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Comprehensive Selection Entrance Examination Preparation School EQAO Industry’s Top Class Pass Rate and Success Track Record If you want to pass the comprehensive selection entrance examination to Kokugakuin Universi

– Kokugakuin Specialized Course – Comprehensive Selection Entrance Examination Preparation School EQAO [Industry’s Top Class Pass Rate and Success Track Record] If you want to pass the comprehensive selection entrance examination to Kokugakuin University, visit Kokugakuin University Specialized School EQAO. We will set up a consultation desk to help you get accepted into Kokugakuin University. The Kokugakuin University acceptance rate for EQAO, a comprehensive selective entrance examination school, is 100% in the first screening and 90% in the second screening. This is one of the highest pass rates in the industry. You can talk for free with a professional instructor who is familiar with Kokugakuin University’s recommendation entrance exam preparation.
Kokugakuin University is a popular and historic university in Japan. EQAO is a cram school that specializes in comprehensive selection entrance exam preparation for Kokugakuin University. EQAO, a specialized entrance exam preparation school that boasts a high pass rate and extensive track record, is targeting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year high school students who are aiming to pass Kokugakuin University through the comprehensive selection entrance exam.Limited to the first 20 people, approx. We will provide you with an opportunity to consult with a professional instructor for one hour. The start date for accepting applications is December 13, 2023. We will stop accepting applications once we reach capacity. EQAO’s Kokugakuin specialized courses and specialized preparation plans can provide thorough support with statements of purpose, activity reports, assigned readings, essays, interview preparation, presentation preparation, etc. Please apply if you are aiming to get into Kokugakuin University through comprehensive selection entrance examination, school recommendation selection entrance examination, designated school recommendation, etc. *Parents only can participate. You can apply for the free trial class using the link below.
[Image 1 If you want to pass the exam or pass the exam at Kokugakuin
University, please visit EQAO!
Kokugakuin University
Faculty of Tourism and Urban Development: 4 people, Faculty of Economics: 1 person, Faculty of Letters: 3 people
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[Establishment background]
We are reconsidering Japanese society from a global perspective, working to develop the non-cognitive skills necessary for the generation that will lead the future from “education”, and increasing the original value of “humans” that is not found in AI and robots. He founded EQAO out of a desire to contribute.
【Corporate philosophy】
Contributes to any kind of human development. From education. Contribute for human development and prosper the society. From Education. AI < HUMAN We want it to be that way, and we believe that it should be that way. This is not to deny AI, but rather to say that if AI progresses, we humans must grow accordingly. That’s why we focus on education.
[Official message]
Vice Principal/EQAO Hamamatsucho School Director
Ririka Horiuchi
Enrolled in Sophia University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Journalism, in 2021. During his high school years, he took advantage of his “otaku nature” and devoted himself to hobbies such as music, idols, and comedy, and began researching the media history of manzai on his own. When it came to university entrance exams, he realized that “love” leads to “learning,” so he took the comprehensive entrance exam and got into three difficult private universities. “Find your passion and develop your passion. ”
Convinced that the root of learning lies in the feelings of love hidden in one’s heart, after entering university, he began running a comprehensive entrance exam preparation school. In his third year of university, he served as the principal of EQAO Hamamatsucho School. We provide guidance that emphasizes listening to the true feelings of students and always empathizing with their perspectives. We will continue to work hard to provide an educational environment where Japanese children can seriously face their “likes.”
EQAO Founder/Principal
Nao Tamamura
Belonged to the basketball club during junior high and high school. During his first year of high school, he studied abroad in Canada for a year, and after returning to Japan, he conducted numerous field studies and wrote a paper in English on the immigration acceptance system. Her English qualifications include IELTS 6.5 and Eiken Pre-1st grade. Maintained a grade point average of 4.6. In addition, he took on the AO entrance exam using his wide range of activities, including winning the Kinki English Presentation Competition, interviewing multiple politicians, and serving as the volunteer committee chairman, but he failed miserably. I received rejections from 5 schools. Despite having a strong track record in AO entrance exams, he questioned the fact that he had failed, and began researching AO entrance exams. Based on the “successful method” that I discovered there, I rewrote all of my documents and applied, and was accepted into three difficult private universities, including Sophia University. From this experience, at the age of 18, he started ONLINE AO, the predecessor of EQAO, during the state of emergency. At the age of 19, he launched a relaxation business and transferred the business in 2023. At the age of 20, he established the EQAO main school/online school in
Hamamatsucho. With the educational philosophy of “find your passion and develop your passion” in mind, I want to dedicate my life to the growth of children who have a bright future without being afraid of challenges.
[Image 5