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Tokyu Land TOKYU SNOW RESORT Accelerates efforts to preserve the environment to protect the snow resource

Tokyu Land Corporation
TOKYU SNOW RESORT Accelerating efforts to preserve the environment to protect the snow resource
Promoting 100% renewable energy usage for all seven ski resort facilities and supporting zero-carbon activities for the snow community
Tokyu Land Corporation (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroaki Hoshino, hereinafter referred to as “Tokyu Land”) and Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Minoruyasu Awatsuji, hereinafter “Tokyu Resorts”) & Stay”) is an initiative to accelerate Tokyu Snow Resort’s efforts to protect the snow resources and preserve the environment, and to pass on the joy of playing in the rich snowy mountains and nature to the next generation. We would like to inform you that we will promote.
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■ Background of the initiative
Tokyu Land Corporation is aware of the extremely uncertain future long-term business environment, including the rapid acceleration of digitalization, the progress of a decarbonized society, and the diversification of lifestyles, and in order to achieve sustainable growth. By expanding our renewable energy business, we are promoting urban development that is friendly to people and the environment. Among these, the environment surrounding snow resorts including ski resorts is affected by the rise in temperature due to global warming, the rise in seawater temperature in the seas near Japan, and the occurrence of disasters due to decreases in snowfall and snowfall and changes in snow quality. There are concerns that this will have a significant impact. Snow resorts are also positioned as social infrastructure in the local industry, and efforts to maintain the environment and combat climate change are essential efforts that also contribute to regional sustainability. In order to ensure the sustainability of our business related to ski resorts and winter sports, not just now, but in the future, we take current environmental changes seriously and will move forward with initiatives aimed at preserving the environment more quickly.
Initiative 1. Completed switching to 100% renewable energy for electricity used at Tokyu Snow Resort 7 ski resorts
Tokyu Resorts & Stay, as a facility owned by Tokyu Land, will utilize Tokyu Land’s renewable energy power plants to reduce the electricity consumption of all seven ski resorts in December 2022 to 100% renewable energy (hereinafter referred to as , “renewable energy”) has been completed. This changeover will reduce CO2 emissions*1 by approximately 8,000 tons per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of approximately 4,000 ordinary households*2.
*1 CO2 emissions: Uses the national average CO2 emission coefficient of 435g-CO2/kWh of “Emission coefficients by electric utility (2021 results)” published by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
*2 Calculated based on electricity usage per household of 4,743kW/year (from the Solar Power Association’s “Display Guidelines 2022”) Tokyu Land Corporation entered the renewable energy business in 2014, and has been developing solar power plants, wind power plants, and biomass power plants all over the country under the business brand name “ReENE”, and is expected to expand by the end of October 2023. Currently, we have 96 projects with a rated capacity of over 1.6GW, making us one of the top-class businesses in Japan. Non-fossil certificates with renewable energy tracking*3 generated from Tokyu Land Corporation’s power plants, which are deployed on a large scale throughout the country, are also utilized at the seven Tokyu Snow Resort facilities, resulting in 100% of the electricity used by the ski resort’s gondolas, lifts, and restaurants. We are using renewable energy.
*3 Non-fossil certificate with tracking: A certificate that links the attribute information of the environmental value generated by a renewable energy power plant and allows for tracking of the renewable energy originating from that power plant.
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-Tochigi Prefecture-
Hunter Mountain Shiobara
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-Tochigi Prefecture-
Mount Jeans Nasu
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-Gunma Prefecture-
Tambara Ski Park
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-Nagano Prefecture-
Tangram Madarao
[Image 7

-Nagano Prefecture-
Tateshina Tokyu Ski Resort
[Image 8

-Fukui Prefecture-
ski jam katsuyama
[Image 9

Initiative 2. Collaboration with POW JAPAN
Tokyu Resorts & Stay has concluded a partnership on climate change countermeasures with Protect Our Winters Japan (Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, Representative Director: Goro Komatsu, hereinafter referred to as “POW”), a general incorporated association, on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. We have decided to support POW’s activities. Tokyu Land Corporation and Tokyu Resorts & Stay’s SDGs brand “Morigurashi(R)” and Tokyu Snow Resort’s “Sustainability for Snow” continue activities that reduce the burden on the environment and connect to the future, and are based on this philosophy. We will promote activities to protect snowy mountains with POW that matches the above.
[About POW]
Jeremy Jones, a professional snowboarder who has been a leader in the world’s snow scene for many years, was one of the first to realize that snow and winter are in danger due to climate change, and the snow community told him, “We have to protect winter.” POW was launched in 2007 from a movement born from this idea. In Japan, it was launched in February 2019 with the voice of professional snowboarder Goro Komatsu. [Image 10
Initiative 3. Japan’s first social implementation experiment of power generation business using snowfall
A part of Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu Ski Resort will be used to conduct experiments related to the social implementation of power generation initiatives that utilize snowfall, which is a daily issue in areas with heavy snowfall. This initiative will be carried out jointly with Forte Co., Ltd. and Enoki Laboratory (University of
Initiative 4. Development of environmentally friendly non-fluorine wax [Image 11

At Ski Jam Katsuyama in Fukui Prefecture, we are holding the “Katsuyama Nature School”, a global environmental education program that utilizes the great nature of the ski slopes, and is developing it as a program that allows you to learn the importance of the natural environment using your five senses.
■ What is Sustainability for Snow?
“Sustainability for Snow” is part of the “Morigurashi (R)” initiative promoted by Tokyu Resorts & Stay, and is working towards SDGs related to ski resorts and winter sports. We are creating opportunities for many people to become interested in the environment through ski resort use, and disseminating a variety of information so that they can have fun while participating in our efforts.
Sustainability for Snow official website
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■ About Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd.’s SDGs brand “Morigurashi (R)” “Morigurashi(R)” promoted by Tokyu Resorts & Stays is a CSV (Creating Shared This is an initiative based on “Value”. We promote harmony with the forest, which is a common property of the region, and
sustainability through activities such as forest activities, glamping, and workations, and we promote resolution of regional issues and conservation of nature through the cooperation of local residents and employees.
Morigurashi official website
[Image 14 Representative: Minoruyasu Awatsuji, Representative Director and President Head office location: Shibuya Dogenzaka Building, 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 13, 1979
Capital: 100 million yen
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