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Deaiwo Co., Ltd. Deaiwo Gold Award Winner! “Hospitality Selection” chosen by foreigners living in Japan

Deaiwo Co., Ltd.
[Deaiwo] Gold award winner! “Hospitality Selection” chosen by foreigners living in Japan
Awarded for 2 years in a row! OMOTENASHI Selection 2023 2nd period gold award winner / 2022 2nd period award winner
“Deaiwo Special Cream” sold by Deaiwo Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Miho Deai) is a product sold by Deaiwo Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Miho Deai). We received the “OMOTENASHI SELECTION 2023 (Omotenashi Selection 2023) Gold Award”, which was selected through an in-kind examination by foreign experts. This is the second consecutive year that we have received the award, following the award in 2022.
■What is OMOTENASHI SELECTION? OMOTENASHI SELECTION is an award established in 2015 with the aim of discovering Japan’s excellent “hospitality” products and services and disseminating them to the world. It is operated by more than 20 private companies, and for certification, an in-kind examination is conducted by a foreign expert residing in Japan. Special techniques born out of concern for the people who use them, as well as ingenuity and ingenuity that continue to inherit tradition while continuing to improve for the modern era, are evaluated using the standards of “OMOTENASHI” and “GLOBAL.” We certify products and services that have received the Omotenashi Selection Award as being “overflowing with uniquely Japanese charm that we would like to share with the world.”
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Left: DeaiwoSerumCream
Right: DeaiwoSpecialCream (Deaiwo Special Cream)
■Concept ingredient for moisturizing purpose
Human adipocyte conditioned culture fluid extract, EGF = human oligopeptide-1, sodium hyaluronate, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, ceramide EOP, retinol palmitate (vitamin A derivative), tocopherol (vitamin E), ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate ( (vitamin C derivative), squalane, hydrolyzed salmon ovary membrane extract, bilberry leaf extract, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, coptischinensis rhizome extract
*Click here for all ingredients.
■ Evaluation from foreign selectors
OMOTENASHI: Does it make you feel the care and attention to detail that goes into the user?
GLOBAL: From a foreigner’s perspective, can this appeal be conveyed to people from your own country of origin and other countries?
Name of application: Deaiwo Biyouuki Cream/Deaiwo Special Cream OMOTENASHI/GLOBAL overall review (selection comment evaluation original) Italy: Female
Japanese skin care is very popular overseas, so I think this product will also attract a lot of interest. The packaging has a luxurious feel, and the product itself will help you achieve healthy,
moisturized skin. What I appreciate most about this product, which is different from similar products, is the message contained in this product. It’s really great that anyone can use it, regardless of gender, age, or nationality. I think this is a wonderful message that will resonate with many people in Italy and Europe as well.
Malaysia: Female
It absorbed quickly into my skin and I felt it was very effective. My skin feels super moisturized and instantly brighter and smoother. The packaging is also very nice, easy to open and store. I think it has excellent cost performance. Japanese skin care products are always popular in Malaysia, so I think we can expect high sales for this product.
Netherlands: Female
The cream has a soft texture that is non-greasy and is formulated to suit all skin types, regardless of gender, and gives you a sense of Japanese hospitality. Another notable feature is that it contains a newly developed moisturizing ingredient. In the Netherlands, there are many people who are willing to try new skin care products and who are willing to invest in high-quality products, so I think this product will be of interest. However, although I have a certain understanding of high-end skin care, I think the relatively high price of this product may be a factor in making me hesitate to sell it.
America: Male
When I applied the Beyouki Cream and Special Cream to my face, it felt good without feeling oily or tight. The American serum and cream market is healthy, but competitive. Although the price of this product is relatively high, I think it can develop niche demand.
Sweden: Female
The products are also impressive with their beautiful and
sophisticated designs. While there are many products and companies that claim the effectiveness of their products but cannot back it up, the fact that they contain scientifically verified ingredients is a major selling point. I think that many people in Sweden will be happy with the effectiveness of Deiwo, which has been scientifically proven and also simplifies skin care procedures.
