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ZINUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. ZINUS Announcement of annual sponsorship agreement with Makoto Shinryu for the main ev ent of “RIZIN.45” held on New Year’s Eve

[ZINUS] Announcement of annual sponsorship agreement with Makoto Shinryu for the main event of “RIZIN.45” held on New Year’s Eve We will support Makoto Shinryu who will be participating in “RIZIN.45” to be held on December 31st. I hope that I can help build a new era in the Japanese martial arts world. There is also an email interview that delivers live feedback just before the game.
ZINUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Chin-young Chou), the Japanese subsidiary of ZINUS, a global furniture brand that focuses on mattresses and has expanded its market to 21 countries around the world, will open its doors in December 2023. We would like to inform you that we have entered into an annual sponsorship contract with Makoto Shinryu from Wednesday the 27th. [Image 1

ZINUS JAPAN has signed an annual sponsorship agreement with Makoto Shinryu, a top mixed martial arts athlete, effective December 27, 2023.
Background to ZINUS’ sponsorship contract with Makoto Shinryu Makoto Shinryu will be competing in the main event at “RIZIN.45” on New Year’s Eve, where he will take on a title match for the original RIZIN flyweight belt. ZINUS deeply sympathizes with Makoto Shinryu’s ability to hold belts in both Japan and the United States, his ever-expanding horizons, and his attitude to take on the world. At the same time, this yearly sponsorship agreement coincides with ZINUS’s pursuit of providing a good night’s sleep to people around the world. As expectations and excitement grow, ZINUS will do our best to support Makoto Shinryu in his challenge.
[E-mail interview with Makoto Shinryu just before the game]
[Image 2

●Please give us your honest impressions about the partnership with ZINUS. We are very honored to be able to partner with a global company that has expanded to 20 countries around the world and continues to compete on the global stage. My goal is to be active on the world stage in the future, and I will work hard to become a player like you who can compete and be active all over the world!
●Why did you become interested in ZINUS? While competing in the intense contact sport of mixed martial arts, the most important thing for me was how to effectively overcome fatigue. So, I was looking for a mattress that could be used anywhere, whether it be at home or at a game venue, and as soon as I saw your company, which has a wide variety of products in various hardnesses and thicknesses, I contacted them.
●How important do you think sleep and recovery are to training? Neglecting recovery and sleep not only affects your condition for matches and training, but also has a big impact on your mental health, so in my opinion, this is the most important factor in training and winning matches. .
●Are there any precautions you take to get good quality sleep? I’m usually a night owl and often have trouble falling asleep, so I try to avoid caffeine as much as possible and instead take supplements to help me fall into a deep sleep.
●Are you particular about your sleeping environment or the bedding you use? I like memory foam bedding for both pillows and mattresses. You can sink into it and sleep soundly as if it fits your body in any position. ●Please tell us about your future goals and motivation for martial arts. I will definitely become the first RIZIN flyweight champion and become the main character of RIZIN! Someday, I will compete against the world as a representative of Japan and reach the top, so please support me! ●Please give a message to your fans. Thank you for your continued support! I will change the era of Japanese MMA, so please believe in me and follow me! Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer the interview before the match. Through this sponsorship agreement with Makoto Shinryu, ZINUS looks forward to growing together and building further success for the future. I wish you the best! !
ZINUS logo posted
In accordance with the sponsorship agreement, Makoto Shinryu will display the “ZINUS” logo on his fight pants, team T-shirts, and match banners during his activities.
●Fight pants
[Image 3

●Team T-shirt
[Image 4

●Match banner
[Image 5

Shenron player profile
[Image 6

Head of Shenron World Gym. Current unified DEEP flyweight champion. Since childhood, he has achieved excellent results in various competitions, including wrestling, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu. [Results] 2019: The youngest champion in DEEP history. May 2022: Successfully defended the DEEP Flyweight Championship for the first time and unified the title. In November 2022, he became the first Japanese to win the CFFC Championship at the CFFC Flyweight
Championship. December 2022: Became the first Japanese to be named Submission of the Year at the UFC Fight Pass Awards.
Makoto Shinryu’s PROFILE by
Gifter products used by Makoto Shinryu will be published on SNS. You may get a glimpse of Makoto Shinryu’s secrets and commitment to a good night’s sleep. Please look forward to it!
[Image 7

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