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Home » Fabric brand FAB.(dot) “Leather combination tote” wins Hospitality Selection 2023

Fabric brand FAB.(dot) “Leather combination tote” wins Hospitality Selection 2023

Hobby Co., Ltd.
Fabric brand FAB.(dot) “Leather combination tote” wins Hospitality Selection 2023
Highly rated by judges from various countries as “a modern design that perfectly combines traditional Japanese weaving culture and design” ……
“FAB.(dot) Leather Combi Tote” sold by Hobby Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nobuyuki Takahashi), which develops lifestyle goods, has been selected as “OMOTENASHI Selection 2023”. was awarded.
[Image 1 “OMOTENASHI Selection” is an award established in 2015 with the purpose of discovering products and services full of Japan’s excellent “hospitality” and disseminating them to the world.
For certification, an in-kind examination is conducted by a foreign expert residing in Japan. Special techniques born out of concern for the people who use them, as well as ingenuity and ingenuity that continue to inherit tradition while continuing to improve for the modern era, are evaluated using the standards of “OMOTENASHI” and “GLOBAL.” We certify products and services that have received the Omotenashi Selection Award as being “overflowing with uniquely Japanese charm that we would like to share with the world.” About MADE IN JAPAN “Leather Combi Tote”
[Image 2
A leather combination tote that combines Japanese and Western atmospheres by combining Kyoto’s traditional Nishijin-ori fabric with natural leather. Nishijin-ori is a precious fabric that can only weave 1m in an hour, as it weaves patterns into it rather than printing patterns on the fabric.
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Excerpt from comments by selection staff
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Nishijin-ori, Yuki Tsumugi, Chichibu Meisen, Chibana Hana-ori, traditional weaving culture that flows through Japan. In 2020, an unprecedented pandemic that no one could have predicted forced everyone to stay at home, reducing access to the fashion they had previously enjoyed. Traditional textile factories were greatly affected by this. was. There is a fear that the traditions that have been passed down in the region will cease to exist once the light goes out. I don’t want to lose the weaving culture that is not known to the world, but whose value would definitely be felt if people knew about it. I would like to elevate traditional Japanese weaving culture to the form that is currently needed in the market, and have it become known and loved by more people. FAB.(dot) was started with this idea in mind.
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Company name: Hobby Co., Ltd. Representative: Nobunomoto Takahashi Company: 3F Imon Mitake Building, 1-20-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Business content: Wholesale and sales of men’s and women’s clothing and miscellaneous goods
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