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Home » Hokkaido 12/28 (Thursday) – 1/28 (Sunday) Win a gorgeous gift? ! “Sorachi Debut” campaign on official X (old twitter)! !

Hokkaido 12/28 (Thursday) – 1/28 (Sunday) Win a gorgeous gift? ! “Sorachi Debut” campaign on official X (old twitter)! !

[Hokkaido] [12/28 (Thursday) – 1/28 (Sunday)] Win a gorgeous gift? ! “Sorachi Debut” campaign on official X (old twitter)! !

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Press release: January 4, 2024
[12/28 (Thursday) – 1/28 (Sunday)] Win a gorgeous gift? ! “Sorachi Debut” campaign on official X (old twitter)! !
*A gift campaign will be held at X until January 28th (Sunday)! ! * Thank you for always watching “Sorachi De View”.
I believe that many of our readers have already seen the official X (formerly Twitter) of “Sorachi Debut”.
*Official X (old Twitter) is here In addition to updating the website “Sorachi De View” (every Thursday), X introduces the “delicious,” “fun,” and “wonderful” charms of the Sorachi area of ​​Hokkaido.
Hamburger steak from “Jinnai Wagyu Aka” (Urasu Town)
Hokkahoka “Sorachi rice”
A wide variety of Sorachi wines
And *from 12/28 (Thursday) to 1/28 (Sunday)*
During this time, we will be holding a campaign to let as many people in and outside of Hokkaido know more about the “Sorachi De View” X account, which is full of information on recommended places and delicious restaurants unique to Sorachi. ! !
that name as well,
* Sorachi☆Follow & Repost Campaign! ! ! *
Yes, exactly.
* That’s exactly what it is! ! *
Applying takes only 5 seconds! * (measured by the author)
It’s really easy to apply, and 20 people will be randomly selected to win a special product set filled with delicious Sorachi products! *

What a great campaign! ! It would be a shame to miss it! !
Let me give you an overview of the campaign.
* Time required: 5 seconds! Follow + retweet the quote with the answer to the quiz to complete the application ♪ *
First, how to apply for the campaign…
1. Follow the official X account of “Sorachi De View”

2. Click on the quiz answer (quote repost)
Only this.
*If you are already following us, please complete step 2 to complete your application.
*The application period is *until Sunday, January 28, 2023*. * (Since it’s so easy to apply, I’m sure the gifts are pretty good too…) * Isn’t there a lot of people who thought that?
*No way! ! *
* We have prepared wonderful presents filled with the charm of Sorachi! * There are two types, so I’ll introduce them to you one by one! * 1. Sorachi specialty product set (worth about 10,000 yen) * First up is the “Sorachi Specialty Product Set,” packed with delicious foods and ingredients from all over Sorachi. *
It’s a very luxurious set that costs approximately 10,000 yen (including shipping), and will be given away to 5 people by lottery! * Don’t you think it’s so luxurious with so many different products in it? ! All of them are very attractive items, but I will introduce only a few of them here.
* First of all, rice! *
After all, Sorachi is Hokkaido’s largest rice producing area. The packaging of Uryu Rice, a specialty of Uryu Town, is impressive. It’s also interesting that it can be read as “mai” and “uryu rice.” Please enjoy the deliciousness of Sorachi rice to the fullest♪ * Next, wine! *
With eight wineries and numerous vineyards, Sorachi is one of Hokkaido’s leading wine producing regions.
Among the many unique and high-quality wines produced in Sorachi, this time we are giving away wine from Yamazaki Winery in Mikasa City! (Pinot Noir (Green) 2021 Red)
*The type of wine is subject to change.
Yamazaki Winery has been awarded 5 stars for 5 consecutive years at the *Japan Winery Awards* (sponsored by the Japan Winery Award Council).
The wine has a very high rarity value.
This is a very rare opportunity to get wine from Yamazaki Winery! ! ! * You have no choice but to apply…! ! ! *
In addition, there are many delicious foods and ingredients from all over Sorachi! !
Again, you may be able to get it by following and reposting (including answers) the quote! *

