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Home » Applications for the INOAC International Education Promotion Foundation Scholarship will begin on October 24.

Applications for the INOAC International Education Promotion Foundation Scholarship will begin on October 24.

Gaxie Co., Ltd.
Applications for the INOAC International Education Promotion Foundation Scholarship will begin on October 24.
Recruitment online with the introduction of the scholarship DX platform “Gaxy Agent”

The INOAC International Education Promotion Foundation will start recruiting scholarships from October 24, 2022
( You can apply from Gaxi (
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About the “Gaxy” series that promotes scholarship DX
The scholarship DX platform “Gaxy Agent” and the scholarship information site “Gaxy” provided by Gaxy Co., Ltd. are making the scholarship industry more efficient and open in order to expand the possibilities of as many students and parents as possible. We are promoting.
1. Scholarship management system “Gaxy Agent”
In the scholarship industry, there are still many analog formats such as paper and Excel, and the increase in management man-hours and complexity on the side of managing scholarships is an issue. “Gaxi Agent” ( is a cloud-based system that enables efficient scholarship operations by unifying operations from applicant recruitment to selection and student management. system. [Image 2d51780-17-4e6a64758f087ff20118-1.png&s3=51780-17-aa9b42d41abf677c1641ced7ef86346d-2179x1153.png
[Image 3d51780-17-6da8d1824f81fd0d00da-2.png&s3=51780-17-38f223b91dd8704a231527940c555416-2175x1150.png
2. Scholarship information site “Gaxy”
Due to the analogue nature of the scholarship management side, scholarship information is only announced on school bulletin boards and official websites of each organization, and many scholarship information does not reach the students and parents who need it. It’s a big challenge. In addition, there is a reality that procedures with a large amount of paper documents and communication by mail and telephone are burdening both parties.
“Gaxy” ( covers almost all domestic scholarships of about 16,000, and 120,000 people can find the perfect scholarship by ranking and searching. *As of October 2022), this is a scholarship information site for students and guardians to register accounts. 3. Cooperation between “Gaxy” and “Gaxy Agent”
Scholarship information registered with Gaxie Agent is quickly reflected in Gaxie, allowing students and parents to find scholarships smoothly. Furthermore, it will be possible to make a one-stop online application from the same online application, document submission, interview, acceptance notification, and subsequent scholarship payment / repayment management. It reduces the burden and complexity on both sides of the gold governing body.
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Contact us from here
Gaxie: Requests for publication of scholarship information, correction of information, planning and management of new scholarships
Gaxie Agent: Quote, Demo
Others: Please feel free to contact us for interviews, alliances, etc. Company Profile
Gaxie Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: March 1, 2019
Business: Support for scholarship management organizations and provision of information for students
Representative: Ryosuke Matsubara, Representative Director
Location: WeWork Hibiya FORT TOWER, 1-1-1 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL:
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