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QURUWA Creative Hour

Okazaki City Town Development Promotion Division
QURUWA Creative Hour
Izumoji Book Seisakusho Kiiko Nakai Lecture “Publisher as a Means” ……
The following lecture will be held with the aim of finding and strengthening members of the “information dissemination team” made up of citizen volunteers under the QURUWA strategy (reference: of Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. We welcome participation only for the lecture, and we also look forward to the participation of those who wish to be involved in QURUWA’s information dissemination efforts.
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In order to make QURUWA a more creative place, “QURUWA Creative Hour” is an opportunity to invite people in the know to talk to them and to try their hand at it. The person we are calling this time is a publisher who built up his career as an editor and worked as an editor for books such as “Interesting Regions Have Interesting Designers: Regional x Design Practice.” In 2022, he started working at Izumojihon Co., Ltd. in Kyoto. My name is Kiiko Nakai, the editor who founded the site.
Mr. Nakai, who is involved in not only “creating books,” but also the management of “LIVE DESIGN School,” a community and design school, spoke to us on the theme of “communicating something through books and taking action.” I would like to take a look.
◯Today’s schedule
13:00-13:10: First greetings and introduction of Mr. Nakai
13:10-14:30: Lecture by Mr. Nakai
14:30-14:50: Q&A
14:50-15:00: Closing greetings
◯Talk theme
・Why a publisher in this day and age?
・What is “LIVE DESIGN School”, a school of community and design? ・Aiming to be a publisher that connects with players all over Japan ・Satoyama issues and publication methods
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Kiiko Nakai/Izumojimoto Seisakusho
Born in Tokyo in 1993. During his student days, he devoted himself to researching architectural and urban history and fieldwork in Japan and Taiwan, and then joined Gakugei Publishing. Izumoji Hon Seisakusho Co., Ltd. will be launched in Kyoto at the end of 2022. She plans to publish her first book, “Food and Road” (tentative title), soon. Books he has planned in the past include “Circular Economy Practice” and “Interesting Regions Have Interesting Designers.” Management department of “LIVE DESIGN School”, a school of community and design. Currently, the three of us are working on the theme of “creating the tip of the book.”
Izumojimoto Seisakusho Kiiko Nakai Lecture “Publisher as a Means” Candidate date and time: December 24th (Sunday) 13:00-15:00
Venue: Saibankji, online
Capacity for venue: around 30 people
Participation fee: General 3,000 yen, student 1,000 yen
Sponsored by: Minami Kousei House
Co-host: Okazaki City
Cooperation: Urban Function Planning Office, Banktu LLC
[Reference] What is QURUWA?
The “Q” ring that surrounds Okazaki’s town is the starting point for creating changes in the town through various attempts.
Okazaki City is where the Oto River flows from east to west. We named the area located in the center, which connects the public spaces in the shape of a “Q”, “QURUWA.” Our goal is to create a space in QURUWA for everyone, where the city and its citizens can work together to make it possible for everyone to try out whatever they want. The ripple effects of these changes will create a virtuous cycle for the town.
[Contact information]
Okazaki City Urban Development Promotion Division QURUWA Strategy Section TEL: 0564-23-7421 MAIL: More details about this release: