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Home » Imo Shochu made by Imoaraizaka Kancho wins the “Omotenashi Selection 2023” award for the first time!

Imo Shochu made by Imoaraizaka Kancho wins the “Omotenashi Selection 2023” award for the first time!

Whom it may concern
Enishing Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Imo Shochu made by Imoaraizaka Kancho wins the “Omotenashi Selection 2023” award for the first time!
Enishingu Sakehan (Enishingu Entertainment Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Tokyo) is a private brand of Honkaku Imo Shochu called “Yokaban Yokazake Yokaenai,” which disseminates products and services full of hospitality both domestically and internationally. In commemoration of winning the project “OMOTENASHI Selection” in 2023, we have announced that we will be holding a “KANPAI!! HAPPY TIME!! Tumbler” giveaway campaign.
[Image 1

■ 0 carbohydrates (*according to food labeling standards)
■ 0 purines (* Less than 0.5 mg of purines per 2100ml is indicated as “0 purines”)
【Description of item】
This authentic potato shochu was created by Chief Imoaraizaka, a multi-talented actor, entertainer, stage director, and picture book writer, who was involved in all the manufacturing processes, from digging the potatoes to washing the potatoes, sorting the potatoes, stirring them, and designing the label. .
[Image 2

The product name “Yokaya Yokasake Yokaenai” reflects our desire to have a fun time with great friends and delicious alcohol.
[Image 3

We teamed up with Kamikawa Sake Brewery, a brewery in Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which we met by chance, and used Koganesenkan from Kyushu for the satsuma potatoes, domestic rice malt, and spring water polished in the Takasumi Mountains for the preparation water. did. The “mellowness” unique to potatoes, the “mellow taste” of black koji, and the “soft aroma and flavor” of white koji are perfectly balanced using the brewer’s unique blending technology. [Image 4

We have created a shochu with a refreshing aroma and a sharp taste that you won’t be able to finish drinking. It can be drunk in a variety of ways, such as with water, hot water, on the rocks, or as a refreshing drink with soda, and it complements any dish without interfering with it. This is a masterpiece that we can confidently recommend even to those who are not used to drinking sweet potato shochu.
[Award evaluation comments by foreign judges] (partial excerpt) “I think this shochu is a versatile alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways in a variety of situations.The refreshing taste and aroma are typical of Japan, and I think the overall concept has been well thought out.” (Netherlands)
“Imo shochu has a unique taste, but I found this product to be surprisingly refreshing and easy to drink.It may also be good for people who are not used to drinking shochu.” (Taiwan)
“Many Filipinos love alcohol, and many try all types of alcohol until they find the one they like. It’s perfect for having fun after work.” (Philippines)
“It has an interesting and impressive label. I think this shochu is easy to drink on the rocks or with soda. It seems to go well with a variety of dishes. I think it will attract the interest of general consumers and Japanese restaurants.” England)
We also received comments from over 20 foreigners.
【Product Summary】
■Release date: Friday, June 2, 2023
■Product name: Yoka night Yoka sake Yoka encounter
■Item: Pot distilled shochu
■Raw materials: Sweet potato (domestic), rice malt (domestic) ■Alcohol content: 25%
■Suggested retail price: 720ml/1,980 yen (tax included), 1800ml/3,740 yen (tax included)
(The retail price is just a reference price and does not constrain the retail price setting of liquor stores.)
[About the award commemorative campaign]
We will be holding a “KANPAI!! HAPPY TIME!! Tumbler” giveaway campaign. ■Period: December 10, 2023 (Sunday) 12:00~
■Contents: The first 30 people who place an order will receive a tumbler with the Imo-chan mark engraved on it.
*Limit one item per person regardless of the number of items. *Limited to individual customers.
*Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached. Campaign URL:
[Image 5

■Enishing Shuhan Homepage: ■Enishing Shuhan Official Instagram: ■OMOTENASHI Selection Official Website:
[About “OMOTENASHI Selection”] (Excerpt) “OMOTENASHI Selection” is a selection of the unique charms of Japan’s “hospitality” from a global perspective by Japanese experts and foreign selectors with experience living in Japan. Excavation. We shine a light on the hidden value, communicate that value (public relations support), and support the delivery to consumers (distribution support). We aim to expand new consumption both domestically and internationally, promote branding on a global scale, and improve sales capabilities.
[About Enishing Entertainment Co., Ltd.]
We will do anything while valuing our “relationships.” Based on our corporate philosophy, we value our relationships with the people we connect with, and those we connect with, and will do anything for them! We are a company that strives to achieve this goal.
We operate our business based on three divisions: “Entertainment Business,” “Food and Beverage Business,” and “Alcohol Sales Business,” all because we want to see the “smiles” of everyone involved! With this in mind, all of our employees work hard every day.
[About the company profile]
■Company name: Enishing Entertainment Co., Ltd.
■Representative Director: Maki Koura
■Established: March 2013
■Location: 506 Toritsudai Heights, 1-21-20 Hiramachi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo ■TEL: 03-5726-9274 FAX: 03-5726-9282
■Business details: Entertainment production business, food and beverage business, liquor wholesale and retail business, mail order business, etc.
[Inquiries regarding press releases]
■Company name: Enishingu Sakehan (Enishingu Entertainment Co., Ltd.) ■Person in charge: Junpei Saito
■TEL: 03-5726-9274
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