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NPO AYA Medical care children to the Ogasawara Islands: Dolphins, sea turtles, and sea bathing! Children with disabilities and their families challenge for 5 nights and 6 days

NPO corporation AYA
Children under medical care go to the Ogasawara Islands: Dolphins, sea turtles, and sea bathing! Children with disabilities and their families challenge for 5 nights and 6 days
A trip enjoyed by the whole family: a child who shined with new experiences, a brother who smiled, and a parent who felt healed. ……
NPO AYA (NPO AYA) (6-5 Nihonbashi Kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yuki Nakagawa) is a corporate activity that provides a place for children to expand their worldview through sports, art, and culture. As part of this, the “Ogasawara Program” was held from October 25th (Wednesday) to October 30th (Monday), 2023.
AYA is a non-profit organization that supports children with disabilities and medical care, and their parents. We are engaged in a variety of initiatives, such as fulfilling the wishes of parents who want to expand their children’s potential, and realizing challenges that they had given up on because they were unable to overcome medical issues.
This time, two families, a total of six people, participated in a travel program set in the Ogasawara Islands, a World Heritage Site, that not only the participants themselves, but also their siblings and parents could enjoy.
Implementation content
Background of the program 1. Why we, AYA, are hosting the program Program background 2. Why the Ogasawara Islands?
For the future
Implementation content
[Image 1

“Dolphin watching”
A tour to see dolphins up close on a boat
“Cabbage Beach”
Wearing a wetsuit, we enjoyed swimming in the clear sea surrounded by lots of fish.
“Ogasawara Marine Center”
Leisurely admire the protected sea turtles
“Local food while traveling”
A dinner party where we enjoyed Ogasawara fish cooked in a stylish way that was compatible with mixer meals.
[Image 2

The program was implemented after making preparations through preliminary inspections and direct meetings with the site.
We have received a lot of cooperation from local governments, welfare centers, clinics, ferry officials, and restaurants.
In addition to sightseeing, we also walked around the town and got to experience local life, which also gave us the opportunity to interact with local parents and children.
Program background 1.
● Why “we” AYA are hosting this event
・Achieve the “I want to travel” that is often answered in surveys ・Utilize the feature of our organization that medical professionals can accompany you
[Image 3

AYA has been conducting questionnaires from participants during its activities. Many of them say, “I want to go on a trip.”
Other organizations are also active in providing travel support for eligible children and their families. This time, our organization considered a program because of the medical reassurance of being accompanied by a doctor.
There are great benefits in terms of peace of mind and practical benefit of having a medical attendant accompany you. In the event of a seizure, you may be more or less anxious about what to do in a travel destination rather than in your normal living area.
Additionally, there are limitations to the medical environment depending on the destination, so it is important to check and make adjustments in advance and provide the necessary knowledge.
Above all, this kind of response will lead to peace of mind for the recipient. It is important for the host country to ensure that the traveler is able to take appropriate action in the event of a problem, including seeking treatment at an appropriate medical institution. Program background 2.
●Why the Ogasawara Islands?
・I want to provide “I had an experience like this!”
・I want to create a physically and psychologically barrier-free environment together with the person, his or her family, and the host organization.
[Image 4:”>

AYA chose the Ogasawara Islands as the destination for the program, wanting to enjoy the extraordinary experience of traveling with children with disabilities and their families.
One of the thoughts that emerged from the questionnaire was “Extraordinary It was an experience. For some families, going out in the neighborhood requires more preparation than usual, and some people feel like giving up on traveling.
There was hope for beaches and waterfronts, but these are the places where risks and countermeasures are needed. AYA has planned a program that will give you both surprise and joy, saying, “What? In a place like that!?”
[Image 5

I decided to make a trip to the waterfront, which has both physical and psychological hurdles, a reality together with myself, my family, and my host host.
Physical hurdles cannot be reduced to zero. However, I felt that if the two parties and AYA could work together to overcome the
psychological hurdles, there would be no challenge.
The specific reasons for selecting the program location include accessibility, the rich natural environment of the Ogasawara Islands, and the strong and warm support of the local people.
[Image 6

