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Home » “Reuse Honpo”, which collects unwanted items, begins a business partnership with “Naniul”, a purchasing specialty store.

“Reuse Honpo”, which collects unwanted items, begins a business partnership with “Naniul”, a purchasing specialty store.

Eri O Era Co., Ltd.
“Reuse Honpo”, which collects unwanted items, begins a business partnership with “Naniul”, a purchasing specialty store.
By strengthening purchasing, customer costs are significantly reduced! An easier-to-use unwanted item collection service!
Reuse Honpo, a collection service for unwanted items operated by Eri-O-Era Co., Ltd., has started a business partnership with Naniuru Kiyose Store, a store specializing in purchasing items.
Reuse Honpo official website:
|Background of the partnership
Reuse Honpo provides a collection service for unwanted items in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures.
In addition to collecting unwanted items, we also actively purchase unwanted items, and strive to satisfy our customers who use our services. However, there is a limit to the amount of unwanted items that can be purchased, and there have been situations where we have had to collect some items rather than purchase them.
Therefore, Reuse Honpo has partnered with the purchasing specialty store “Naniul” and has established a system that allows the purchase of items that could not be purchased in the past, such as precious metals and branded items, making it easier than ever to collect and purchase unwanted items. We are able to provide services.
|About Reuse Honpo’s services
Reuse Honpo’s unwanted items collection service can collect all sorts of things. We can handle all kinds of situations, such as large furniture and home appliances that tend to be difficult to transport, daily miscellaneous goods that take time to sort, and garbage that tends to accumulate.
In addition, Reuse Honpo not only collects unnecessary items, but also focuses on purchasing unnecessary items, cleaning garbage houses, and house cleaning. In particular, regarding “purchase,” we have expanded the range of items we can purchase thanks to our partnership with the purchase specialty store “Naniul.” If you have any unwanted items in your home or are unsure whether to throw them away, please contact Reuse Honpo.
We will solve your problems related to tidying up, whether you want to tidy up a room, do a deep cleaning, or keep your whole house clean. |About Naniul’s services
We have stores mainly in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture as a purchasing and selling store that mainly handles items such as precious metals, branded items, jewelry, old coins, stamps, and alcohol. We have a wide variety of items to purchase, so you can easily get any item appraised. We can appraise small jewelry, a worn-out bag, or just a single accessory.
Naniul is able to purchase products at high prices because it has all kinds of strengths, such as securing its own sales channels both domestically and internationally, thoroughly researching the market prices of appraised products, and reducing sales costs through in-house maintenance. Even if the item was appraised at a low price by another company, there is a high possibility that it will be purchased at an acceptable price with Naniul. Naniul’s strength is the purchase appraisal that will make you smile.
|Company profile
Service name: Reuse Honpo
Operating company: Eri-O-Era Co., Ltd.
Address: 401 Entopia Kichijoji, 2-5-9 Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino City, Tokyo Business details: Collection of unwanted items, purchase, recycling trade, sorting out leftovers, cleaning business
Management company URL:
Official website URL:
Service name: Naniuru Kiyose store
Operating company: Liferaft Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-4-5 Motomachi, Kiyose City, Tokyo
Business content: Reuse and recycling business, purchase and sale of used products
Official website URL:
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