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Cancer information site “Onkoro” opens a cancer consultation room that can be used free of charge by cancer patients and their families

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Cancer information site “Onkoro” opens a cancer consultation room that can be used free of charge by cancer patients and their families -Membership registration has also started, and continuous provision of information according to the patient’s situation-

The cancer information site “Onkoro” operated by 3H Clinical Trial Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hirotaka Takizawa) provides cancer clinical trial consultations, as well as cancer patients and their families. From July 3rd, we will start a cancer consultation room where you can consult about your worries about cancer for free. At the same time, we will start registering as a member of Onkoro, and we will continue to provide appropriate information according to the registered information.
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Research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world are actively engaged in research and development in the oncology field. In clinical practice, standard treatments are being used, but new treatments such as gene therapy and immunotherapy are being developed, and treatment and research and development are progressing
simultaneously. Many medical professionals and patients consider participating in clinical trials as one of the treatment options, and many wish to obtain information on clinical trials. *1 However, at present, it is difficult to say that information on clinical trials is sufficiently provided, and only a limited number of people have access to the information, creating an information gap. In addition, it is difficult to find information on clinical trials by yourself using the Internet, etc., and even if access is possible, there is often a problem that the publicly available information is insufficient to consider participation. I have. In order to improve the issue of information access for clinical trials, the cancer information site “Oncoro” has received more than 6,000 consultations since 2015, providing information on clinical trials and clinical research and providing consultations on clinical trials. On the other hand, clinical trial information is only one of the necessary information for cancer patients, and various other information is also required. Although the spread of the Internet has made it easier to access cancer-related information, the amount of information available is enormous, and the required information differs depending on the cancer type and stage. . It can be difficult to identify the information that patients and their families need, especially when they have just been diagnosed with cancer, for which they need the most information. Good judgment becomes more difficult. To address these issues, we need a mechanism that allows us to receive evidence-based information in an easy-to-understand format. Therefore, in order to contribute to solving the problems of cancer patients, we have started a cancer consultation room on-colo, expanding the scope of cancer clinical trial consultations that we have already conducted beyond clinical trials. In addition to the consultation room, we will also start providing continuous information tailored to each patient. *1: Awareness survey on cancer clinical trials: (NPO Cancer Net Japan, NPO West Japan Cancer Institute (WJOG), cancer information site “Oncolo” , The 14th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology (JSMO14th), Japan Society for Clinical Trials (JSCTR), Biostatistics Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Chuo University)
[Image 2:×962.png] *The Cancer Counseling Room is not a medical consultation.
■Comment from Kazuo Hasegawa, NPO Lung Cancer Patients Association One Step “I think it is very important for cancer patients to know information about clinical trials. On the other hand, cancer patients themselves It is difficult to understand the importance of obtaining information and knowing about clinical trials.Oncolo has been disseminating information and consulting on cancer clinical trials so far, but the newly established cancer In the counseling room, you can discuss a wider range of cancer-related matters.We hope that cancer patients will have an opportunity to learn about clinical trials by consulting with their oncolo.” Cancer information site ” About “Oncolo”: The cancer information site “Oncolo” is operated by 3H Clinical Trial for patients and their families, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders. This is an information site that provides the latest information in the field of cancer in an easy-to-understand manner. We mainly publish clinical trials and clinical research related to cancer. We also aim to help people involved in cancer through various information provision activities, not limited to the Internet. ■ About the 3H Group: As a life science company that connects Human Health and Happiness, we are engaged in subject recruitment, patient surveys, and research in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. We provide one-stop service from information provision, application and system development to support for new business development. We are solving the problems of patients and medical sites by realizing digital health transformation using drug discovery and post-marketing support based on science and patient centricity and the latest technology.
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