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Home » Owltech Co., Ltd. Products available at half price or less Owltech USB chargers and AC chargers will be sold at the outlet.

Owltech Co., Ltd. Products available at half price or less Owltech USB chargers and AC chargers will be sold at the outlet.

Owltech Co., Ltd.
[Products available at half price or less] Owltech USB chargers and AC chargers will be sold at the outlet.
The Owltech Direct main store, operated by Owltech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Tetsuya Yamamoto), a digital accessory manufacturer that creates a “familiar future” in daily life, will open from December 1st (Friday). We will start the third round of outlet sales at a price that is possible because we are directly managed by the manufacturer. Owltech Direct Main Store, operated by Owltech Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells digital accessories, will begin its third round of outlet sales at extremely affordable prices, which can only be achieved as a directly managed e-commerce store.
Date: 3rd December 1, 2023 (Friday) ~
Featured products: USB charger, AC charger, AC charger integrated cable [Image 1d78302-138-96ddb6da54ed10617b5d-0.jpg&s3=78302-138-70418200b1a2967d5611418a5a2ffb10-1060x300.jpg
-Owltech Direct Main Store Outlet Sales Page-
Focusing on mobile batteries, which have been popular since the first edition, we have also sold many products with discounts of 50% or more, such as large-capacity portable batteries that can be used outdoors, wireless speakers, and AC chargers that can quickly charge with 4 ports.
In the first series, we will be offering a “USB charger” that can charge with an ultra-tough cable that is resistant to disconnections and two USB ports, and an “AC charger” that uses gallium nitride and can charge super fast, at very reasonable outlet prices. I will do it. [Image 2d78302-138-76f1656a2055d00ce40d-1.jpg&s3=78302-138-b45ef824cfd9ba0c5ff31aeaacc83746-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 3d78302-138-d4f6fa5524203aadead8-1.jpg&s3=78302-138-de9b86ac6d6bc5843873d786b1e013f5-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 4d78302-138-e422faf9b37d80cf350c-1.jpg&s3=78302-138-63507216a1e251e72bab2ad4d101c341-800x800.jpg
[Image 5d78302-138-48f5a09b77330fe598c4-1.jpg&s3=78302-138-202a86d6401eded40209c81b3d0efa59-1000x1000.jpg
*All products are available at online shop-only special prices while supplies last. Please purchase early.
As the condition of each item is different, please refrain from making inquiries regarding the condition of the item.
-What are Owltech outlet products?-
Although it is a “retail outlet” as shown below, it is a new and unused product. ・Crushed, torn, dirty, or fallen corners of the outer box or inner box – Scratches or tears on the package
・Sunburn and discoloration due to lighting
・Remains of sticker peeled off
-Owltech Direct Main Store Outlet Sales Page-
[Image 6d78302-138-55F85F17417DFC6A78-11.pNG &3=78302-138-2C63020236F409 59D-640x240.png

Owltech Co., Ltd.
A digital accessory manufacturer headquartered in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture. We have the equipment necessary for design, development, production, inspection, etc. in-house, and in order to meet the requests of all customers, we have an inspection/testing facility environment that can respond to product defects and problems. It is being maintained. We aim to be a company that provides a sense of security by responding flexibly to the rapidly changing times and environment of the future, developing and improving the technology and know-how we have cultivated as a manufacturer.
[Image 7d78302-138-0020085fd3c9cb5c545a-9.jpg&s3=78302-138-f5128b61ad86a586b500f09d46a98d82-1890x473.jpg

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