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Home » 18th Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking 2023 User votes exceeded 200,000, the highest ever! Saitama Prefecture’s SPA-HERBS ranks first overall in Japan for the fourth consecutive year!

18th Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking 2023 User votes exceeded 200,000, the highest ever! Saitama Prefecture’s SPA-HERBS ranks first overall in Japan for the fourth consecutive year!

Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
[18th Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking 2023] User votes exceeded 200,000, the highest ever! Saitama Prefecture’s SPA-HERBS ranks first overall in Japan for the fourth consecutive year!
~We are sure to find what you like, and thematic rankings in all 10 categories such as “Good hot water” and “Delicious food” will also be announced at the same time~ ……
Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Takashi Narita, Stock Code: 4262) will be offering a hot spring and spa information specialist service “Nifty Onsen” on Wednesday, December 20, 2023. We have announced the 18th Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking 2023.
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“Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking” is a ranking of 16,813 hot springs and bathing facilities nationwide (as of November 30, 2023) listed on “Nifty Onsen” based on the number of views on the facility
introduction page, word-of-mouth ratings, coupon usage status, etc. It is announced in a ranking format from a unique perspective such as user voting.
This year marks the 5th time for user voting, and we received a record 205,345 votes. In addition to the national overall rankings and area-specific rankings, we have expanded our rankings by theme, such as “Bedrock Bath”, “Delicious Food”, and “Good Hot Water”, and announced the top 30 facilities nationwide. We have also posted the latest version of the “New Open Ranking” that was popular last year. By creating a complete lineup that introduces hot spring facilities that are popular from various perspectives, we have created a ranking that allows each person to find the one they like.
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■[Top 3 are unwavering] The No. 1 facility in 2023 has achieved 4 consecutive wins!
Miraku Onsen SPA-HERBS (Saitama Prefecture) won first place overall in the country. This facility is full of unique content, including a rare “source cave bath” where you can enjoy the hot spring water through your throat and nose, and a bedrock bath illuminated by collagen treatment lamps.
It has won a total of 8 awards, including 1st place nationwide in the “delicious food category” and 1st place in Saitama prefecture in the “word of mouth category.” Due to its overwhelming popularity, it has been ranked 1st overall in Japan for 4 consecutive years since 2020. It became the place.
Ryusenji-no-Yu Sokayazuka branch (Saitama Prefecture), which came in second place, also won first place nationwide in the “good value for money” category. It also received praise for its reasonable price, which allows you to enjoy it from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. with no time limit for 750 yen (adult standard).
Yokohama Natural Hot Spring SPA EAS (Kanagawa Prefecture), which came in third place, is a facility with many fans among its staff. We received an overwhelming number of votes in the user vote, and were ranked number one in the nation in the “Complete Facilities” category.
■National overall ranking TOP10
[Image 3d49786-123-fd29c04cfe979ebdcc74-2.jpg&s3=49786-123-0d40d3126618d87ed13d66611791e7a8-966x440.jpg
The results of the top 10 facilities in the national overall ranking are as follows.
1st place Miraku Onsen SPA-HERBS (Saitama Prefecture)
[Image 4d49786-123-4c8292adab0cb2c88aa3-4.jpg&s3=49786-123-c51bf0c249822118ff4413bbbe69b599-945x413.jpg
9 minutes walk from Toro Station. This facility is popular for its open-air open-air bath with a resort feel and carbonated spring water that uses nano water that has excellent heat and moisturizing effects. The restaurant has a live kitchen style, which is rare among super public baths, so you can enjoy freshly prepared hotel-quality meals. 2nd place Ryusenji no Yu Sokayazuka branch (Saitama Prefecture)
[Image 5d49786-123-0d00b4f3a799eb65dd8b-4.jpg&s3=49786-123-d3879c30e0f5d27fa8a35b8b2b1f3e0b-945x413.jpg
There is a shuttle bus available from Soka Station and Takenotsuka Station. The “firefly carbonated spring”, which has a fantastic illumination, is a specialty of this facility, which makes luxurious use of natural hot springs. In the bedrock bath, you can enjoy seven different aromas depending on the room, and some rooms have unique projection mapping on the ceiling.
