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Home » Event “Career Design to Draw Your Ideal Future and Spend Your Life Like Me”|Specialized Course Web Designer Ma jor Housewives and Mothers Class Special Seminar|Digital Hollywood STUDIO

Event “Career Design to Draw Your Ideal Future and Spend Your Life Like Me”|Specialized Course Web Designer Ma jor Housewives and Mothers Class Special Seminar|Digital Hollywood STUDIO

Digital Hollywood Inc.
Event “Career Design to Draw Your Ideal Future and Spend Your Life Like Me”|Specialized Course Web Designer Major Housewives and Mothers Class Special Seminar|Digital Hollywood STUDIO
April 6, 2023 (Thursday) 11:00-12:30-Participation free-

“Digital Hollywood STUDIO,” a learning studio where you can learn about the web and videos, operated by Digital Hollywood, an IT-related and digital content human resource development school (Operating company: Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Headquarters/Main school: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomoyuki Sugiyama) ] (37 bases nationwide *as of April 2023), we are one of the first to incorporate hybrid learning and provide a sustainable and continuous learning environment and teaching materials. Since opening a web design course exclusively for housewives and mothers in 2013, we have cultivated a large number of web designers for housewives and mothers who aim for self-fulfillment, and have produced them into the industry.
This time, we will hold a special seminar at Digital Hollywood STUDIO Shibuya, inviting Ms. Tomoko Shirai from Mirai LABO Co., Ltd., for those who aim to enter the web industry in order to balance childcare and work. [Image 1d496-2219-2e07b6923cdccf7b6f51-0.jpg&s3=496-2219-79ceb473126a13eb502e90e834d15769-2234x1226.jpg
Through talks about career development based on actual experiences, such as how to face oneself in order to balance childcare and work, how to build a career, and the experience of starting a business based on the voice of a 3-year-old child, We support the improvement of skills of housewives and mothers who aim to balance
■ Seminar content
At Digital Hollywood STUDIO Shibuya, we are offering temporary childcare preferential treatment at “Running nursery school / daycare center MIRAI LABO∞KIDS” operated by Mirai LABO Co., Ltd. so that children can learn with peace of mind while raising children. While child-rearing students are learning web skills at Digital Hollywood Studio Shibuya, children can experience various educational experiences that cannot be done at home at “MIRAI LABO∞KIDS”, learning new things together as a family and taking on challenges. I will spend time doing it.
In this seminar, we will think about the work style we want to aim for through the experiences of Mr. Shirai, the speaker, and deepen our understanding of new careers and skill development while raising children. In the work in the seminar, participants have time to analyze themselves. We will support you to recognize the work style you really want and aim for a career that suits you and make use of your strengths.
If you are struggling to balance child-rearing and self-fulfillment, please participate in the seminar, and I hope that you will be able to grasp the opportunity to work while raising children.
draw the ideal future
Career design to live like me

◇ Schedule
Thursday, April 6, 2023 11:00-12:30

◇ Holding method:
Venue: STUDIO Shibuya, held simultaneously online
Number of people: STUDIO Shibuya 10 people, Online 15 people Participation fee: Free (reservation required)
◇ Participation reservation form ■ Speakers

