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Home » Metaverse shrines are permeating the world! New year’s visit to shrines in Kyoto from Manhattan and Paris!? A symposium compatible with remote participation will be held in Kyoto Monday, December 4, 2020

Metaverse shrines are permeating the world! New year’s visit to shrines in Kyoto from Manhattan and Paris!? A symposium compatible with remote participation will be held in Kyoto Monday, December 4, 2020

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Metaverse shrines are permeating the world! New year’s visit to shrines in Kyoto from Manhattan and Paris!? A symposium compatible with remote participation will be held in Kyoto [Monday, December 4, 2020]
This is a symposium to think about the “Metaverse,” which has been gaining momentum in recent years in Kyoto, which has been a driving force behind Japan’s culture, art, technology, and spirit.
~Metaverse Shrines will penetrate into the world!!️ Even from Manhattan, NY or Paris!?️ This Symposium finds how to do approaching everywhere via remote access~
Sponsored by Kumano Nakaoji Shrine, sponsored by NTT Smart Connect Co., Ltd. (Secretariat: Kyoto Metaversity of Art & Technology(TM), Kyoto Art & Technology Chogaku(R) Opening Preparation Office, Area Promotion Japan Co., Ltd., at Kyoto Gaku/Rekisaikan. ) symposium will be held.
■Symposium overview
In the Reiwa era, and furthermore, as the coronavirus crisis continues to prolong, lifestyles are rapidly changing significantly, including working from home, remote meetings, and online drinking parties. What is occurring along with this situation is a wave that can be called a metaverse boom. On the other hand, Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, has been a driving force behind Japan’s culture, art, technology, and spirit. This time, with the title “New possibilities for shrines and temples created by the Metaverse – Emergence from Japan’s cultural capital, Kyoto,” we will explore the penetration of spiritual culture from Kyoto to the world and the possibility of metaphors through the spread of Metaverse technology. We will hold a symposium to explore nature and direction.
・Metaverse shrine image
[Image 1