Accessibility is especially important when traveling. We searched for locations taking into consideration the various needs of physical, intellectual, and mental disabilities, such as the diversity of transportation methods and the use of wheelchairs.
The preliminary inspection revealed that the accessibility to the Ogasawara Islands is very good.
First of all, there is the “ferry”, which has a well-equipped barrier-free environment. I learned that it is fully equipped with a first-aid room, a large toilet with a shower, a multipurpose room, and an elevator.
It turned out that transportation after arriving at the ferry was smooth, mainly on flat roads, and the problem of transportation, which is one of the hurdles for traveling for people with disabilities, was cleared.
Regarding meals and lodging, local restaurants and accommodations were very proactive in their efforts to please everyone. We were grateful for the cooperation of everyone on the Ogasawara Islands: restaurants that happily prepared mixer meals, cafes with slopes, and
accommodations that did their best to accommodate our small requests. The Ogasawara Islands has systems in place to ensure a safe and secure time during travel and travel after arrival, and the program was made possible because of the physically and psychologically barrier-free environment and the cooperation of the local community.
[Image 7

Participants’ comments
〇〇 feels like he has been lucky to meet a wonderful person since he was born. Thanks to 〇〇, I was able to have a wonderful encounter this time as well. Thank you to 〇〇.
I’m really, really glad to have participated. The sea was calm, there were many dolphins, and best of all, we saw children swimming happily in the sea.
[Image 8

The quality of the paste food at dinner is high! It was highly praised. I hope that the heartwarming service provided by everyone at Ogasawara Restaurant will spread throughout the country and around the world.
Thank you for staying with us at our child’s pace. I ended up enjoying snorkeling with my mother alone.
It’s been a long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
△△ (brother of a disabled child) had a lot of fun making friends there. It’s a relief to see △△, who has a lot of patience, playing with his friends to the fullest.
[Image 9

For the future
This Ogasawara program was a wonderful program thanks to the wonderful encounters that AYA’s target children had with us.
We always work with the belief that all children have equal
possibilities and opportunities. We have delivered the message to both children and their parents that they do not have to give up on taking on challenges, regardless of their disabilities or limitations. In our efforts, we value the “encounters” that occur because of the circumstances in which children find themselves. In this program as well, all of the encounters and interactions between participants and local people were made possible by the children.
A great benefit was that it helped not only the children themselves, but also their parents, who often feel isolated and exhausted, relax. We hope that the program will be an opportunity for participants and their families to make new contacts and develop new relationships with the outside world, such as by visiting the Ogasawara Islands again. AYA will continue to work with children with disabilities and their families. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us regarding any content.
About AYA, a specified non-profit organization
Representative Director: Yuki Nakagawa
Address: 6-5 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
X (Twitter):
“We provide opportunities for children to expand their worldview through sports, art, and culture.”
Children take the first step into a new world that they thought was difficult until now.
AYA’s mission is to support them. AYA’s VALUE
“Keep your children positive and the people around them happy too” By taking the first step toward an adventure, children feel positive and realize that anything is possible if they try.
Children’s positive feelings make those around them happy.
AYA envisions a world where the “circle of happiness” spreads throughout society.
Four thoughts behind “AYA”
Ayako: The name of the girl who inspired the establishment of AYA Action to Your Adventure: Take the first step to your adventure! Love (Ai) x Courage (Yuki) = Challenge for tomorrow (Asu):
Let’s take on the challenge of “tomorrow” with the “love” of our families and supporters and our own “courage”!
Aya: Let’s live a rich and colorful life!
[Corporate overview]
We support children who are battling illnesses in the community through three categories: sports, arts, and culture.
[Example of applicable situation]
Hospitalized for long-term treatment
I was temporarily sent home during the chemotherapy break period. Those with a stable medical condition who are receiving treatment at home, etc. [Main cooperating facilities]
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