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Home » Product information purchased from Amazon Business can be imported on a delivery note basis. Equipment registration, which was troublesome until now, has become easier.

Product information purchased from Amazon Business can be imported on a delivery note basis. Equipment registration, which was troublesome until now, has become easier.

Astro Lab Co., Ltd.
Product information purchased from Amazon Business can be imported on a delivery note basis. Equipment registration, which was troublesome until now, has become easier.
~ “Equipment management cloud” starts sharing purchase data with “Amazon Business” e-commerce for corporations and sole proprietors ~
Astro Lab Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuyuki Kusaka, hereinafter referred to as Astro Lab) allows you to easily register and manage company equipment and assets simply by holding the dedicated smartphone app over the barcode or product label. The “equipment management cloud” that can be used will start linking with “Amazon Business”, an e-commerce service for corporate and individual business owners provided by Amazon. ■ Equipment management cloud
As the first step of the collaboration, items purchased in “Amazon Business” will be displayed in “Equipment Management Cloud”, and if you select the item you want to import from among them, you will be able to automatically register even the detailed information of the product. Until now, when purchasing a large amount of equipment for an office, it was necessary to check the necessary product information (manufacturer, product name, product number, detailed information such as size and specifications, etc.) in the equipment ledger and register each item. However, with this collaboration, the information necessary for managing purchased items will be automatically acquired, so it will be possible to easily register them all at once, helping to improve the efficiency of equipment management registration work (* See example). .
As a “leading company in corporate equipment management,” Astrolab aims to provide users with a valuable experience created by “using things with care” and to realize a sustainable world.

Detailed product information required for inventory management is automatically obtained from Amazon Business.
(*) What will be possible with this partnership?
Learn how working with Amazon Business can transform your shopping experience. Example) “When purchasing 10 displays at once”
-until now-
Purchased 10 displays from Amazon Business.
・Take out the display from the box and attach the label sticker with the equipment control number to each display.
・Check and fill in the necessary product information (product name, product number, size, etc.) and serial number details in the equipment management ledger.
・The manual and warranty card should be saved separately.
-After linking Amazon Business with equipment management cloud- When using Amazon Business, we will use a function provided by Amazon called LWA (Login With Amazon) to link.
・After linking, the products purchased on Amazon Business will be displayed in a list (by invoice or by purchase).
・From the list, when you select the item you want to import to the equipment management cloud, the detailed information of the product necessary for equipment management is automatically obtained from Amazon Business for each same product.
・Individually register detailed product information, equipment management numbers, and serial numbers. Equipment management stickers can be output by linking with a label writer from the equipment management cloud. The serial number can also be read from the camera of the dedicated application for smartphones.
・After completing the registration, if you set the user and storage location, it will be available as “equipment” on the equipment management cloud.
・Manuals and warranties can be uploaded all at once.
What is “Equipment Management Cloud”?
“Equipment Management Cloud” is a cloud service for equipment and asset management for corporations and groups that can be easily introduced. It can be used with a web browser from a PC, tablet, or smartphone, and there is also a smartphone app that makes it easy to register equipment.
Using our unique product information master and image analysis technology jointly developed with Okayama University’s laboratory, you can easily register product information by taking a picture of the JAN code or product label.
The information required for fixed asset management can also be centrally managed, and the feature is that fixed asset management can be made more efficient by linking with various major fixed asset management software.
– Main functions of “Equipment Management Cloud” –
1. Items can be easily registered from a smartphone or tablet Using image analysis technology jointly developed with Okayama University’s laboratory, registration is completed simply by photographing the JAN code and product label with a smartphone camera. AI analyzes the image and automatically registers the product name and spec information. Warranty cards, manuals, and accessories can also be posted along with item registration, reducing the hassle of managing them separately.
2. Search for equipment at once, and rent/return easily
Eliminates the need for general affairs staff to handle lending and returning paperwork. It is also possible to check who, when, and what they have in the equipment management cloud for rented items. In addition, employees can check the specs and check the applicable equipment and apply for loan from a smartphone. If you apply for the scheduled rental date and time in advance, the relevant items will be secured, so you can prevent “there is nothing when you want to use it”. There is also a function that allows each person in charge of goods to take an inventory.
3. Can issue equipment management labels with QR codes
By linking King Jim’s label writer “Tepra” with the equipment management cloud smartphone app, you can print equipment management labels based on the item information registered in the equipment management cloud.
By reading the QR code on the label with the camera of your
smartphone, you can display the detailed information page of the equipment and check the information.
4. Centralized management of fixed asset information is also possible Information managed by fixed asset management software can be linked to the equipment management cloud. Since fixed asset information and goods information can be centrally managed, it is possible to improve the efficiency of purchasing and depreciation processing.
-Linkable fixed asset management software-
・NTT DATA CORPORATION: Tax return software “Tatsujin Series” ・OSK Co., Ltd.: ERP/core business system “SMILE Series”
・PCA Co., Ltd.: “PCA Fixed Assets DX”
・OBIC Business Consultant Co., Ltd.: Depreciation/Fixed Assets Management System “Fixed Assets Magistrate”
・Oken Co., Ltd.: “Minister Series”
5. Easy to start with “Introduction Support Service”
The introduction support service is a service to solve problems at the time of introduction, such as “I can’t secure the staff for equipment registration” and “I want to take over the equipment management data that I have used so far.” We have prepared the “Raku-Raku Management Pack”, which supports the issuance of equipment management labels with QR codes and the registration of equipment on site, and the “Continue Management Pack”, which migrates data managed in Excel.
Future development of Astro Lab Co., Ltd.
We also plan to expand convenience by forming an ecosystem with external services, such as receiving additional guarantees through affiliated services and proposals for replacement and disposal. About Astro Lab Co., Ltd.
Astro Lab Co., Ltd. is taking on the challenge of creating a mechanism to realize the next generation user experience centered on the retail business under the slogan of “Making Legacy Sexy.” In addition to redesigning user experience (UX), we create user interfaces (UI) to embody UX and develop new systems.
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* Amazon, Amazon Business and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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