Tomoko Shirai (Representative Director and CEO of Mirai LABO Co., Ltd./CHEERS Co., Ltd.)
[Image 2d496-2219-6c6d52cb9ff1ca208c3a-1.jpg&s3=496-2219-f6cb60e5b370fe788a513c7942f15c77-1241x1247.jpg
In 2016, he founded Mirai LABO Co., Ltd. when his son was 3 years old. In Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, we provide a program to nurture the power to live for about 15,000 parents and children in 7 years as a new style facility where multinational children, full-time housewives, and freelancers can attend at any time from once a week. In 2022, he founded CHEERS Co., Ltd., a career education business that connects elementary and junior high school students with society. Aiming to realize a society where everyone can freely dream and take a step forward without limiting their own potential, we will hold a children’s diet for elementary and junior high school students nationwide through co-creation with various companies. We offer training programs free of charge.
・Mirai LABO:
・MIRAI LABO KIDS (childcare business): ・CHEERS:
About the “Web Designer Major Housewife/Mama Class Career Design Program” to support moms and dads who want to balance childcare and work
[Image 3d496-2219-2bd7211aeb1af4c2fc70-2.jpg&s3=496-2219-307e6adeb9d340387633040eb85a57a7-1185x790.jpg
People who want to balance childcare and housework with their own careers, want to work from home because they want to value both childcare and work, and want to earn income from a side job can acquire practical production skills from inexperienced people and work from home. This is a course aimed at freelance, employment, etc. You will learn practical skills that can be used in the production field, such as production guidance by web designer / director instructors, dedicated career design to find your own way of working, and client work to experience work. *We are also accepting applications from dads who want to balance childcare, housework, and work.
[Image 4d496-2219-159f5603e452cde13092-3.jpg&s3=496-2219-80af14e30601cf52272f853f1e29fabe-1185x790.jpg
◇Recommended for people like this
・ I want to aim for a work style that balances childcare and housework with work ・ I want to work as a side job, freelance, or work from home ・I have a long blank after childcare leave and want to get a job and return to society.
■ Types of courses
Two types of courses are prepared according to the goal, from acquisition of basic production skills to acquisition of practical skills that can be used immediately.
You can choose a course according to your work style and goals. 1. Aim for your own work style and career development
“Web Designer Major Housewife/Mama Class Career Design Program” Course period: 6 months / Course fee: 315,000 yen (346,500 yen including tax) Option: Sitter service 30,000 yen (33,000 yen including tax) *Sitter service is available during the course period (6 months) 2. “Web designer major, housewife/mama class, career design program, job change pack” that enhances your value with practical experience and work performance
Course period: 10 months / Tuition fee: 405,000 yen (445,500 yen including tax) Option: Sitter service 50,000 yen (55,000 yen including tax) *Sitter service is available during the course period (10 months) -Common to 2 courses-
◇ Dedicated class “Career Design Program”
A total of 6 types of seminars are prepared around the three programs of “skill improvement”, “career design” and “community”. Know your strengths, find the career you want to achieve, and support the first step toward getting a job. Participation in some seminars is possible even after graduation. We will provide a place for exchanges that will continue not only during school but also after graduation.
◇ Dedicated support “sitter service” “childcare service”
Professional sitters visit STUDIO Jiyugaoka and Kichijoji every week (*). We take care of your children on behalf of mom and dad. At STUDIO Shibuya, you can leave your children at the daycare center “MIRAI LABO KIDS”, which is a 3-minute walk away, so you can spend your time concentrating on your studies.
* Sitter service days: STUDIO Kichijoji (Thursday 10:30-13:30) / STUDIO Jiyugaoka (Friday 10:30-13:30)
◇ Skills that can be learned
Illustrator / Photoshop / Dreamweaver / AdobeXD / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery / Web Design Overview / Color Scheme / Font / Design Composition / Workflow / Copyright / Proposal / Presentation / Web Design Trends / Web Direction / Web Marketing / UIUX Design / Branding / Web advertising / Access analysis /
[Image 5d496-2219-fbd49ab24b9647a90259-4.jpg&s3=496-2219-c03ad4bf2dd65eb2c5bb74ab67778558-1080x539.jpg
■Housewife/mama class opening school building
◇STUDIO Shibuya
[Image 6d496-2219-f120e271125df5f82e3a-5.jpg&s3=496-2219-27423794b52abaa732859655c439322f-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Shibuya
Adjacent to popular areas such as Omotesando, Daikanyama, Harajuku, and Yoyogi, Shibuya, which is always attracting attention as the birthplace of the latest trends, is a STUDIO where you can acquire cutting-edge digital creative technology. We aim to acquire skills in a creative and comfortable learning space.
[Image 7d496-2219-ecda2990da3ee10c59bc-7.jpg&s3=496-2219-4afd4ffa59aacd1e0393a45423d66112-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Shibuya
STUDIO Shibuya: 0120-382-810 (closed on Mondays) / email:
[Image 8d496-2219-7c30b54efe76d580278a-6.jpg&s3=496-2219-79ab061874f43bb7666b6311f859caf6-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Shibuya
◇STUDIO Jiyugaoka
[Image 9d496-2219-d4ca1cea8b40c7f40df4-8.jpg&s3=496-2219-7a648143ea3d832b3ce7b5fb66624583-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Jiyugaoka
STUDIO Jiyugaoka is a place where you can gather with like-minded friends who can immerse themselves in production whenever they like, with the theme of “a high-quality third place that makes you want to go and gather.” Under the slogan “Adults learn together with children,” we have created an environment where both adults and children can spend time together.
[Image 10d496-2219-fed6365e6d53ce28e481-9.jpg&s3=496-2219-a62859eaf724a12c641d389abde6f982-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Jiyugaoka
STUDIO Jiyugaoka: 0120-099-810 (closed on Mondays) / email: [Image 11d496-2219-b1d352967786bda31fff-10.jpg&s3=496-2219-7d397d398657d5c16d7597a5a62b43c7-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Jiyugaoka
◇STUDIO Kichijoji
[Image 12d496-2219-cf510dfbf373a8044204-11.jpg&s3=496-2219-1161462b5d59935f849178bd31bcb499-988x658.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Kichijoji
Located in an area where the calmness of Inokashira Park and the bustle of Kichijoji coexist. A one-floor, bright and open STUDIO with plenty of sunlight, where you can learn, live and work in your own way. We also have an environment where it is easy to learn with children, such as a kids’ space and a diaper changing table. [Image 13d496-2219-36d3082d971033b33249-12.jpg&s3=496-2219-0cc3c54d66cbca62cc09f7e6c57afeaa-988x658.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Kichijoji
STUDIO Kichijoji: 0120-362-810 (closed on Mondays) / email: [Image 14d496-2219-9f4fd01f40afa11f1076-13.jpg&s3=496-2219-149ab4bc524df1164566afbff906d8b4-600x400.jpg
Digital Hollywood Studio Kichijoji
■ About Digital Hollywood STUDIO
[Image 15d496-2219-43f2b4f06ef211654f8f-14.png&s3=496-2219-62b965a34110719adc1ba4e3b71f6ca7-1289x405.png
“Digital Hollywood STUDIO” means “learn what you like, when you like, where you like, in your own way.” A platform that gives you style. Over the 25 years since the establishment of Digital Hollywood, we have gathered the educational know-how and methods that have produced many achievements, and provide a curriculum that will surely acquire skills.
“Work shift” has begun to attract attention, and while work styles have changed significantly, life styles and the use of time itself have begun to change, and inevitably, “learning styles” have also changed. Since 2012, Digital Hollywood has been offering this new style of learning.
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