Philippines: Male
I feel that Japan’s beauty and cosmetics industry leads the world in providing high-quality skin care products for all skin types. This product provides the nourishment you need to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Serum creams are popular in the Philippines as well, and I think products containing antioxidant properties and human stem cell culture fluid extracts will be appreciated and useful by consumers living in harsh environments.
Canada: Female
The packaging is simple and clean. The scent of the cream is very gentle and the texture is creamy and moisturizing, making it perfect for dry skin in dry environments. However, it may be a little too heavy for humid countries. It may also be a little too creamy for those with oily skin. The fact that it contains unique anti-aging ingredients is definitely a good selling point, and I think it will be a product that will attract interest in Canada as well.
Hong Kong: Female
Special skin care products show Japanese ingenuity. When I applied the cream, it felt very smooth and moisturized without feeling sticky. The packaging is also clean and elegant. I feel that many women in Hong Kong are also very careful about their skin. This price range is high-end, so I think it would be suitable for sale at high-end department stores like Lane Crawford. The monthly rent for opening a store in Hong Kong is very high, so I think it would be a good idea to switch to online sales once you have established your name
UK: Male
It was gentle on the skin and the texture was pleasant. Both containers are simple yet elegant in appearance. Creams may seem expensive at first glance, but they serve many purposes, so I think they can save you money in the end. I think it’s perfect as a gift. Skin care creams are highly competitive in the UK, so it may not be easy to differentiate our products, but I think female customers will like our products.
Belgium: Female
Both products had a delicate and nice scent. It also felt good on the skin. The price is high, but I think it’s worth it considering the ingredients it contains. I think this is an innovative product because it uses newly developed ingredients. There is a market for high-end creams priced over 100 euros worldwide, including in Belgium and Western Europe, so there are definitely customers who are interested in this product, but there are many competitors, so marketing is difficult. I think it will be important.
Argentina: Male
I asked my wife, who is also from Argentina, to use it and give her impressions. This product has very unique ingredients and the packaging is also nice. Although it’s not a problem for my wife, some people may find the cream a little heavy. Japanese skin care products have a good reputation in Argentina, and the high prices are accepted, but import taxes are high, the market is unstable, and there is no guarantee that products will continue to be available, making it difficult to purchase these types of products. Consumers are more likely to shop while traveling abroad rather than domestically. Therefore, when considering overseas expansion, we believe that if we can sell our products at duty-free stores in the United States and Europe, we will attract people in Latin America.
Italy: Male
This is an interesting cream containing human stem cell culture extract. Although the price is high-end, I think it will be successful if sold through appropriate channels. It is also very effective for the skin. In Italy, the beauty cream market is quite crowded, but I think that with such an excellent product, it can capture niche demand depending on marketing.
Vietnam: Female
It’s really wonderful that it can be used regardless of age, gender, or nationality. It is also commendable that it contains a luxurious combination of ingredients that are said to be good for
anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients that are specifically designed for human skin. Considering the quality, the price is also reasonable. I think this is a product that Vietnamese people would also like to try.
Taiwan: Male
This product focuses on moisturizing power, and you can feel the high level of technical ability. However, it felt a little oily, so it may not be suitable for people who want a clean feeling in humid Taiwan. The price is also a little high, so I feel that it is aimed at a certain core target audience.
■Impressions on the OMOTENASHISELECTION Award We would like Deaiwo brand to be used by everyone, regardless of nationality, so we would be very grateful for the comments from our foreign selection staff, and it would be very helpful. We would like to take advantage of the evaluation points, areas for improvement, and advice from everyone when considering overseas expansion. Regarding this award, in 2022, it was not a gold award, but a regular award.
I am very happy to receive the gold award in 2023.
With the goal of winning the highest gold award, we will continue to work hard to become a cosmetics brand that is even more loved by everyone.
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[Video 2:] ■Deaiwo Co., Ltd. Company name: Deaiwo Co., Ltd. Head office location: Chuo-ku, Osaka Representative director: Miho Deai Business details: Cosmetics planning and sales, various product planning, production, and consulting business Establishment: March 18, 2021 WEB: https:/ /
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