* Opportunities like this don’t come very often! ! ! *
* 2. Sorachi meat set (equivalent to approximately 5,000 yen) * The other one is * “Sorachi Meat Set” *! !
This is worth about 5,000 yen (shipping included). Presents will be given to 15 people by lottery!
*Click here for information on Sorachi’s “meat” ↓
We have created a pamphlet filled with the charms of Sorachi’s “meat”!
First of all, by pickling it with Nigohachi Shio Koji (commonly known as “Yonago-chan”), a specialty of Imoseushi-cho,
“Imose Beef Lamb Genghis Khan (salt)” has a particularly sweet taste. And “Bibai Yakitori” which is also popular as “Tantetsu Port Meshi” *Click here for information on Tantetsu Port Meshi↓
Tanetsukou Meshi special site Also popular at Sunagawa Highway Oasis are the “Jinnai Wagyu Aka” beef hamburger and the “Niku no Saito” basil hormone!
Click here for more information on hamburgers and basil hormones↓ Will shopping at Sunagawa Highway Oasis become 10 times more fun? ! Introducing our staff’s top picks!
For those who live outside of Hokkaido, I don’t think they have many opportunities to see them at supermarkets! ! !
If you are lucky enough to win, be sure to try some of Sorachi’s specialties with your family and close friends!
* Now, let’s apply for the campaign! *
Let me repeat, first of all, how to apply for the campaign… 1. Follow “Sorachi De View” official X account

2. Click on the quiz answer (quote repost)
Please note that during the campaign period, we will post
announcements once or twice a week.
* The more you repost quotes, the higher your chances of winning! ! * Please feel free to join us! !
Finally, for the application rules, click here ↓
* Application Terms *
“Sorachi☆Follow & Repost Campaign” Application Terms
Before participating in the “Sorachi☆ Follow & Repost Campaign” (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign”) sponsored by the Hokkaido Sorachi Regional Revitalization Council, please read these Terms carefully and agree to them before participating. If you participate in this campaign, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms. * [Application conditions] *
●Those who agree to these terms and apply during the campaign period. ●Those who followed the X account “@sorachi_de_view” and clicked on the answer to the quiz in the campaign post to repost (RT) the quote. ●Those who can confirm their prize winnings via X DM (direct message) ●People who live in Japan and can receive mail and parcels.
* 【Notes】*
-About winning presents-
●The contents of the gift are subject to change without notice. ●We do not accept inquiries regarding the lottery method or lottery results. ●Only one gift can be sent to the same address.
●If you do not enter the gift shipping address within 10 days after winning the prize via DM, your right to win will be invalidated. ●If we are unable to deliver the prize due to unknown address or new address, we may cancel your winning bid.
●Winners may not transfer this right to another person or exchange it for money. * -About X account-*
●An X account is required to apply for the campaign. If you do not have an account, please obtain one from the official X website. ●If you delete your X account or unfollow “@sorachi_de_view”, the secretariat will no longer be able to send DMs and your winnings will be invalidated.
●If you change your account name during the period, you will be ineligible for the lottery as it will be difficult to confirm that it is the same account.
●We do not provide any guarantee for any damage sustained by third parties or applicants due to the use of the applicant’s repost content.
* [About the handling of personal information] *
●Personal information provided by winners will be used only to the extent necessary, such as shipping prizes and contacting and inquiring winners.
* [Disclaimer, etc.] *
●This campaign is not sponsored by X, but is a campaign that utilizes X. The organizer will not be held responsible for any damage caused by suspension or cancellation of campaign operations caused by the operating environment of X-related applications.
●Any expenses related to downloading the X app and applying, such as internet connection fees and communication fees, are to be borne by the applicant.
* 【inquiry】*
Hokkaido Sorachi Regional Revitalization Council Secretariat (Hokkaido Sorachi General Promotion Bureau Regional Policy Division Regional Resource Utilization Promotion Office)
Email address:
*Please note that we do not accept inquiries regarding the lottery method, lottery results, or gift contents.

* *Last year, fake accounts aimed at “spoofing” were created. * * Regarding this campaign, the secretariat will not ask you to enter personal information such as address or phone number via DM! ! ! * *
All winning notifications from similar accounts are from fake accounts, so if you receive a suspicious DM, please take measures such as blocking or reporting impersonation. *

*About details about this release*