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Home » Music Ally Japan Co., Ltd. Details of music business conference “Music Ally Japan Business Summit 2023” an nounced! Held online from December 5th (Tuesday) to December 6th (Wednesday)

Music Ally Japan Co., Ltd. Details of music business conference “Music Ally Japan Business Summit 2023” an nounced! Held online from December 5th (Tuesday) to December 6th (Wednesday)

Music Ally Japan Co., Ltd.
Details of music business conference “Music Ally Japan Business Summit 2023” announced! [Held online from December 5th (Tuesday) to December 6th (Wednesday)]
Two days to learn about the forefront of fan engagement strategies around the world, and consider the future of building strategies that the Japanese music industry should tackle. Together with domestic and international experts, we will share knowledge that will help artists build an economic zone.
Music Ally Japan (Headquarters: UK / CEO: Paul Brindley) supports the growth of music companies aiming to reach the global market and artists in the streaming era with knowledge of marketing and digital strategy specialized in the music industry. From 2021, the music industry conference “Music Ally Japan Digital” will introduce the latest music company case studies, strategies and initiatives that will lead to growth, targeting executives, business managers, and on-site personnel involved in the Japanese music business. We have held a summit.
From December 5th (Tuesday) to December 6th (Wednesday), 2023, we will welcome top runners in building fan engagement strategies from Japan and overseas to participate in the “Music Ally Japan Business,” which specializes in “superfan,” “fandom,” and “fan culture” strategies. Summit 2023 will be held online.
*Click here to register: (*You can apply for a free viewing ticket or a paid ticket with archive streaming viewing)

In the global music industry, attention is increasingly focused on the cultivation of “super fans” who actively interact with artists across countries, languages, races, and cultures, as well as community formation and monetization, mainly through streaming. I am.
An artist business centered on “super fans” is being cited as the next growth area in the music streaming era by major record companies, management companies, DSPs, research companies, and others with an eye on the global market. At the “Digital Summit” held by Music Ally Japan in April this year, speakers and participants were introduced as areas that should be understood in building strategies for Japanese artists who want to succeed overseas, and in order for the Japanese music industry to grow. The same agenda was discussed among the participants. On the other hand, we have become aware of the issue that simply increasing the number of song plays, video views, content posts, and SNS posts does not lead to cultivating super fans or forming a fan community.
The “Music Ally Japan Business Summit” to be held this time is an online event for the music industry that focuses on “superfan,” “fandom,” and “fan culture” strategies. Over the course of two days, experts from Japan and abroad who are at the forefront of developing artist marketing strategies will be on stage to introduce and explain the importance of fan marketing, how to introduce it, conditions for success, and challenges. In addition to strategies for cultivating super fans, we also delve into the know-how and revenue models needed to manage and revitalize fan communities, and introduce cutting-edge initiatives and success stories that make full use of technology, such as Web3, a music marketing tool that is attracting attention. To do. In order to strengthen fan engagement and revitalize the music business by discussing specific issues such as expanding the fan base that continues to support Japanese artists who want to grow in overseas markets, as well as universal agendas such as fan community management required in the streaming era. We will share our knowledge on strategic planning with the participants.
[Recommended for these people] – Marketing managers/persons at labels and distributors
– Artist managers and A&Rs who want to strengthen fan acquisition – Marketing managers and people in charge who want to gain fans overseas – Fan club management, EC, promotion, live tour operator/person in charge – Those interested in fandom marketing
– Those who want to know how to mutually enhance artist SNS and streaming playback
– Those who want to think about strategy from the perspective of overseas labels, distributors, and managers
– Those who want to learn about the success stories of global artists , etc.
Event overview
December 5th (Tuesday) / 6th (Wednesday), 2023: 17:00-19:30 (scheduled) 【venue】
Online (held on Zoom)
[Participation fee and participation method]
Please apply for your desired ticket from the Peatix page below.
*Real-time viewing (Zoom webinar format): Free all day (*1)
* Archive viewing at a later date (video distribution on Vimeo): 5,000 yen (planned for all sessions) (*2, 3)
*1. The Zoom URL will be written on the screen exclusively for participants. Only those who have applied in advance can watch. Please refrain from spreading the distribution URL. Also, please refrain from recording the screen.
*2. The archive viewing period is scheduled to be approximately 3 months. For those who have purchased archive viewing tickets, we will contact you with instructions on how to watch the video once it is ready to be distributed at a later date after the event. *3. MAJ Pro annual members can watch for free. We will contact you regarding how to watch the video as soon as it is ready to be distributed. [Sponsored and operated]
Music Ally Japan
Recochoku / SPACE SHOWER FUGA / Revelator / Chartmetric
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 DAY 117:00-17:05 Opening 17:05-17:30 Session 1 [Interview] The first step in acquiring super fans and the secret to success Madelynn Elyse (Shark Attack Records / Founder and President) Interviewer: Jay Kogami (Music Ally Japan) 17:35-17:55 Session 2 [Interview] What’s different from SNS? Is there any point in having many followers? Learning how to manage a fan community on Discord from the successes and failures of overseas artists Tom Gayner (Levellr Ltd. / CEO) Interviewer: Brendan Gaffney (Music Ally Japan)
18:05-18:15 Session 3 [Presentation] Metallica fans Marketing case study: Strategic fan engagement shield learned from major bands Yayoi (Music Ally Japan Co., Ltd.) 18:20-19:00 Session 4 [Panel discussion] Fan engagement building with distributors Artist case study: FRUITS ZIPPER Nakagawa Yusuke (Asobi System Co., Ltd. / Representative Director) Shiomi Mawaritani (SPACE SHOWER FUGA Co., Ltd. / Account Manager) Moderator: Takeshi Kawamura (Music Ally Japan) 19:00-19:05 Closing Wednesday, December 6, 2023 DAY 217:00-17:03 Opening 17:03-17:25 Session 1 [Interview] Campaign management to expand and grow a global fan community and create hits – Tips to learn from Mavin Records Olabode Otolorin (Mavin Records / Campaign Associate , Global Marketing) Interviewer: Brendan Gaffney (Music Ally Japan) 17:30-18:10 Session 2 [Panel discussion] How to use Web3 and AI for fan engagement Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin LLP / Partner & Joint Head of Media & Entertainment) Helen Sartory (Beatport / Senior Vice President of Creator Services) Moderator: Takuya Yamazaki (Lawyer, Music Ally Japan) 18:20-18:45 Session 3 [Interview] From Fandom to Fan Industry: K-POP Industry Bernie Cho (President of DFSB Kollective) Interviewer: Jay Kogami (Music Ally Japan) 18:50-19:25 Session 4 [Panel Discussion] Keys to evolving, deepening, and renewing fan engagement
~Considerations from a management perspective Yukihide Hirata (Rainbow Entertainment Co., Ltd. / Managing Director) Momoka Tobari (Hopeful Tragedy Records / Public Relations, Marketing and Sales Promotion) Mizuki Matsuda (Music Ally Japan) 19:25-19:30 Closing
*Session content, time, and speakers are subject to change without notice. *You can check the speakers’ profiles from the link below.
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Recochoku Co., Ltd. Recochoku’s mission is to “maximize the
revitalization of the music market,” and we are developing businesses such as music distribution for individuals and corporations, solutions for the music industry, and support for the activities of independent artists. In 2021, we launched the web3 project in anticipation of the web3 era. In addition to businesses that utilize blockchain, we are constantly challenging new possibilities using new technologies, such as developing solutions for the music industry that utilize AI. We are currently providing business support to improve fan engagement by proposing new digital products including NFTs and selling them in combination with physical products.
[Image 3

