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Takahiro Yamaguchi (Lion-nii-san) gives a volunteer lecture at “Mama One Academy Fes”, an event to support s ingle parents.

Buy and Hold Co., Ltd.
Takahiro (Lion-nii-san) gives a volunteer lecture at “Mama One Academy Fes”, an event to support single parents.
We emphasized the importance of investing in savings starting from a small amount.
Buy and Hold Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Takahiro ), which operates the financial and entrepreneurship school “Financial Free College,” is our representative director and president, and manages assets as “Lion Brother” on YouTube. We would like to inform you that Takahiro , who disseminates information about children, volunteered to give a lecture at “Mama One Academy Festival”, an event to support single parents held in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture on December 16, 2023. .
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This event was held by Mama One Academy (Headquarters: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Hikari Seki), a general incorporated association that supports single parents. Many single parents have problems such as being unable to acquire business skills due to financial reasons, or being unable to send their children to classes. In order to support such single parents, the corporation provides a service called “Mama One Academy” as a place where parents and children can learn together. This event was held as part of the Academy.
was invited as a lecturer along with Junya Suzuki, who plays for FC Machida Zelvia in the J League (J2), and Kenichi Okuyama, an exam planner.
, who participated online, gave a lecture titled “The Power of Compound Interest” to single parents, including single mothers, and emphasized the importance of investing starting with a small amount. At a time when single-parent households are struggling to make ends meet due to recent inflation and tax increases, the participants seemed very interested in the topic of asset management, actively asking questions.
■Comment from Takahiro (Lion-niisan)
I gave a lecture on the theme of “The Power of Compound Interest” to single parents. What I was especially conscious of in this lecture was the point of not just “listening to something useful,” but “translating it into action.” Your life won’t change unless you actually take action, so I’ve given you concrete instructions on how to put it into action.
After the lecture, there was time for questions, and we received the most questions of any of the participants at this event, indicating that the participants were very interested in asset management. I would be happy if as many people as possible could use this lecture as an opportunity to get started in asset management.
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■Takahiro (Lion Brother) Profile
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Representative of Financial Free College, a money school for finance and entrepreneurship. After working for eight years as an employee at an internet-related company, he started a service-related company. Sold the business in 2018. After that, he gained financial freedom by investing mainly in US stocks. The money school that he is the representative of has received three awards: “Money School
Recommended by Investors,” “Money School Where You Can Learn from No Experience,” and “Money School Where You Can Expect Results.” (According to JMRO Japan Marketing Research Organization) On October 4, 2021, Guinness certified the world record for “Most videos of people saying the same sentence posted on TikTok in one hour.” Currently, he is also a certified lecturer at KADOKAWA seminars, where he teaches topics such as “investment,” “economy,” and “savings.” Furthermore, in order to increase the financial literacy of Japanese people, he is disseminating asset management know-how and the latest money-related information on SNS under the name “Lion-niisan.” [Image 4

In February 2022, he published his first book, “How to make more money with an annual income of 3 million yen and go from zero savings to semi-retirement in 7 years”. The number of copies published exceeded 80,000 in 10 months.

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Buy and Hold is recruiting high schools and universities that would like Takahiro to serve as a special lecturer in financial education classes or as a lecturer for lectures. This project is done by volunteers and there is no cost to you.
Recruitment overview:
■Company overview
Company name: Buy and Hold Co., Ltd.
Address: Grace Sakurayama 201, 8-1-3 Sakurayama, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Representative: Takahiro , President and Representative Director Established: May 2021
Business content: Management of finance/entrepreneurship school “Financial Free College”, etc.
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