3rd place: Yokohama Natural Hot Spring SPA EAS (Kanagawa Prefecture)
[Image 6d49786-123-5a13e72e8e1d52a010e2-4.jpg&s3=49786-123-6429ef0444219b243ba94d8cf05352c4-945x413.jpg
5 minutes walk from Yokohama Station. This is a calm and relaxing space for people over 18 years old, where you can enjoy amber-colored natural hot springs, also known as “beauty baths,” in a big city. The ro-ryu (heat wave service in the sauna room) performed by the unique performer unit “L-BLO” has been well-received by word of mouth as being fun.
4th place Yokohama Spa Hills Ryusenji no Yu (Kanagawa Prefecture)
5th place Yao Onsen Kitanoyu (Osaka Prefecture)
6th place Mizoguchi Onsen Kirari (Kanagawa Prefecture)
7th place: Tsukuba Onsen Kirari Bettei (Ibaraki Prefecture)
8th place: Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu (Tokyo)
9th place: Natural hot spring Manten no Yu (Kanagawa Prefecture)
10th place Kumagaya Natural Hot Spring Hanayu Spa Resort (Saitama Prefecture)
▼Click here for the national overall rankings and rankings by area/prefecture below 11th place
▼Other rankings
East Japan TOP10
Western Japan TOP10
New open ranking
Bedrock bath section
Accommodation department
Complete facility department
Department with good cost performance
Delicious food section
Department with good hot water
The bathroom is an open section.
Overall review of the 18th Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking 2023
This is the first annual ranking since the new coronavirus was moved to Category 5, and more than 200,000 user votes, the highest ever, were gathered, demonstrating the high level of interest in hot spring leisure.
In the past, health parks and saunas had the image of being a bit difficult to enter, but now there is a sauna boom, and I often hear from facilities that their usage is increasing, especially among the younger generation.
Under such circumstances, facilities called “super public baths” are attracting attention once again for their quality, not only having baths and saunas, but also having plenty of dining and rest areas. This ranking also reflects the results of “good points” votes from users, and the top 10 are all super public baths that have
restaurants, rock baths, etc. that you can enjoy for a whole day. I feel that many of the top popular facilities put effort into not only the hard aspects (equipment) but also the soft aspects (service), such as the staff’s heat wave performance and original food menus such as sauna meals. .
In addition, this time, in addition to standard themes such as “hot water is good” and “good value for money,” we will also be ranking “rock baths,” which warm and condition the body like a sauna, as well as “comprehensive facilities” and “delicious food.” We also introduce popular facilities from all over the country with various themes tailored to the preferences of our users, such as a must-see ranking for those who want to enjoy things other than hot water. We hope that you will pursue your “likes” and “obsessions”.
Through this ranking, we hope that Nifty Onsen will help convey the appeal of hot spring facilities nationwide to more people.
Nifty Onsen Editor-in-Chief Yui Kawana
■Lots of great deals! Limited time award commemorative coupon In conjunction with the publication of this ranking, award-winning commemorative coupons will be provided by many facilities ranked in each award, including the overall ranking. There are many coupons with more benefits and more content than usual! Please take advantage of this opportunity.
From January, some award-winning facilities are planning to sell electronic tickets with advance payment.
[Image 7d49786-123-5aa0200e8a8d112d8863-3.jpg&s3=49786-123-22f9b198def5f71762535cc5e551f4ca-945x413.jpg
“Nifty Onsen” will continue to provide valuable information on how to spend and enjoy new hot spring facilities, as well as provide various services such as coupons and electronic tickets, so that you can enjoy hot spring facilities more closely. We will continue to expand our support.
■Summary of the 18th Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking 2023
・Sponsor: Nifty Lifestyle Co., Ltd.
・Target facilities: 16,813 hot spring facilities listed on “Nifty Onsen” (New Open Category: 103 facilities opened after December 2022) ・Aggregation period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to November 30, 2023 (Thursday) (New Open Category: November 1, 2023 (Wednesday) – November 30, 2023 (Thursday)) ・Voting period: September 4, 2023 (Monday) to November 30, 2023 (Thursday) ・URL:
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A site specializing in hot spring and spa information where you can search for 16,813 hot spring facilities nationwide (as of November 30, 2023). We have a wide range of hot spring information nationwide, from day-trip hot springs and super public baths to hot spring inns. Every December, we announce the “Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking
(,” and since 2019, more than 100,000 hot spring fans have been voting. Masu.
*Users who use hot spring facilities at least once a month: 78% Based on Nifty Onsen customer survey results (May 2023 survey, number of valid responses: 3,586)
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