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“Process Management Award 2023” breaking news!

Softbrain Service Co., Ltd.
“Process Management Award 2023” breaking news!
Nikon Solutions Co., Ltd. won the prestigious Grand Prix!
The “Process Management Award” is a national competition in which companies that have introduced process management into sales through Process Management University and have achieved results present their success stories and praise them. The Process Management Foundation (Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Nobe, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) started in 2012, and this year marks its 12th year. At the Process Management Awards 2023 held online on Friday, December 8, 2023, the grand prize and award-winning companies have been decided! [Image 1

Grand Prix: Nikon Solutions Co., Ltd.
Presentation title: “Breaking away from the traditional sales flow! Launching an inside sales organization from scratch”
[Image 3

■WBS Award: National Dairy Farmers Cooperative Federation “Efforts to achieve 109% year-on-year target in a market in the greatest crisis in history”
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■Steel Array Model Award: OSG Corporation “Achieved 143.2% increase in new acquisitions and 102.7% increase in existing sales at once What was the initiative that led to the breakthrough in the dealer business model?
[Image 6d90096-19-eeb0defdab7af8464873-2.jpg&s3=90096-19-58dbe0a1624881f695e48f8e6d930321-3900x2925.jpg
■4-Step Award: Taiyo Nippon Sanso Co., Ltd. “Toward organizing content marketing and inside sales”
[Image 7d90096-19-f3678a93ef2884fd64fb-3.jpg&s3=90096-19-6e3786664bb331023bc3ce5b1aaa740d-3900x2925.jpg
■Training Award: Sugiyo Co., Ltd. “Achieved 119.7% sales compared to pre-coronavirus despite difficult market conditions due to soaring raw material prices”
[Image 8d90096-19-de54d07adac08f29e41a-4.jpg&s3=90096-19-6232e7db97b54ec126425f60cd43ef14-3900x2925.jpg
This year again, each company announced wonderful initiatives. ▼For details, please refer to the URL below.
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