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Press release Briscola begins offering “API Platform Customer Support” that comprehensively supports API platform operations

[Press release] Briscola begins offering “API Platform Customer Support” that comprehensively supports API platform operations
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Press release: January 9, 2024
Briscola launches new “API Platform Customer Support” to
comprehensively support API platform operations
*~ Kong Gateway for Enterprise
We have also renewed the product’s 24/7 Japanese language support, leveraging our API knowledge to strengthen our operational support system ~*
Briscola Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keitaro Suesada, hereinafter referred to as Briscola) Briscola provides operational support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by setting up a dedicated point of contact for the entire API platform environment of customers that Briscola has supported implementation. API platform
We are pleased to announce that we will start offering a new menu of “Customer Support” from April 2024. In addition, the commercial version of the API gateway product “Kong” provided by Kong, Inc. We have also renewed the 24-hour, 365-day Japanese support menu for “Gateway for Enterprise” and will begin offering it.

Due to the increase in the development of services and business models that utilize APIs in the Japanese market, there are a large number of customers who have already implemented or are considering building and operating API platforms. There is a strong emphasis on operational support for the entire API platform.
Against this market background, and with a rich track record of implementing API management products to date, Briscola has established a system in which all support services are staffed by personnel who are familiar with API management products and have completed dedicated training. We would like to provide comprehensive support for platform operations.
* Briscola API Platform Customer Support *
“Briscola API Platform Customer Support” refers to APIs purchased from Briscola. This support menu is for customers who have built and operated API platforms using management products. The engineer in charge of building the customer’s API platform building elements and the support contact person will work together as appropriate to understand the details of the problem more accurately and set up a system to respond quickly depending on the deployment environment. By implementing a wide variety of API management products to date, Briscola has gained a lot of knowledge on various infrastructures and various deployment environments such as public clouds and private clouds, and we can perform appropriate initial isolation depending on the problem and provide quick solutions. We will provide comprehensive support for your operational environment by presenting the following information. Establishment of a dedicated reception desk with Japanese support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
For your API platform construction environment,
– Construction engineers and support staff work together within Briscola to accurately share the necessary elements of the
construction environment.
– Identifies failures and certifies responses based on importance – Providing and implementing solutions to minimize the impact of disruptions on customer business
Submit documentation for troubleshooting
* Briscola 24/365 Kong Gateway for Enterprise support *
In order to expand the adoption of the API management platform “Kong” that supports Japanese companies’ API-first business development, Kong Inc.
We announced the establishment of a corporation. *1 In 2015, Briscola signed its first sales agency agreement with Kong, the US company, and has been working with OSS Kong Gateway.
and Kong Gateway for Enterprise
We have a wealth of experience in introducing and selling
subscriptions. With the establishment of Kong’s Japanese subsidiary, the introduction of Kong’s products in Japan is expected to
accelerate, so regular support is included in the subscription. In addition, in order to respond to the expansion of the use of API products in more critical environments and the pursuit of higher stability for customers’ operating environments, we have renewed and provided a support menu and system with Japanese support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. let’s start doing ….
Open source version “OSS Kong Gateway” provided by Kong
has been certified as a recommended module for the Digital Garden City-State initiative’s API Gateway product. *2
Along with this, OSS Kong Gateway is being adopted by many businesses and local governments that are working on the Digital Garden City-Nation Initiative and smart cities.
Against this background, the commercial version of Kong Gateway for OSS will be changed from the OSS version to
We believe we will see many upgrades to Enterprise. Briscola is a Kong Gateway for
We have re-established a system that can provide total support from Enterprise installation to support, and we will renew and provide support menus. Regular support included with your existing
subscription, or
24/365 Kong Gateway for Enterprise
By allowing customers to choose one of the support options, we will expand the range of options to suit the customer’s product usage environment and help more customers utilize Kong products and ensure stable operation.
Establishment of a dedicated reception desk with Japanese support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
– Questions and answers about Kong Gateway for Enterprise
– Questions and answers regarding environment construction – Measures to resolve software bugs
– Questions and answers regarding version upgrades
– Dealing with failures caused by software
Cooperation with the support center of product provider Kong, if necessary. *1 November 8, 2023 Kong partners with Japan Cloud to establish a Japanese corporation and accelerate global expansion.

*2 Kong Inc. announced: Digital Agency certifies Kong Gateway as a recommended API gateway
● *About Kong*
Kong, the leading API management platform, is on a mission to help businesses around the world become “API-first” companies. Kong’s unified cloud API platform, built on the world’s most adopted API gateway, increases developer productivity by providing a single continuum for the entire API creation, operation, and management lifecycle. At the same time, we improve your business’ digital experience and accelerate innovation with fast, secure, and scalable products and services.
● * About Briscola Co., Ltd. * (Briscola API business dedicated site) (corporate website)
Briscola Co., Ltd. is a business support company that specializes in API solutions, which are the key to realizing a wide range of applications and services using digital technology. In addition to providing Kong products, we also have a strong track record in providing consultation on API utilization and supporting the construction of API platforms.
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