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Home » Sanseido Co., Ltd. Sanseido announces new words that may be included in future dictionaries! “Earth Boiling ”, “Hallucination”, “Kawachii” etc. are ranked!

Sanseido Co., Ltd. Sanseido announces new words that may be included in future dictionaries! “Earth Boiling ”, “Hallucination”, “Kawachii” etc. are ranked!

Sanseido Co., Ltd.
Sanseido announces new words that may be included in future
dictionaries! “Earth Boiling”, “Hallucination”, “Kawachii” etc. are ranked!
~A dictionary professional thoroughly explains 10 new words +α representing 2023! ~
Sanseido Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Takimoto), a top dictionary manufacturer, announced on Thursday, November 30, 2023, “Sanseido New Words of the Year 2023, Selected by Dictionary Makers.” We held a “Selection Presentation” and announced the top 10 new words that represent and symbolize 2023. A public call was made to select new words, and the total number of applications totaled 2,207 (1,087 different words). Based on these submissions, the selection committee, who are experts in compiling dictionaries, carefully reviewed each word and selected the top 10 New Words of the Year 2023.
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[Image 1 10 words selected by the selection committee
In considering the top 10 above, the top 10 words selected by each selection committee are as follows.
“Sanseido Modern New Japanese Dictionary” Mr. Masahiro Ono:
Morning Una / Frog transformation / Chikawa / Earth boiling / ○○ mess / Nikki / Hallucination / Impossible / Dark part-time job / Boiling “Sanseido Japanese Dictionary” Hiroaki Iima:
Acstar/○○ Wash/Kawachii/Shabu/Humanitarian Corridor/Sexual
Assault/Sexual Harm/Tone Policing/Hallucination/Pepper Mill
“Shinmeikai Japanese Dictionary” Editorial Department:
That/Oshikatsu/Generation AI/Self-checkout/ChatGPT/Deco
Katsu/Curse/Myna Card/Munimuni/Dark part-time job
“Daijirin” Editorial Department:
Urban Bear/Unconscious bias/Frogification phenomenon/Global
South/Stealth price hike/Generative AI/Earth boiling/Viju/Femtech/Dark part-time job
Sanseido’s new words are presented with explanations (word
interpretations) by a Japanese dictionary professional.
For the words selected as the top 10, editors who actually compile Japanese language dictionaries used their skills to write explanations (interpretations) of the words that would be suitable for Japanese language dictionaries. “Shinmeikai Japanese Dictionary” that captures the essence of words with sharp interpretations, “Sanseido Japanese Dictionary” that understands the essence of words with simple interpretations, “Sanseido Modern New Japanese Dictionary” that strongly supports high school students’ self-study, and modern Japan. “Daijirin” is a [Japanese language] + [encyclopedia] dictionary that reflects the totality of words. Please enjoy the different angles of interpretation and the fun of each editorial policy.
[Image 4

