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Home » Pure gold leaf daruma! Shinto altar store “Kami-sama to Ouchide” limited quantity sale.

Pure gold leaf daruma! Shinto altar store “Kami-sama to Ouchide” limited quantity sale.

Pure gold leaf daruma! Shinto altar store “Kami-sama to Ouchide” limited quantity sale.

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Press release: January 9, 2024
Pure gold leaf daruma! Shinto altar store “Kami-sama to Ouchide” limited quantity sale.
*A limited edition ultra-luxury version of the popular “Wishing Daruma” decorated with pure gold leaf is now available. *
A super luxurious version of the wish small daruma doll made of natural wood and covered with pure gold leaf. Limited quantity item. The dazzling shine of pure gold sets it apart from ordinary paint. Shinto altar brand “Kamisama-to-ouchi” operated by Unigraph Co., Ltd.
” will be released in January 2024 as the brand’s popular product “ Wish Kodaruma

We will be selling a limited number of models decorated with pure gold leaf. Kamisama to Ouchi Online Store Each piece is handmade, from carving the wood to applying gold leaf. “Wishing Kodaruma” has been loved by many customers for about 3 years since its release.
”, a super limited edition will be released in the new year. Wish Kodaruma has been released in various new and limited editions, but this is the first in the series to be decorated with pure gold. Because each item is handmade, the number of pieces produced is very small.
You can place it next to a household altar or use it as a cute lucky charm. Although it is small, the brightness of pure gold gives off an overwhelming presence.
A small pure gold daruma that shines brightly around the Shinto altar and interior decoration.
Various types have been created based on the meanings of various natural woods, the meanings and psychological effects of colors since ancient times, and so on.
”. Made of “pure gold,” which is a lucky charm that no longer needs explanation, the wishing daruma doll is small but has an overwhelming presence, and you can feel the romance that has been accumulated over the history of gold.
It is a smaller size that goes well with any item from “Kami-sama to Ouchi”. A special ceramic pedestal is included.
May the connection between God and people continue forever as we continue to try new things.
Since the launch of the brand, we have taken on the challenge of creating various new products.

”. From practical items to slightly unusual items like wishing dolls made of pure gold leaf. All of this is to get new people to pay attention to the ancient tradition of the “Kamidana,” and to ensure that the culture continues forever. All of our products are made with this thought in mind.
■ Product details
Body material: Natural wood + pure gold leaf finish
【 size 】
“Large” Height: 40mm Width: 29mm
“Small” Height: 33mm Width: 25mm
【 accessories 】
Wish Kodaruma Pure gold leaf…1 Precautions…1
¥16,500 (tax included) [Limited quantity]
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
Overview of God and House
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