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Digital Salon Association Digital Salon Association launches the beauty industry’s first “Digital Diploma Service”

Digital Salon Association
Digital Salon Association launches beauty industry’s first “Digital Diploma Service”
Starting November 1, 2023
The Digital Salon Association (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will provide a new “Digital Diploma Service” that digitally certifies beauty technology course completion certificates and seminar participation certificates, and also provides NFT art in November 2023. It started on the 1st of the month.
As the first step of this groundbreaking service, we have begun certifying the October technical course completion certificate for “JIN’s BASIC CUT” certified by JIN’s Co Lab, a general incorporated association. Students can use the URL provided by the association to authenticate in compliance with Web3 standards. In addition, NFT art will be published on the hairdresser’s social media profile and the salon’s website, enhancing the impression of a technically skilled stylist.
This new initiative is a step towards valuing the skills and creativity of essential hairdressers. Our goal is to provide beauty tailored to each customer and to recognize highly skilled
hairdressers. However, in the current beauty industry, only
hairdressers who get noticed on major booking portal sites,
hairdressers who share popular styling images on social media, and hairdressers who are available to customers 24/7 are considered to be successful. Masu. The Digital Salon Association challenges this and aims to build the next generation of digital infrastructure and rules, and is run by association members made up of hairdressers, related businesses, and tech companies. The digital certificate is part of an effort to make hairdressers’ technical fees transparent and evaluate their individual careers.
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Enhancing the value of digital certificates through NFT art
Traditional certificates of completion of technical courses are typically paper certificates or acrylic shields, which are displayed in salon reception areas. From now on, by using NFT art certificates, you will be able to effectively promote the results of your technical training. Hairdressers can confidently demonstrate their skills and take pride in their certificate of completion. Japanese hairdressers with advanced skills are highly regarded in the international market and can meet demand both domestically and internationally.
[Image 2
Forming a DAO community with beauty x NFT
This digital certificate can protect the privacy of personal information by utilizing VC, while also making it possible to operate a DAO community centered on the holder by visualizing information using NFT. A community of professionals who share the same goals and skills opens up many new possibilities. In the beauty industry, we will continue to evolve through our partnership with Meta Beauty DAO, which collaborates on many ideas such as creating certificates as NFT art and designing programs tailored to the digital skills of hairdressers.
Meta Beauty Dao Discord address: [Image 3

Meta Beauty DAO co-founder RiLi. Comments
We operate the beauty industry’s first next-generation community (DAO), sell and issue “GENESIS PASS NFT” as a DAO community pass, operate the metaverse, and use AI art to explore new possibilities for hairdressers every day through Web3. I am. By collaborating with the Digital Salon Association, we were able to open up a new path. Imagination in the digital world is limitless, and the process of connecting it to the real world is important. MetaBeautyDAO is determined to create the future of hairdressers together with the Digital Salon Association.
Comment from Executive Director Michihiro Morikoshi
This association was established with the desire to make society properly aware of the value of hairdressers and Japanese beauty culture. This time, we thought that by digitally certifying the technical certification of Mr. Edamura, who has the top bob cutting skills in Japan, it could be used to prove the skills and career of hairdressers, and also lead to visualization of the contents of salon technical fees. We worked on this as part of the association’s co-creation project “Digital Diploma.” In the future, we are considering operating the DAO community by issuing tokens to diploma issuers. We have already received multiple requests to issue digital diplomas, and we see great potential for the digital diploma project in the future.
About the Digital Salon Association
We will discuss how the beauty industry should tackle VR, AI, DAO, and blockchain in the coming Web3 era, and how the entire beauty industry, including hairdressers, should keep an eye on technology and tackle it. The purpose is that.
[Association overview]
Organization name: Digital Salon Association
Office: Kojimachi Prince Street Building 2F, 3-33 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: July 2023
Official website:
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[Overview of affiliated companies]
PitPa Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Shibuya Parco DG Building, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Representative: Representative Director and President Tatsuya Ishibe Date of establishment: May 2, 2018
Capital: 50 million yen
Official website:
Main business:・Podcast production, marketing support business, ・Recruitment support business using blockchain “sakazuki”
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