[Grand Prize] Global Boiling
Chikyu Futtouka [Global Boiling] – Noun – A serious and rapid rise in the world’s temperature. Translation of “to regard the era of ━ as a problem” [Origin] global boiling. Based on the comments made by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, based on the prediction that the average temperature in July 2023 would be the highest on record. It expresses the recognition and sense of crisis that the conventional term “global warming” is no longer sufficient. “Sanseido Modern New Japanese Dictionary” by Masahiro Ono
Chikyu futuka [global boiling] Words that express the stage at which global warming has become serious. [Origin] From a statement by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in 2023.
“Sanseido Japanese Dictionary” by Hiroaki Iima
Chikyu Futto(wo)ka [0]-[0] -Kiu-kwa [Global boiling] [Translation of global boiling] The global temperature rise due to the greenhouse effect brought about by the use of fossil fuels, and the various causes caused by it. A word used to further emphasize the unstoppable progress of “global warming” as a cause of disasters and the fear of catastrophe it will bring. In July 2023, in order to call for further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, in response to an
unprecedented crisis brought on by humanity in exchange for the convenience of civilization gained through industrialization since the Industrial Revolution. issued by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
“Shinmeikai Japanese Dictionary” Editorial Department
Chikyuu Futuka Chikifutsutoukuwa [0] [Global boiling] A term indicating that climate change due to global warming is at a level that cannot be ignored, but is at a more serious and inexorable stage. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres used this term to urge further countermeasures in response to predictions that the global average temperature in July 2023 will be the highest on record. Daijirin Editorial Department
[2nd place] Hallucination
Hallucination – name – [←hallucination] Artificial intelligence (AI) produces information that is different from reality. “Be wary of ━” [Origin] Originally meaning “hallucination.” The style of the information itself is plausible and requires caution.
“Sanseido Modern New Japanese Dictionary” by Masahiro Ono
[3rd place] Cute
Kawachi・ikahachii⦅ form [vulgar] cute “Design: This is who I am” [Word that became especially popular in the early 2020s]
“Sanseido Japanese Dictionary” by Hiroaki Iima
[4th place] Sexual assault/sexual damage
Seikagai [sexual assault] Inflicting sexual harm such as sexual violence. “To do something and suffer something” (↔Sexual
Sei higai [sexual damage] To suffer sexual harm such as sexual violence. “Encounter/receive” (↔sexual assault)
“Sanseido Japanese Dictionary” by Hiroaki Iima
[5th ​​place] ○○ wash
Wash (coined word) [Wash] To publicize one’s good deeds and make claims with the intention of glossing over and covering up wrongdoings or wrongdoings that would be inappropriate if they were known to the world. Also called washing. “Green – [5] [= being environmentally friendly and pretending to be effective when in fact it has no effect on the environment or health] White – [5] [= dirt “To cover up the surface by painting it white, creating a false appearance and deceiving it.”
“Shinmeikai Japanese Dictionary” Editorial Department
[6th place] Axta
Acstar [0] [Abbreviation for acrylic stand] An acrylic resin board with characters from anime, games, manga, etc. or portraits printed on it. You can enjoy it by standing it up on a pedestal and taking photos.
Daijirin Editorial Department
[7th place] Tone Policing
Tone Policing – Name – [←tone policing] Pointing out the tone or attitude of the discussion rather than the content of the discussion as the problem, and diverting the discussion from the main topic. “Get caught in a cunning manner” [Origin] Tone means “tone, tone”, and policing means “security and regulation by the police”.
“Sanseido Modern New Japanese Dictionary” by Masahiro Ono
[8th place] Repost
Ripost ⦅ ⦅ ⦅ ⦅ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ ⦆ う こ う こ う う う こ う う う う う こ う う う う う こ こ こ う こ こ こ こ〕〕〕〕〕〕 “Draw a picture you like” “Sanseido Japanese Dictionary” by Hiroaki Iima
[9th] Humanitarian Corridor
[5] [humanitarian corridor] In the event of an armed conflict, a temporary corridor established for the evacuation of civilians and the transportation of humanitarian aid supplies, to stop fighting and ensure safety. Guaranteed route. It is established through
consultation between the parties concerned and at the request of the international community.
Daijirin Editorial Department
[10th place] Dark part-time job
Yami Baito [3] [Yami Baito] A criminal act in which a person recruited as a part-time worker (mainly on the Internet such as SNS) is threatened to prevent them from quitting, and then is forced to act as a perpetrator of special fraud or robbery. An extremely despicable act in which an antisocial group commits a crime without getting their hands dirty.
“Shinmeikai Japanese Dictionary” Editorial Department
Differences from conventional new word/buzzword rankings
The “new words of the year” that Sanseido is looking for are just “new words that seem to have become particularly popular this year,” and are not necessarily “words that were born this year.” From among these, we will compile a dictionary of Japanese words that will continue to be used next year and beyond, taking into consideration the range of users, the range of usage, and the frequency of use, so as not to be biased towards specific genres or communities. Carefully selected by experts. In other words, “New Words of the Year” is a well-balanced recognition of new words that would be suitable for inclusion in a dictionary. The top 10 entries have been given interpretations by editors who actually compile Japanese language dictionaries.
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