src=”×1018.png ]
SPACE SHOWER FUGA is a joint venture specializing in digital music distribution established in 2021 by Japanese music entertainment company Space Shower Network and FUGA, a global digital distribution company. By combining Space Shower’s knowledge, experience, and network in the Japanese market with FUGA’s industry-leading
distribution system, analytics system, royalty calculation system, and overseas network, we will deliver our partners’ music to listeners around the world in the best possible way. By providing the tools and services necessary to deliver, we aim to establish a truly global distribution originating from Japan.
[Image 4

Revelator is a leading company that provides digital distribution infrastructure to record companies and music companies around the world.
We are supporting the growth of the music business in the digital age with cutting-edge technology, overwhelming cost performance, and innovative BI analytics solutions that can be delivered to DSPs in Japan and overseas.
We are advancing the music 3.0 economy by increasing the speed, accuracy, and transparency of music and rights management, digital supply chains, and royalty accounting and distribution.

Chartmetric is the leading data analytics platform for the global music industry. To solve the digital and social streaming challenges that music companies and artist teams face on a daily basis, we have created a smart solution by realizing multifaceted analysis that links over billions of data such as music streaming, SNS, UGC, charts, etc. It also supports speedy decision-making. The intuitive dashboard allows you to analyze over 9.5 million artists, over 100 million songs, over 18 million playlists, and demographic data such as audience region and age group. Used by companies around the world, including record companies, management, music publishers, and distributors, as well as tens of thousands of artists and managers, it is used by data-driven A&R, marketing campaign design, digital promotion, fan acquisition, and international marketing. We achieve operational efficiency and strategy optimization in marketing, BI tool operation, etc.
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