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Home » Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. “Hello Femtech Award 2023” announced! In the celebrity category, Ms. MEGUMI and Dr . Miho Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, won the award.

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. “Hello Femtech Award 2023” announced! In the celebrity category, Ms. MEGUMI and Dr . Miho Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, won the award.

Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.
“Hello Femtech Award 2023” announced! In the celebrity category, Ms. MEGUMI and Dr. Miho Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, won the award.
In the service/product category, “Watafaku” and “Sofy Synchro Fit” received the special award, and “Ikeoji Pants” from the Omtech field received the special award.
“Let’s talk more! Hello Femtech” is a femtech/femcare awareness project by Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiichi Hasumi), which has the top share of fashion magazine sales (*). The “Hello Femtech Award 2023” co-sponsored by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun Event and Planning Unit was announced at the award ceremony on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.
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The “Hello Femtech Award” has been held since 2022 with the purpose of recognizing people, services, and products that are contributing to enlightenment in the field of femtech. This year, in the service category, “Watafaku” by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Laundry Box Co., Ltd., in the product category, “Sofy Synchrofit” by Unicharm Co., Ltd., in the special award, “Ikeoji Pants” by Gunze Co., Ltd., and in the celebrity category. Ms. MEGUMI and Dr. Miho Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, received the award. At the award ceremony, 100 readers of Takarajimasha’s magazine were invited to a “Hogupira” lesson by personal trainer Yuka Hoshino, and a talk by Ikuko Fuchiko, representative director of the Japan Femtech Meister Association, and Chisako Minoura, our magazine director. We held a Q&A session with Professor Takao.
Award-winning services, products, and people
-Service Department-
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./Laundry Box Co., Ltd. “Watafaku” [Image 2

A community where we discuss concerns about sensitive zones and work together to create products that provide new options.
In addition to delivering TIPS content about your concerns, we also regularly hold product development meetings to create products. [Reason for selection]
The idea of ​​going one step further than sharing concerns and developing products together is wonderful.
-Product Department-
Unicharm Co., Ltd. “Sofy Synchrofit”
[Image 3

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A sanitary product that adds two hours worth of absorbency just by adding it to your regular napkin.
Since it is absorbed directly between the body, even if it spills out, it will not spread to the napkin, reducing concerns about leakage. What’s more, you can conveniently flush it down the toilet after use. [Reason for selection]
An unlikely product that alleviates the anxiety that is unique to menstruation. It is also highly praised for its ease of use as it can be flushed down the toilet.
-Special Award-
Gunze Co., Ltd. “Ikeoji Pants”
[Image 5

Cool pants that will improve your cool look. A smart solution to worries about leakage! Although it has a stylish design, the stain-resistant fabric thoroughly blocks stains on your pants. Made in Japan for peace of mind, and of course completely odor-resistant. [Reason for selection]
Not only is the product appealing, but the positive name “Ikeoji,” which takes advantage of the men’s urine leakage problem, is impressive.
-Celebrity Category-
[Image 6

[Reason for selection]
She was one of the first to spread the word about femtech and femcare, and her positive way of life has resonated with women of all generations, and she embodies the idea of ​​this project: “Let’s create a world where women can live freely.”
-Celebrity Category-
Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Miho Takao
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[Reason for selection]
From an expert’s perspective, she provides correct knowledge about women’s health issues, which are considered taboo, in an
easy-to-understand manner through various media outlets and lectures, and leads the way in creating an atmosphere of “Let’s talk more!” “Let’s talk more! Hello Femtech” project activity results
“Let’s talk more! Hello Femtech” is a femtech/femcare awareness project jointly organized by 13 magazines, 11 women’s magazines and 2 men’s magazines, aimed at each generation from teens to 60s. By raising awareness of femtech and increasing opportunities to specifically talk about women’s health issues, which have long been considered taboo, this project will lead to a society in which women can play an active role, and ultimately create a society in which both men and women can live comfortably. This is an activity aimed at. 1. Market research/awareness quantitative survey conducted
Conducted market research and awareness surveys among registered members of Takarajima Channel. We are distributing it not only to women but also to men, exploring awareness of femtech and needs by genre, and using it as a resource for disseminating information for the project.
After the project started at the end of 2021, the awareness of “Femtech” among Takarajima Channel registered members increased by 33.5% by March 2023.
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[Image 13

In the second part of the award ceremony, “Watafaku” (Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./Laundry Box Co., Ltd.) won the service category, “Sofy Synchrofit” (Unicharm Co., Ltd.) won the product category, and “Ikeoji Pants” (Gunze) won the special award. Co., Ltd.). Representatives from each company were on stage and trophies were presented.
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Unfortunately, MEGUMI, the first winner of the celebrity category, was unable to come to the venue on the day of the event, so she said, “In 2023, I will be planning and producing a “women’s support drama” called “Kusburi Onna and Sundome Onna.” , I was able to communicate with everyone in various ways, such as publishing a beauty book. Also, on YouTube, I shared various experiences related to femtech. We would like to continue communicating in 2024 so that we can be a presence that empowers women. ”, the MC read the award message on his behalf. The second recipient of the award, Dr. Miho Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, said, “Femtech doesn’t belong to anyone. I hope people will think of it as their own choice to live a good life.” I personally believe that through women’s health, women become happy first, and through women becoming happy, everyone around them becomes happy, and this society will improve. “I think it’s a great honor,” he said, expressing his joy at receiving the award. After receiving the award, she had a conversation with Chikako Nishiyama, the
editor-in-chief of Linnelle, in which she answered questions about physical concerns, and the readers who participated listened intently. [Image 17

[Image 18

[Image 19

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