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Home » Life Studio Saitama Prefecture only × shappie photo cake campaign in progress (Heart) (Heart) Enliven your ha ppy time with photos and cakes!

Life Studio Saitama Prefecture only × shappie photo cake campaign in progress (Heart) (Heart) Enliven your ha ppy time with photos and cakes!

Apple Tree Factory Co., Ltd.
Life Studio [Saitama Prefecture only] × shappie photo cake campaign in progress (Heart) (Heart) Enliven your happy time with photos and cakes!
Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a surprise for a loved one, eating cake is sure to be a special moment. Would you like to have a memorable and happy anniversary with Life Studio’s photos and “Shappie” photo cake?
Life photo studio What is Life Studio?
We are a stylish and very popular house-style photo studio with 30 stores nationwide in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Nagoya, , Hokkaido, Miyagi, Shizuoka, Osaka, and Kyoto.
[A space for fun play that expresses beauty and records memories] We take various commemorative photos such as babies, kids, Shichi-Go-San, birthdays, kindergarten entrance ceremonies, half-coming-of-age ceremonies, family photos, coming-of-age ceremonies, maternity photos, etc. A photo studio that is suitable for various scenes. We don’t just record things, we have fun shooting together while having fun together so that you can feel the memories of going to a theme park in the photo studio.
[Image 1

We are currently distributing flyers with coupons for purchasing photo cakes from the photo cake mail order brand “Shappie” at special prices to those who come to Life Studio in Saitama Prefecture!
■About campaign usage■
・Special prices are available by using the coupon code on the flyer, which is exclusively given to customers whose photos were taken at 6 stores in Saitama Prefecture (Fujimino store, Fukaya store, Koshigaya store, Omiya store, Soka store, and Tokorozawa store).
Fujimino store》
Fukaya store》
Koshigaya store》
Omiya store》
Soka store》
Tokorozawa store》
・For orders, please visit the “Shappie” dedicated website
shappie official HP》
■Flyer distribution period■
Until 2023.12.31 (Sun)
■Campaign period■
Until 2024.3.31 (Sun)
*Distribution period and campaign period are subject to change. *Delivery deadline for the Christmas period (December 22nd to 25th) is 11:00 a.m. on December 17th.
*Campaign flyers will be distributed on a limited basis. Please note that the offer will end as soon as it runs out.
[Image 2
“Shappie” is brought to you by Ru Kadan, a long-established patisserie in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture.
This is a photo cake mail order brand that started its service in August 2016 and is used by a total of 40,000 people.
When eating cake for birthdays, anniversaries, surprises for loved ones, etc. I’m sure it will be a special moment.
Made with carefully selected materials so that those important moments become wonderful memories.
Our pastry chefs make each one with all their heart!
Would you like to have a memorable and happy anniversary with “Shappie” photo cake?
[Image 3d124806-20-47be22f36a73af756eac-0.jpg&s3=124806-20-2acc273a421c8c70e6cefe15ac2c9e27-1440x647.jpg
◆Patissier introduction
Shappie’s photo cakes are made by Ru, a long-established patisserie in Saitama that has won the Japan Cake Show, Japan’s largest competition, for three years in a row, including the Federation Chairman’s Award.・Manufactured by Kadan.
[Image 4d124806-20- AA6C806857D2346F5487-0.jpg &s3=124806-20-b1b00162BFC8B21A8E02D04073F1 0-1447x965.jpg

The owner and pastry chef, Kotaro Suzuki, trained at the
Michelin-starred restaurant “Siberta” after obtaining the French national exam “CAP”. After that, he worked at a Western confectionery store in Italy and in Japan before taking up his current position. We offer a variety of sweets, including photo cakes, based on the concept of “creating extraordinary everyday life through sweets.”
[Image 5d124806-20-00ee082908971e51d92d-0.jpg&s3=124806-20-1ee5296131c7446b50203dbd7889e602-1440x501.jpg
Patisserie “Ru Kadan”
Ru Kadan official website
Ru Kadan official Instagram Ru Kadan Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d124806-20-af7864ec477f8ebfc7e9-10.jpg&s3=124806-20-92c0e5bb6eed6e283295b125407d0e9d-567x397.jpg
Life photo studio “Life Studio”
We have 30 photo studios in
Tokyo/Saitama/Kanagawa/Chiba/Ibaraki/Tochigi/Nagoya//Hokkaido/Miyagi/Shizuoka/Osaka/Kyoto and photograph over 20,000 families a year.
We have many repeat visitors, and some families come every year as part of their life event, asking, “When are you going to Life Studio this year?”
We define our photo studio as “a space for expressing beauty, recording memories, and having fun.” We have received a reputation for bringing out the natural expressions of children and adults alike with our stylish interiors and new style of photography. Masu. We photograph important days such as baby photography, kids, family photography, Shichi-Go-San, maternity, 1/2 coming-of-age ceremony, coming-of-age ceremony, and wedding photography.
official Instagram》 officialPinterest》 officialTwitter》
Apple Tree Factory Co., Ltd. Life Photo Studio Life Studio
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[Image 8d124806-20-6e78b403e5f51885bcf5-5.jpg&s3=124806-20-7f9b5783bf552b5640c5e0da8281645e-1365x2048.jpg
[Image 9d124806-20-2e059e2d99b60ca04b08-5.jpg&s3=124806-20-11294f8c87dc7ea290ae5e206e3a70bb-1800x2700.jpg
[Image 10d124806-057285401c43F81636b-5.jpg &s3=124806-20- E1CDCA65B047155133EBBC3 59-1800x2700.jpg
[Image 11d124806-20-de6a75a91cf02e7d99d5-5.jpg&s3=124806-20-b1ea5f3264d97f77d350b00b0f5d89a8-2048x1365.jpg

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