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Home » Cross Cat Co., Ltd. Cross Cat supports the “Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Conference (Dekkaigi) ” to discuss administrative digital reform between local governments and the country.

Cross Cat Co., Ltd. Cross Cat supports the “Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Conference (Dekkaigi) ” to discuss administrative digital reform between local governments and the country.

Cross Cat Co., Ltd.
Crosscat sponsors the “Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Conference (Dekkaigi)” to discuss administrative digital reform between local governments and the national government
~ Local governments, government ministries and agencies, government digital promotion companies, etc. gather to promote administrative DX ~
Cross Cat Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Mitsunori Yamane, hereinafter Cross Cat will open on January 5th (Friday) and January 6th (Saturday) next year. We would like to inform you that we will be co-sponsoring the “Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Conference (Dekkaigi)” to be held on the following dates.
■ About “Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Council (Dekkaigi)” Currently, initiatives for administrative digital reform are progressing by the national government and local governments across the country, and this requires information sharing, collaboration, alignment of awareness, and cooperation between the national government, local governments, and businesses. In addition, the “Digital Reform Co-Creation Platform”, an online platform for the national government and local governments to share information and discuss, is operated on Slack. cannot proceed without information exchange based on mutual trust. Therefore, in order to foster mutual trust among stakeholders, we have invited participants in the “Digital Reform Co-Creation Platform” to bring together all stakeholders, including the national and local governments, as well as academia and businesses, to share information and have discussions. We will hold an event as a venue.
□Name: “Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Council in Haneda (abbreviation: Haneda Dekaigi)” (
□Organizer: Administrative Digital Reform Co-Creation Conference Executive Committee (abbreviation: Dekkaigi Executive Committee, Executive Committee Chairman: Masahiko Shoji, Professor at Musashi University)
□Date and time: Friday, January 5, 2024, Saturday, January 6, 2024 10:00-17:00 (scheduled)
□Venue: Congrex Air Haneda in Haneda Innovation City
■Cross Cat’s track record in building systems for public institutions Cross Cat supports the foundation of social life by working on many systems that are directly connected to daily life, from government systems that promote digital government to publicly managed
competition systems.
We provide high-quality system services that utilize cutting-edge technology and wide-ranging business knowledge, such as cloud shift and lift, which are important in promoting DX. We have worked on many systems that support the foundations of social life, such as the National Tax Agency’s “Tax Return Preparation Corner”, the Ministry of Justice’s “Registration Information”, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Health Insurance Qualification Information”, as well as publicly managed competitions and sports lottery. We are contributing to the realization of a safe and comfortable society. □Development results (example)
Various government systems
●National Tax Agency Final Tax Return Preparation Corner ●Ministry of Justice Registration Information ●Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau OA Center ●Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Employment Information ●Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Health Insurance Qualification Information ●Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Employee List ●Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Statistical Survey ●Supreme Court Administrative Management
● Public Prosecutors Office Administrative Management ● Kanagawa Prefectural Police Traffic Ticket Management ● Ministry of Defense Defense Information and Communication Infrastructure ● Forestry Agency ■About the DX promotion support framework “CC-Dash”
“CC-Dash” ( is our unique framework that supports customers’ DX promotion by utilizing data. We provide template creation and various consulting services to customers for various issues in each phase of promoting DX (1. Know, 2. Create, 3. Gather, 4. Organize, 5. Analyze, 6. Utilize). In addition, by adding and expanding our lineup of solution services from time to time through alliances, etc., we will provide one-stop support measures tailored to our customers’ DX promotion status.
■ Initiatives for SDGs ( ) SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals that aim to create a sustainable and better world by 2030. At Cross Cat, we contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through various business activities aimed at promoting sustainability management based on our corporate philosophy of “Harmony of Mind and Skills.”
This project aims to contribute to the SDGs “9. Create a foundation for industry and technological innovation” and “17. Achieve goals through partnerships.”
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