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Home » Aeon “BOOK☆WALKER” and “iAEON” collaborate to hold “Winter “Hot” Campaign with Books and Snack s”!

Aeon “BOOK☆WALKER” and “iAEON” collaborate to hold “Winter “Hot” Campaign with Books and Snack s”!

Aeon Co., Ltd.
“BOOK☆WALKER” and “iAEON” are collaborating to hold “Winter “Hot” Campaign with Books and Snacks”!
Aeon Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, President and CEO: Yuki Hanyu) will start selling Aeon’s total app “iAEON” and Book Walker Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuki Hanyu) from Friday, December 1st. We are launching a collaboration campaign with the comprehensive e-book store “BOOK☆WALKER” (hereinafter referred to as “BOOK☆WALKER”) provided by President and CEO: Gaku Morita).
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We aim to provide new lifestyle value to members of the “BOOK☆WALKER Unlimited Reading MAX Course,” which has the advantage of providing a comprehensive e-book store with works in a wide range of genres such as manga, novels, practical books, and magazines for a monthly fee. Members of Aeon’s total app “iAEON” will be able to introduce and experience each service through this collaboration campaign. The “Book and Snack Winter “Hot” Campaign” will run from December 1st (Friday) to January 31st (Wednesday) with members of Aeon’s total app “iAEON” and “BOOK☆ WALKER” members can use the service through their respective apps.
The campaign for “iAEON” members allows you to use the “BOOK☆WALKER Unlimited Reading MAX Course” for one month free of charge by entering the promo code listed in “Notable Events” on “iAEON”. In the campaign for “BOOK☆WALKER” members, if you enter the promotion code listed in “Notice” in “BOOK☆WALKER” with “iAEON”, you will receive 200 WAON POINTs.
Overview of “Winter “Hot” Campaign with Books and Snacks”
Period: December 1, 2023 (Friday) – January 31, 2024 (Wednesday) [How to participate for iAEON members]
1. Check the information page for this project via “iAEON”‘s “Notable Events” 2. Enter the promotion code confirmed on the “iAEON” project information page on the “BOOK☆WALKER Unlimited Reading MAX Course” new subscription page.
3. Only those who enter the information can use the “Unlimited Reading MAX Course” for free for one month.
*This benefit is limited to those who use “BOOK☆WALKER Unlimited Reading” for the first time.
◆Promo code input procedure at “BOOK☆WALKER”
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[BOOK☆WALKER- How to participate for members]
1. Check the information page for this project from the “BOOK☆WALKER” notification
2. Download “iAEON” and register as a member.
3. Enter the promotion code you checked on the BOOK☆WALKER main project information page into your “iAEON” My Page.
4. 200 WAON POINTs will be given to everyone who enters the information. *The gift is scheduled to be received around the end of the month following the month of joining.
◆Promo code input procedure at “iAEON”
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AEON Smart Technology Co., Ltd. and Book Walker Co., Ltd. will continue to work to provide new products and services by leveraging the resources they have to improve customer convenience and support a more affluent lifestyle.
-About “iAEON”-
Since its launch in September 2021, we have expanded payment, point, and coupon functions and store services to make shopping at Aeon group stores more convenient and economical, and to enrich your daily life. We provide information.
A comprehensive e-book store that started its service in 2010 and offers e-books in a variety of formats, including single-item sales with over 1.2 million e-books distributed, as well as a monthly unlimited reading service for over 50,000 e-books. is.
We are also focusing on providing reading experiences that are unique to electronic devices, such as the “10-minute full reading” program, which allows each person to try reading all pages of a target work for just 10 minutes a day.
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