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Home » Luna Toyota 2nd photo book “Good to see Moon” cover released!

Luna Toyota 2nd photo book “Good to see Moon” cover released!

One Publishing Co., Ltd.
Luna Toyota 2nd photo book “Good to see Moon” cover released! A release event will be held at two locations in Tokyo on Saturday, December 16th!
The title of Luna Toyota’s photo book to be released on December 7th (Thursday) has been decided as “Good to see Moon,” and the cover image has been released. The title of the photo book was decided by the artist himself. Reservations have already begun at all online bookstores. In addition, a photo book release commemorative event will be held at two bookstores in Tokyo on Saturday, December 16th, and registration is currently being accepted.

Luna Toyota, who has been active in various fields such as winning the Grand Prix of “Miss Magazine 2019” and appearing in “Ultraman Trigger,” has released her second photobook, her first in three years, and was shot in Vietnam, her first visit. A road movie-like book about Luna Toyoda, who is known for her love of bread, and her journey through Hoi An Da Nang in central Vietnam, looking for authentic banh mi. The costumes are full of highlights, including not only Vietnam’s traditional costume Ao Dai, but also lingerie, which is a first-time attempt.
■Comment from Luna Toyota herself
“Following my first photobook “Luna”, I’ve always wanted this photobook to have the element of “moon” in the name. While we were at a hot spring, the two of us were lying in the relaxing area and talking about what kind of title would be good, and the words that suddenly came to mind were “Good to see you.” I often watch “moon,” and it sticks in my head because it’s a phrase that often appears when greeting people.It means something like “I’m glad to see you again,” but if you change you to moon, it sounds better, and 2. Since it’s a photo book, I thought it would be nice if it meant something like “I’m happy to see Luna again.” My mother’s reaction was positive, so I suggested to the editor how about something like this, and luckily she did. I was also hired (lol).”
■Toyota Luna PROFILE
Toyota Runa
Born July 17, 2002. Born in Saitama Prefecture. Height: 161cm. Blood type O. Started his entertainment career as a child actor at the age of 5. Won the Grand Prix at the first “Miss Magazine 2019” of Reiwa. After graduating from the idol group “Shibu3 Project” in March 2021, which was active in parallel with her gravure activities, she has been an actress since July 2021, playing the role of Shizuma Yuna, the heroine who holds the key to the drama in “Ultraman Trigger”. He is also expanding his field of activity.
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■Product overview
Title: Luna Toyota photo book “Good to see Moon”
Release date: Released on Thursday, December 7, 2023
Publisher: One Publishing Co., Ltd.
Photography: Kazunori Fujimoto / Stylist: Shiho Mochizuki / Hair and makeup: Emiko Hana
List price: 3,500 yen (tax included) / Format: A4 / Number of pages: 128 pages ■Release commemorative event information
Saturday, December 16, 2023
11:00~ Shinjuku/Book First Shinjuku store
16:00~ Akihabara/Shosen Book Tower
*Currently accepting participation online at each bookstore
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