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Home » Yugo Aosaki is really coming to win. The brain-battling novel “Jinmine Glico” by the standard-bearer of the mystery world is now on sale and an autograph session will be held!

Yugo Aosaki is really coming to win. The brain-battling novel “Jinmine Glico” by the standard-bearer of the mystery world is now on sale and an autograph session will be held!

Yugo Aosaki is really coming to win. The brain-battling novel “Jinmine Glico” by the standard-bearer of the mystery world is now on sale and an autograph session will be held!
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) has released mystery author Yugo Aosaki’s latest novel “Jinmine Glico” on Monday, November 27, 2023. . In addition, to commemorate the release of this work, an autograph session will be held at Book First Shinjuku store from 7pm on Tuesday, December 5th.
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Yu Aosaki is a mystery writer who is attracting a lot of attention as his writings are mixed in media, with “Undead Girl Murderfallus” (Kodansha Taiga) being made into a TV anime and “Knockin’ On Locked Door” (Tokuma Shoten) being made into a TV drama in the summer of 2023. Mr. Go’s latest book “Jinmine Glico”
( is a brain battle novel filled with “deception and reasoning.”
This is a collection of short stories in which the main character, Mato Imoriya, a high school girl who is strong in each game, gets caught up in a slightly strange game and continues to defeat her enemies.
“The Ultimate Brain Battle”, which has finally been published as a book after six years, has been receiving rave reviews. Please check it.
Synopsis of the novel “Jinmine Glico”
Mato Imoriya. high school girl. Extremely strong in competition. A girl who desires peace gets caught up in a number of bizarre games in her daily life.
They climb the stairs while reading each other’s location of traps (“Jinmine Glico”), and they challenge themselves to a nervous breakdown using Hyakunin Isshu picture cards (“Bozu Tensei”). What awaits Shinto at the end of his battles as he defeats the strongest one after another?
A full-fledged brain battle novel set up by the standard-bearer of the mystery world, 5 stories in total.
Points of this work
・Base is a game that everyone played when they were children. The game that the main character challenges in the first episode, “Jinmine Glico,” is an evolved version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors Glico.” To the familiar rule that the winner of rock-paper-scissors climbs the stairs, an original element has been added: “There is a ‘landmine’ placed by the opponent somewhere on the stairs.” If you step on a ‘landmine’, you will be penalized to move down 10 steps. Under these circumstances, a sophisticated exchange of ideas takes place: what level of landmines are placed by the other party, and where should one place the mines?
In addition, the 2nd episode “Shaved Weakness” is “Shaved Hair Reversal x Nervous Weakness,” and the 3rd episode “Free Law Rock, Paper, Scissors” is “7 rounds of rock, paper, scissors with original moves.” They are all games that have been played with a little twist. Because you know the basic rules, it is easy to read and overturns the image that “brain games = complicated and difficult.”
・Attractive high school students
The main character, Shinto, may seem trivial at first glance, but he is extremely strong in every match. Shinto’s caring best friend, Koda-chan, is always annoyed by Shinto’s dangerous fighting style. The first opponent stands in the way of a straight-laced student council officer, Mizuki-senpai. All of the characters who appear are high school students with unique personalities. The individuality and relationships of each person, as well as the seriousness of play, is what youth is all about! I’m sure you’ll want to say that.
・Highly praised by mystery writers
Mystery lovers will be satisfied with the logical development unique to Yugo Aosaki, who is also known as the “Heisei Ellery Queen.” We have received rave reviews from mystery writers.
Just hearing the rules makes me excited. That’s probably proof that it’s a good game.
–Yusuke Miyauchi
Too funny and cunning. Keep writing until you die.
–Masahiro Imamura
Autograph session information
Autograph session by Yugo Aosaki to commemorate the publication of “Jinmine Glico”
[Date and time] December 5th (Tuesday) 19:00~
[Venue] Book First Shinjuku Store B2F F Zone Event Space
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Author profile
Yugo Aosaki
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1991. Graduated from Meiji University. He made his debut in 2012 when he was a student, winning the 22nd Ayukawa Tetsuya Award for “Murder in the Gym”. Other works include “Murder at the Aquarium”, “The Mystery of the Kazagaoka Fifty Yen Coin Festival”, “Murder in the Library” from the Urasome Tenma series, the Undead Girl Murder False series, and the Knockin’ On Locked Door series. , “Bleak Scenes of Early Morning Trains” and “Cage of 11 Characters: Collection of Short Stories by Yugo Aosaki.” In the summer of 2023, “Undead Girl Murderfalls” was made into a TV anime, and “Knockin’ On Locked Door” was made into a TV drama, which became a hot topic. He is also in charge of the original story of “Gaslight Stray Dog Detectives” (manga: Toshimitsu Matsubara), which is being serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” as of November 2013. Bibliographic information
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“Jinmine Glico” Yugo Aosaki
Release: November 27, 2023 (Monday) Same day e-book distribution Regular price: 1,925 yen (1,750 yen + tax)
Number of pages: 352 pages
Format: 46-size paperback
Binding: Jun Kawana
Publisher: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
First appearance:
Landmine Glico…”Novelist sari-sari” November 2017 issue
The debility of the shaved head… “Kadobun Novel” November 2020 issue Free Law Rock, Paper, Scissors…”Novel Wild Age” March 22 issue Daruma-san counted… “Novel Wild Age” February 2013 issue
Four Room Poker…Newly written
KADOKAWA official bibliographic details page:
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