・Kumano Nakaoji Shrine
[Image 2
■Webinar URL
You can now join us via Zoom. Webinar passcode: 018650
■Speakers and themes
・Theme 1: Current state of technology for Metaverse shrines and temples [Image 3d133536-2-a0917eaa5b0974b7cc49-2.jpg&s3=133536-2-7f273c023da0ead29b266d7f95559c3a-275x308.jpg
Manager, NTT Smart Connect Corporation
Mr. Akinori Mita
Born in Osaka. Joined NTT West in 2020 and engaged in new business development using the latest technologies such as IoT. From 2022, he will be seconded to NTT Smart Connect Corporation. Involved in Metaverse/XR projects, producing and directing content production in a wide range of fields such as tourism, entertainment, and education. He also works on tourism-related metaverses, such as the digital archive of the former Kaburenjo in Miyagawa-cho, one of Kyoto’s five entertainment districts.
・Theme 2: Introduction of Metaverse Shrine initiatives
[Image 4d133536-2-433484d3bb819dc1c51e-2.jpg&s3=133536-2-099e7848955527cafaef062d7d9459a0-293x320.jpg
Kumano Nakaoji Shrine Chief Priest (Representative Officer)
Mr. Koichi Ito
Born in Kyoto in 1971.
1999: Sensing the need for personal computers, mobile phones, and media in general, I started a rights business such as TV/radio shopping, convenience store business, virtual space games, and convenience store DVD sales as the head of the media department of a certain trading company. Current position since 2015. From 2016 to 2019, concurrently served as director of a facility for children with disabilities.
・Theme 3: Penetration of Japanese spiritual culture spreading around the world through Metaverse shrines and temples from Osaka/Kansai Expo 2025
[Image 5d133536-2-07b0bcf45aa5193256b3-2.jpg&s3=133536-2-9f41becc7943d84819b096d768309bcc-1973x2700.jpg
Regional Cooperation Director, Japan International Exposition 2025 Association, Public Interest Incorporated Association
Mr. Yoshimasa Sakai
Born in Osaka in 1966. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University, he joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in April 1990. In July 2013, as Director of the Expo Promotion Office, Commerce and Distribution Security Group of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, representative of the Japanese government at the International Secretariat for the Expo, and deputy representative of the Japanese government at Expo Milano, I worked in advance to promote the greatness of Japan, including its food culture. He led all the coordination from planning to actual production. After that, he served as General Counselor of the Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization Promotion Secretariat and Director of the Japan Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Organization, and in July 2020, he was seconded to the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition, a public interest incorporated association. He has served as Director of Public Relations Strategy, Planning, and Momentum Building Director, and has been in his current position since April 2023.
■Explanation & Coordinator
[Image 6d133536-2-6e7465735a6d24cee860-2.jpg&s3=133536-2-b286032294dc922b5900770c7a64eff2-176x176.jpg
Kyoto Metaversity of Art & Technology(TM) Kyoto Metaversity of Art & Technology(R) Opening Preparation Office
Mr. Kijuro Kishimoto
Born in 1953 in the Odoiuchi area of ​​Kyoto City.
After receiving his doctorate from Kyoto University Graduate School in 1981, he has been engaged in marketing and entertainment education and research at the university for over 40 years. Established Area Promotion Japan Co., Ltd. in 2010. In 2022, the designated
organization will be registered as a trademark and an opening preparation office will be established within the company. Based on this Metaverse Symposium, we will exhibit at Tokyo Big Sight from December 6th to 8th. Furthermore, we plan to exhibit at the
Osaka/Kansai Expo 2025.
■General commentator
Eiko Fujimoto, Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts About Kyoto Metaversity of Art & Technology(TM) (Kyoto Metaversity of Art & Technology(R) Opening Preparation Office)
Based on the purpose (*1) of Art and Technology Village Kyoto, which was established by Kyoto Prefecture in Oyamazaki, Kyoto, where the headquarters of Area Promotion Japan Co., Ltd. This is an organization established by general producer Yoshikiro Kishimoto. The name combines the concept of “Kyoto,” a city with a diverse cultural background that continues to innovate, and Kishimoto’s new concept of
“Metaversity (*2).”
(*1) [To utilize not only science and technology but also the power of Kyoto Prefecture’s culture and art, fuse art and technology, create industries full of humanity based on “human sensitivity and emotion,” and encourage entrepreneurship. With the goal】
About Art & Technology Village Kyoto
(*2) Mr. Kishimoto has proposed the concept of Metaversity as a name for a new educational and research institution that combines Metaverse and University. Gaku(R)︎” has been registered as a trademark). ■Contact information
Secretariat: Kyoto Metaversity of Art and Technology(TM)️ (Kyoto Metaversity of Art and Technology(R)︎) Area Promotion Japan Co., Ltd. Symposium staff: Kondo, Ikehara
5-2 Oyamazakijiri, Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni-gun, Kyoto 618-0071 TEL:075-200-6901
■About Kumano Nakaoji Shrine
This shrine was founded in 1160 (Eireki 1) by the retired Emperor Goshirakawa, who enshrined Kishu Kumano Gongen as the guardian deity of Eikando. One of the three Kumanos in Kyoto. During the Meiji period, four shrine buildings were renovated, but in 1978 (Showa 53), it was rebuilt as one shrine building. The nearby mountains are home to old trees with strangely shaped rocks and waterfalls, making it a famous place for enjoying the cool breeze and viewing the fall foliage.
■About the 2025 Japan International Exposition Association, a public interest incorporated association
The 2025 Japan World Expo Association was established in January 2019 with the cooperation of the national and local governments and the business community. The 2025 Japan International Expo “Osaka-Kansai Expo” was decided to be held at the International Bureau of
Expositions (BIE) General Meeting in November 2018. In order to make this exposition a success, we must mobilize wisdom from around the world and work together as a nation to prepare for the event. Our association will prepare and manage this expo, and by making it a success, we will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations, and aim to develop Japan’s industry and culture. .
■About NTT Smart Connect Corporation
Based on our own data center with robust facilities and high-speed connection environment, NTT Smart Connect provides “housing” for storing customers’ servers, “cloud” for providing a wide range of services from infrastructure services to SaaS type services, and highly reliable services. We provide a wide range of support for our customers’ businesses by developing four businesses: “Streaming,” which enables content distribution, and “Data Analysis and
Utilization,” which utilizes AI log analysis.
■About Area Promotion Japan Co., Ltd.
Area Promotion Japan is a company that presents programs to share the charms of Kyoto, the origin of Japanese culture, and Japan with people around the world. In addition, our main services include creating regional attractiveness and producing and consulting on initiatives that take advantage of regional charm.
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