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Hankyu Men’s Osaka B1F Men’s Beauty Renewal

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
Hankyu Men’s Osaka B1F Men’s Beauty Renewal
You can freely try it out regardless of brand boundaries!
Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. has renovated the men’s beauty store on the basement floor of Hankyu Men’s Osaka (Kita Ward, Osaka City) and reopened on November 29, 2023. The men’s beauty market is expanding due to online meetings and the influence of K-pop idols. In response to the growing interest in beauty and the demand for cosmetics, this renovation will include a new corner where customers can easily try out and purchase skin care and makeup products for their daily care and grooming, transcending the boundaries of brands. and make-up items. Furthermore, we will strengthen fragrances, which are increasingly in demand as items that symbolize individuality, transcending gender boundaries. We provide an environment where it is easy to purchase department store cosmetics, such as assisting with product selection using AI systems and makeup experience content, providing the fun of choosing easily and increasing customer satisfaction.
Hankyu Men’s Osaka Men’s Beauty:
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■Overview of renewal
Store: Hankyu Men’s Osaka (7-10 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka)
Date: November 29, 2023
Target floor (area): 1st basement floor (of which approximately 170 square meters)
-NEW/renewal brand –
[Fragrances] Loewe Parfum, Jo Malone London, Creed (reintroduced), Bon Perfumer, Kilian Paris, Maison Francis Kurkdjian (renewal)
[Skincare/Makeup] Barbering Method Plus Barber Shop (Renewal), Cosme Decorte (Renewal), Shiseido Men (Renewal), Lifestyle Baum, Aesop (Renewal), Davines (Renewal)
*This renewal of men’s beauty is the first edition, with the second edition scheduled for late March.
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Founded in Madrid, Spain in 1846, Loewe has been one of the world’s leading luxury brands for 175 years. The history of LOEWE Fragrances began about 50 years ago and consists of two collections: “Botanical Rainbow”, a perfume series inspired by nature, and “Home Scents”, inspired by vegetable gardens.
Born in the UK in 1994, this lifestyle brand offers rich scents that fill your soul with understated, elegant charm and captivating stories. It has an unexpected fragrance created from high-quality and simple ingredients, and has gained a lot of support because it can be used regardless of gender. A luxury collection has also been released to commemorate the opening.
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The luxury fragrance brand, which has produced over 200 types of perfumes for over 260 years since its founding in the UK, has re-arrived in Japan. In Kansai, only Hankyu Men’s Osaka carries this product. Advance sales of Discovery Set FORHIM, which includes 8 popular items from the Heritage Collection, and Discovery Gift Set (Hankyu Men’s Osaka limited package), which includes 3 best-selling items, are on sale in limited quantities.
An artistic fragrance house from Paris that was born out of the desire to create contemporary fragrances that everyone can use while valuing traditional perfumery. Manufactured with a focus on Made in France. A lineup of many unique scents. With a wide variety of fragrances, we suggest layering so you can find your own scent.
Born in a world-renowned cognac house, Kilian Hennessy has brought his talent and vision to life in the world of parfums. His pursuit of luxury and bold, unconventional approach define his namesake brand. Our fragrances are categorized into five fragrance families (Fresh, Narcotic, Cellar, Smoked, and Liquor) defined based on a unique and innovative approach.

A fragrance maison founded in Paris in 2009 by Francis Kurkdjian, who has achieved numerous successes as a perfumer, and Mark Chaya, who will become the company’s representative director. The scents are designed like a fragrance wardrobe, telling stories that appeal to the senses.
・AI system “KAORIUM” that helps you choose scents
[Image 6

A scent that is difficult to describe or choose in words. By translating scent images into words and relying on the words provided by AI, you can intuitively search for your favorite scent. You can discover new scents based on your experience.
〇Skincare/Makeup World
A collection of skin care and makeup items that go beyond the boundaries of brands for daily skin care. The bar bar has also undergone renovations, including the introduction of a women’s menu. Furthermore, we have upgraded it by installing an AI smart mirror. Targeting Generation Z, who enjoy makeup as part of their personal appearance, we also offer eyebrow cuts and eyebrow counseling by qualified professionals.
[Image 7

“VIEW-TECH” can automatically measure skin conditions such as firmness, spots, and wrinkles in just 60 seconds. You can quickly see what your current skin is lacking, which will help you choose skin care items.
・”Makeup Corner”
[Image 9d14431-1668-706781e8a89eade9a195-6.jpg&s3=14431-1668-272dcf6ff9c0f21a50b1e2606e9def74-3086x2057.jpg
A corner where even beginners can easily try out men’s makeup, focusing on base makeup. Our products include DECORTE, which has a rich lineup, SHISEIDO MEN, and AFFINITES, which features world-class makeup artists. We also offer eyebrow cutting and eyebrow counseling services (for a fee) provided by qualified professionals, so you can easily enjoy makeup.
〇Lifestyle World
Introducing BAUM, a cosmetics brand that is considerate to society and the environment, and uses natural materials derived from nature. “Aēsop” and “davines” have also been enriched with a richer lineup, and we have introduced skin care brands that update your daily life comfortably and can be used by gender-neutral people.
The Skin & Mind brand aims to realize a sustainable society that fully receives and appreciates the blessings of the “power of trees” that continue to live for hundreds of years in harmony with changes in the environment, and connects tree resources to the future.
Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1987. The brand, which has created socially and environmentally friendly skin care, hair care, and body care products, now has an even richer lineup.
From the hair care brand born in Parma, Italy, which is loved by hair stylists in over 90 countries around the world, the standard series “Davines Essentials” is now available, which can be selected according to each person’s hair type. Items focused on simple hair care will bring out your individuality and make you feel like yourself. 〇 Makeup, skin care, and fragrance events are also held from time to time. ・”ART LAB.” POP UP November 29th (Wednesday) – December 26th (Tuesday) [Image 10d14431-1668-f21dd2118965c88ece4f-8.jpg&s3=14431-1668-47dd6851ad011eccae163228ece27444-982x721.jpg
The new series /ALCHEMIST LAB from Kyoto fragrance maker ART LAB. will be available.
・“KAKTAS” POP UP November 29th (Wednesday) – December 26th (Tuesday) [Image 11d14431-1668-8bad7231f9fef0532711-9.jpg&s3=14431-1668-eeb4db0814f92989eb0cd77bccdcf278-3504x1942.jpg
A cosmetics brand that can be used easily and stylishly anywhere. We have a lineup of makeup items such as popular BB sticks and loose powder.
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