates that it is quiet enough to be used in music studios, theaters, etc. Therefore, even if you use it in an office environment, you can use it comfortably while drowning out the noise around you. Additionally, as an environmental consideration, the amount of plastic used in packaging has been reduced by approximately 80% compared to the previous model.
[Image 11d10701-794-954018f6061c8bebd906-10.jpg&s3=10701-794-e8612c2ba04203788926ca388e8dc13c-820x562.jpg
4. Includes mounting hardware for wall or rack
The four models being released this time come with wall mount and rack mount hardware, so they can be installed on a wall or rack without the need for separate optional items.
[Image 12d10701-794-4307a7f8a0696e5245ee-10.jpg&s3=10701-794-c524e3b37a0cc2aca711f0ec54e4bc61-400x300.jpg
wall mount hardware
[Image 13d10701-794-aac9c0839cf0fe0b7bfa-10.jpg&s3=10701-794-207e82d3b7ff28a429ba92e378ac8874-400x300.jpg
Image of wall installation
[Image 14d10701-794-2a1e48bad567374e0896-10.jpg&s3=10701-794-b549f5d268b958a1ba4b726542dca016-400x300.jpg
Rack mounting hardware

Detailed information
■Product site
“SWX2220-18NT”: “SWX2220-26NT”: “SWX2220P-18NT”: “SWX2220P-26NT”: ■Technical data: ■Document list: Related Links
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