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Home » GTRealiser Co., Ltd. 2023/04/01 Golf x ️ Stretch “Golf GT & Rerush” Aiming for a long and fun 100-year g olf era

GTRealiser Co., Ltd. 2023/04/01 Golf x ️ Stretch “Golf GT & Rerush” Aiming for a long and fun 100-year g olf era

GT Realiser Co., Ltd.
2023/04/01 Golf x Stretch “Golf GT & Rerush” Aiming for a long and enjoyable 100 years of golf
Rehabilitation golf, communication golf, business stretching, welfare program
Opened in Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on April 1, 2023! !
Complex facility for simulation golf and personal stretching          GolfGT&Relaxsh
It is a facility that operates in a luxurious environment with low subscription fees.
We offer golf lessons and personal stretching at a low price that make use of our specialized knowledge.
Celebrities also secretly attend.
Golf x Stretch
I think golf is one of the sports and hobbies that never ends. There are many things to think about, such as swings, ball muscles, golf equipment, and physical problems.
The facility operated by GTRealiser Co., Ltd. can solve these various problems in one facility.
・Data analysis of swings using the latest equipment
・One-on-one lessons for each individual
・Golf equipment, grip replacement, etc. are also supported
・Maintenance of the body immediately after practice and rounds ・ Reduce the burden with rehabilitation golf menu
・Relaxing and refreshing manipulative treatment
We provide a system that allows you to use the above services at your own rhythm.
We are making it happen by incorporating sub-Sook in both.
・Simulation golf
[Image 1:×2003.jpg] In the facility, regardless of age or gender, everyone has been particular about creating a comfortable environment. A space where you can enjoy the feeling of being at a golf course The outdoor terrace is reminiscent of a grass practice field. We also have a full range of services for our customers, complete with free drinks, and rental items with high design. By introducing the latest equipment, we are making swing data analysis more accurate. Realizing realistic rounds with variable scaffolding, we provide an environment where you can enjoy not only practicing alone but also playing golf with friends. In lessons, we emphasize one-on-one face-to-face with each person in order to differentiate ourselves from others. It is possible to improve the quality and respond speedily to improve each problem and improve to the goal. Celebrities, models, and influencers have a good reputation for practicing before shooting.・Personal stretching
[Image 2:×1825.jpg] The biggest advantage is that you can maintain your body at any time before and after practice by having it attached to the golf facility. We want you to be injury-free and have fun for a long time.
Of course, it is a system that can be used casually by customers whose purpose is not golf. You can expect a relaxing effect from all five senses in a completely private room with an atmosphere of overseas resort relaxation. By taking our company’s stretches, I am doing my best to change my awareness of my body, build a body that will last a lifetime, and improve my worries. Stretching and massage, which are also used in rehabilitation, are effective and efficient, even in a short period of time. In addition, we have state-of-the-art massage equipment that is popular in the United States and used by
professional athletes, providing an environment that can be used at any time.
We also focus on awareness of daily self-care.
・Welfare system
[Image 3:×2303.jpg] Indoor golf is perfect for employee benefits! !
I feel that the demand for golf has increased even among the younger generation after the corona disaster.
Can also be used as a communication tool for in-house competitions and other companies.
Opportunities to play golf are increasing.
We have also introduced a corporate membership system for
communication through golf.
Practicing with golf buddies at work for competitions and taking a break after work
Events such as drinking parties are on the decline, but golf can also be used as a social tool.
We have a good selection of rental items, so you can always come empty-handed! I suddenly want to hit today. You can use it on such days.
Personal stretching is also provided, so we hope that you will enjoy your golf life by healing the fatigue of work such as desk work. GT Realiser Co., Ltd.
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