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Home » Okinawa Prefecture Promotion A joint exhibition “Okinawa High Craft” bringing together the next generation of craft artists aiming to reach the heights of Okinawan crafts will start on December 6th (Wednesday) at the Umeda Souk “Suk Kurashi no Atelie

Okinawa Prefecture Promotion A joint exhibition “Okinawa High Craft” bringing together the next generation of craft artists aiming to reach the heights of Okinawan crafts will start on December 6th (Wednesday) at the Umeda Souk “Suk Kurashi no Atelie

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The joint exhibition “Okinawa High Craft”, which brings together the next generation of craft artists aiming to reach the heights of Okinawan crafts, will start on December 6th (Wednesday) at the Umeda Souk “Suk Kurashi no Atelier” on the 10th floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store.
[Image 1d6969-11-a4fc4a6778ce1d28725d-0.jpg&s3=6969-11-2805120a240f90d36c6eba872e52e7b1-2000x2501.jpg
Okinawan techniques, Okinawan materials.
The next generation of artists will gather to open up a new world while valuing these.
The sophistication and delicacy is the complete opposite of the laid-back tropical image.
Traces of the soul born from thorough dialogue with the material. The colors and shapes are full of the artist’s unique and witty personality. These may be contrary to the image that many people have of
traditional Okinawan crafts.
“Okinawa High Craft” aims to reach the heights of Okinawan crafts, breaking through the boundaries of Okinawan crafts.
It was held for the second time at Hankyu Umeda Main Store Umeda Souk “Kurashi no Atelier”.
I hope you can pick up and feel a part of that trajectory.
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Title: “Okinawa High Craft”
Period: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 to Tuesday, December 12, 2023 *Until 4:00 pm on the last day
Location: Hankyu Umeda Main Store 10th floor, Umeda Souk “Souq Living Atelier” Sponsor: Okinawa Prefecture
Produced by: Keisuke Kato (bluespot Inc.)
Secretariat: Ryubo Shoji Co., Ltd./Bluespot Co., Ltd. *This fair will be held as part of Okinawa Prefecture’s “Reiwa 5 Earnings Produced Products Support Project Promotion Project.”
Participating artist introduction
“ENTRO glass studio”
Natsuko Higa
After studying glass outside the prefecture, he returned to Okinawa, where he was born and raised, and established a glass workshop in Nago City in the northern part of the main island.
I love Okinawa, but what I want to convey through my work is not just Okinawa, but the fun of glass as a material.
He values ​​the attitude of making what is needed, in the amount needed, and works with glass every day to bring out the charm of the material.
[Image 2d6969-11-6f80e10daafdb2ba9a83-1.jpg&s3=6969-11-6b8bf3714dfafad3d72db9cab45622c8-3000x2000.jpg
Natsuko Higa
[Image 3d6969-11-7859f10995dcc72432e6-3.jpg&s3=6969-11-e1bb6c3f18e57516a1fb836b334607d0-3000x2000.jpg
Natsuko Higa
“Yuriko Nishiishigaki”
Born in 1978 in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
2008 Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Crafts Guidance Center. While being particular about the trees of Okinawa, where he was born and raised, he gratefully “receives” valuable “island wood” that fell down in typhoons and felled for public works projects, and reborn it.
The shapes and textures that leave traces of each sword strike are also the shapes guided by the wood itself, and are also traces of the artist’s struggle with the material.
[Image 4d6969-11-4d9ded39377d52d7f8ee-2.jpg&s3=6969-11-48e35a93f7fb4aff9872454b6d9e88f5-3000x2000.jpg
Yuriko Nishishigaki
[Image 5d6969-11-699a562dbc80ca6c0b89-4.jpg&s3=6969-11-2cf909c1dd18c2cb6eddb626548f748d-3000x2000.jpg
Yuriko Nishishigaki

“Kazuki Kinjo”
Born in Ie Island, Okinawa Prefecture.
After graduating from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Department of Design, worked as a designer in Kyoto.
Since 2009, he has continued to create pottery while running the inn “Casa Viento” on Ie Island.
The pieces are inspired by the island where I was born and raised, my travels, and the people I meet, and each item is unique in its expression and color combination, making it an artistic work. [Image 6d6969-11-68d285a441e80247ef3e-5.jpg&s3=6969-11-fb235d69cd7b0ef336c9c7e11cd3a50e-3000x2000.jpg
Kazuki Kinjo
[Image 7d6969-11-d8d45ba966fb25c1f262-6.jpg&s3=6969-11-1e80a6450286bf8d2e49a93dc1b475b5-1800x2700.jpg
Kazuki Kinjo
“Anpal Tobo”
Yuuna Miyara (Yuna Miyara) / Dan Miyara (Dan Miyara)
A workshop run by the Miyara siblings in a section of the Amparu Wildlife Sanctuary facing the beautiful sea of ​​Ishigaki Island. He creates works from his life of “half-farming, half-ceramics”, which allows him to balance farming and making pottery.
Without being bound by traditional forms, he uses unique ideas inspired by the island’s environment and expressive techniques that bring out the characteristics of materials to create works that suit modern life.
Her older sister, Yuuna, focuses on animal objects such as goats and birds that can be seen around her workshop on Ishigaki Island. Through his works, he conveys the light, wind, and lively animals of Ishigaki Island.

[Image 8d6969-11-7d03dfce8d9ce4aa93cb-7.jpg&s3=6969-11-c16c906ecccb086ad0e0fd4a1521c2ffe-3000x2000.jpg
Anpal Pottery Yuuna Miyara
[Image 9d6969-11-28dd860bd06378a30e26-8.jpg&s3=6969-11-df2d24de751e63868ad7f867b6a43594-1800x2700.jpg
Anpal Pottery Yuuna Miyara
His younger brother, Dan, produces the Touji series, which is characterized by its light blue color that transmits light.
This is an impressive piece of work that is reminiscent of the nature of Ishigaki Island, but that will greatly change the image of Yachimun.

[Image 10d6969-11-3a0c1c6ea9cb6e7da89f-9.jpg&s3=6969-11-9c8cba3855d0fedcb9266b53ec9fa4ae-3000x2000.jpg
Anpal Ceramic Studio Miyara Dan
[Image 11d6969-11-b3dbec8b625e00e28db2-10.jpg&s3=6969-11-7b2dffb74e14448dd9decb9765bcb7c2-3000x2000.jpg
Anpal Ceramic Studio Miyara Dan
“Iriomotejima Iyashirochi”
Established in 2013 on Iriomote Island. Currently active in Ishigaki Island. Based on the theme of “Accessories worn with nature,” we create natural stone accessories that add color to your life and become companions as you walk together. Enjoy the breath of nature as you live on the island, and the stories and worldviews that each stone has, grown over many years. I put together the feelings I feel one by one and express them as accessories.
*The artist will be in the store from December 6th (Wednesday) to December 9th (Saturday)
[Image 12d6969-11-d44aa7c3ddef6c11902e-11.jpg&s3=6969-11-b7a716a4eabd6fd2c96706dfae4f6637-1800x2700.jpg
Iriomote Island Iyashirochi
[Image 13d6969-11-25ee33353b20ad003419-12.jpg&s3=6969-11-4e5d1bade79f2b9e15e2e6ab1f04779d-3000x2000.jpg
Iriomote Island Iyashirochi
*Photos are images of each artist’s work. It may differ from the product sold. *As this is a handmade product, please forgive us if it is sold out. In addition, we cannot accept reservations, reservations, or orders.
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