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Home » A new kind of music bar, “a hideout that makes you want to teach,” is born in Minami Aoyama

A new kind of music bar, “a hideout that makes you want to teach,” is born in Minami Aoyama

A new kind of music bar, “a hideout that makes you want to teach,” is born in Minami Aoyama
Until the end of March 2024 – Opening commemoration – 20% off shooting rental campaign implemented
SoZ LLC (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Keihiro Hirahara) has opened its first artist-supported music bar “Electric Cafe” in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. Although it is an authentic bar, the menu also takes into account health-conscious people. The modern space is attractive and can be used for a variety of purposes, including live parties and a photo studio.
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◆Interior decorated with fantastic light
What led to the opening of “Electric Cafe” Gendai Hyo, who was involved in video media production, and a music producer (the current store manager) hit it off, working toward the realization of a “secret base where artists and fans who transcend the boundaries of genre can easily interact” The plan started in 2020. However, many artists were faced with the current situation where they were deprived of their opportunities for activities due to the corona vortex that occurred immediately after. We have been making preparations to provide a space for artists to express themselves freely, and to provide services that better match individual tastes and rarities. In order to demonstrate the potential of the completed Electric Cafe, a live reception was held from the end of October to November prior to the opening, inviting industry figures and artists. We received high praise from the major artists who participated, and were able to highlight their high potential. In addition to pursuing the appeal of a high-quality bar, we will also create a space that can accommodate a variety of creative uses.
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[Electric Cafe store overview] Store name: Electric Cafe Phone: 03-6804-5533 Address: BASE Minami-Aoyama 3F, 3-4-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Access: 5 minutes walk from Gaienmae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line From Omotesando Station 8 minutes walk Business hours: 17:00-24:00 (bar business hours) *Business hours may change due to events, etc. Closed: Open all year round Seating capacity: 25 seats (maximum 40 people at parties) URL: “A hideaway that makes you want to teach” Electric Cafe’s atmosphere Electric Cafe is located in a quiet corner surrounded by high-end apparel brands, art galleries, and wedding spaces.
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◆Promenade leading to store entrance
[An extraordinary space that has appeared in Oku-Aoyama] From the moment you enter the floor, you will be enveloped in a futuristic atmosphere that will remind you of a scene from a movie. There is a stage next to the bar counter with vintage musical instruments, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in an extraordinary space where the future and nostalgia coexist. Seating can be changed depending on the purpose, such as live performances, after-parties, private parties, etc. (Party capacity: 25-30 people)
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[Pursuing uncompromising stage sound even if it is small, approved by major artists]
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Although the stage is small, it has a full-fledged sound system. In addition to being able to individually memorize detailed settings for each band performing, it also makes adjustments to best suit the way the sound is heard in each location, be it on the floor or the counter. The sound is so pleasant that even the visiting professional musicians were impressed. A live performance by a famous rock artist held immediately after opening was a huge success, proving its potential.
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◆Equipped with a sound system made in Germany by CODA, which is used by professionals in the field.
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◆Opening performance by famous artists
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◆Supports music and expression styles that transcend genre boundaries [Equipped with a sophisticated terrace garden, creating a small oasis in the big city]
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When you step out of the floor, you will find a terrace seat surrounded by lush plants. It’s also a perfect space when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a live concert and have a conversation. One customer who actually used the terrace said, “I end up forgetting the time and staying too long.” Furthermore, if you go up the stairs leading from the terrace, a rooftop garden with a sense of freedom will appear. The small garden, supervised and carefully completed by Shigeo Aishima from Chiba Prefecture, looks so cute that it becomes a short “tour course” for visitors. You can also pick herbs and fruits depending on the season in the petit garden. We also offer drinks and food made with home-grown Aoyama limes, lemons, herbs, and Italian parsley. Having a conversation under a starry sky with a glass in hand in the middle of a big city may be a luxurious way to spend your time.
*There is a smoking space on the rooftop.

Our commitment to food that you’ll want to share with others Our food, which goes beyond just being an accompaniment to alcohol, is also appealing because we pursue simple and timeless flavors.
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“Electric Parfait” Our most popular item. This is a dessert that we put all our effort into in pursuit of a sweet that can be eaten without feeling guilty because it is served at night. The recipe uses additive-free gelato that does not use sugar or milk, as well as cereals and whipped cream made from organic ingredients. Contrary to the impact of the name, it has a deep, gentle flavor that is achieved only by the sweetness of the ingredients. Enjoy the ultimate healthy dessert that can only be found at Electric Cafe.
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“Domestic Beef Guinness Stew” Steamy potatoes are generously topped with melt-in-your-mouth, flavorful stewed beef tendon. Enjoy on rye bread. Stewed beef contains plenty of collagen. It’s also more filling than it looks, so it’s recommended as a meal or to be shared with a couple.

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“Assortment of three kinds of happy sausages” Supervised by Hokkaido producer Noriko Hirokawa. We use sausages that are processed without using any chemical seasonings. Plain with a slightly gentle taste, the mild pepper flavor and spicy chorizo ​​create an exquisite balance that is sure to be a great accelerator for alcohol. Recommended for those who don’t like greasy sausages.
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We look forward to your visit.
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About SoZ LLC We produce various video and music contents, conduct events, and develop store businesses with the aim of “creating new creative experiences and bridges of communication through visuals, music, and art.”
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[Company profile] Company name: SoZ LLC Head office location: 5-6-16 Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Representative employee: Keio Hirahara Business details: – Management of live houses and music studios – Planning, production and video of live performances and various events Planning and production of various contents such as music, internet distribution, etc. Established: May 10, 2020 HP:
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