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Home » 80&Company Co., Ltd. 80&Company has been nominated for the Best 100 in the Best Team category of “Wantedly A wards 2023”

80&Company Co., Ltd. 80&Company has been nominated for the Best 100 in the Best Team category of “Wantedly A wards 2023”

80&Company Co., Ltd.
80&Company has been nominated for the Best 100 in the Best Team category of “Wantedly Awards 2023”
Selected from among 39,000 companies by Wantedly in a category that honors comprehensive recruiting capabilities from the perspective of employer branding and empathetic hiring.
80&Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City,
Representative Director: Hiroki Horiike) was selected in the Best Team category of “Wantedly Awards 2023” announced by Wantedly Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Akiko Naka) We would like to inform you that you have been nominated. This category selects companies that excel in recruitment branding and empathetic hiring, and the top 100 companies were selected from 39,000 companies, and 80&Company was nominated as one of them. “FUZE” will be held on December 6, 2023
2023” will participate in the award ceremony.
What is Wantedly Awards 2023?
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This award recognizes the efforts of over 39,000 companies using Wantedly over the past year. Companies nominated in each of the three categories of “BEST TEAM”, “CRAFT”, and “EPISODE” are awarded, and 80&Company is the best in the BEST TEAM category, which is a category that honors comprehensive recruiting ability from the perspective of recruitment branding and empathetic recruitment. Selected as one of the top 100.
Furthermore, “FUZE2023”, an awards ceremony for nominated companies, will be held on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.
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80&Company Culture
■Work style that allows you to demonstrate your potential with full remote and full flex
Although the head office is in Kyoto, there are many members from Tokyo and other areas, and we have realized flexible work styles (full flex, full remote, side jobs possible). We focus on performance, not time or place. In addition, diverse members from all over the world, including not only Japan but also the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Canada, are participating in 80&Company to “create infinity from zero.”
■Flat organization with easy communication
We never discriminate based on employment type, years of service, age, gender, or work style, and evaluate employees equally. We also strive for regular interaction with all employees, regardless of position or employment type. We have a flat and active communication between members.
We have a strong sense of values: “Let’s use the company for our own career views and self-actualization, and let’s change the company.” The CEO is committed to visualizing personal dreams and goals in Notion and making them come true within the company. declares. ▼Click here for currently recruiting positions
About 80&Company
80&Company Co., Ltd. aims to create a vibrant world where the potential of people and businesses is demonstrated, and our mission is to ignite the hearts of diverse people, involve them, and co-create value.
We have a large number of professionals in various fields, including engineers, designers, and marketers, and we work together with partner companies to co-create businesses to realize our goals.
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We define the social significance of a business or company as a “great cause,” and our credo in all projects is to collaborate, co-create, and accompany partner companies to realize this “great cause.” [Image 3
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WABSC is a service that allows you to rent traditional crafts in a subscription format. You can easily incorporate handicrafts that are hard to reach into your daily life for a fixed monthly fee. Crafts can be returned and exchanged using a ticket system, so you can change them to suit the season or interior design. This is a service that allows you to feel more familiar with traditional crafts by proposing a new way of living with crafts.
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◆Chat AI Pro /
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This is a service that allows you to create original AI chatbots that meet the needs of any industry or field. AI learns specialized knowledge and information from existing sites and company-specific databases to provide specialized answers. In addition, it can be built in the most suitable location such as the website, LINE, SNS, email, Slack, etc., so it is possible to develop according to customer needs. ◆NFT INFINITY /
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This is a package system that supports the construction of an original NFT marketplace. It is equipped with the functions necessary to open an NFT marketplace, and by using the package, it is possible to enter the market as an NFT marketplace operating company at a low cost and in a short period of time.
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This is a training program that develops internal human resources through the process of new business development. You can learn from scratch the processes necessary to create a new business, from market analysis and needs, planning and consideration, to prototyping and verification, in practical courses.
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Company Profile
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