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Amiyakitei Co., Ltd. Amiyakitei (Chubu) Announcement of “Matsusaka beef sirloin sale” limited to stores

Amiyakitei Co., Ltd.
[Amiyakitei (Chubu)] Announcement of “Matsusaka beef sirloin sale” limited to stores
Amiyakitei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kasugai City, Aichi
Prefecture/President: Takuya Miyazaki) is offering a limited edition of “Matsuzaka Beef Sirloin” at 10 limited stores of the domestic beef yakiniku “Amiyakitei”, which operates 82 stores in the Chubu area. We will sell it.
Limited sale of “Matsuzaka Beef Sirloin”!
[Image 1:×1000.jpg] 【Product name】
Matsusaka beef sirloin (1,078 yen including tax) *Limited quantity available [Sales store]
-Aichi prefecture store-
Amiyakitei Komaki store, Amiyakitei Fuso store, Amiyakitei Konan store, Amiyakitei Ichinomiya Kaimei store, Amiyakitei Ichinomiya Asahi store
Amiyakitei Chita Shinmaiko store/Amiyakitei Tokai Yokosuka store -Gifu prefecture store-
Amiyakitei Hashima store, Amiyakitei Ginan store, Amiyakitei Kani store 【Sales period】
January 14th to February 29th, 2024
Matsusaka beef, one of Japan’s three major Wagyu beefs, which was sold during the New Year and was very popular, is now available at an even better price and only available in stores.
This quality can only be achieved at Amiyakitei, where a group of meat professionals gather! And this price!
This is a product of confidence!!
In order to express our gratitude to our customers, Amiyakitei offers high quality branded beef,
We will offer you a good value.
A smile on the taste, a smile on your wallet, and a smile that will make you want to go to Amiyakitei again.
We sell our products with confidence so that you will have a smile on your face. This menu is limited to stores, so please check the store where it is sold before visiting.
All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.
When you come to our store, please make a reservation and visit us. Please visit the website below or call your local store directly. *Depending on the status of your reservation, we may not be able to accept your reservation, so we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Amiyakitei Komaki store
Amiyakitei Fuso branch
Amiyakitei Konan branch
Amiyakitei Ichinomiya Kaimei Branch
Amiyakitei Ichinomiya Asahi store
Amiyakitei Tokai Yokosuka store
Amiyakitei Chita Shinmaiko store
Amiyakitei Hashima store
Amiyakitei Ginan store
Amiyakitei Kani store
About the Amiyakitei app
[Image 2:×1702.jpg] Download it here!
-App Store-
-Google play- About “Domestic Beef Yakiniku Amiyakitei”
At Amiyakitei, we have three commitments in order to provide cheap and delicious Yakiniku and make our customers smile.
1.A group of meat professionals carefully selects the ingredients We personally attend meat exhibitions and other presentations held across the country, and check the freshness and quality of our products with the professional eyes we have cultivated over many years.
We also regularly check the quality of the materials we purchase, and strive to maintain the highest quality at all times.
2. Seasoned professionals constantly check the taste.
A group of meat professionals with long careers are constantly checking the taste and striving to improve it.
By repeatedly experimenting with details such as how to cut the meat, the temperature at which it is served, and research on seasonings, each restaurant always maintains the same quality of taste.
We continue to develop new menus on a daily basis, and now have over 220 menu items, which is a major point of differentiation from other restaurants.
3.Provide products purchased today to customers today
This department was established to manage the receipt and shipment of products, process them, and sort them.
The products purchased today will be provided to today’s customers. By establishing a store inventory zero system,
We have reduced product loss, reduced costs, and made our products fresh and cheap.
In July 1995, Amiyakitei was asked to open a roadside store [first Kasugai main store], and has been actively developing stores with the aim of becoming a store where people can casually enjoy high-quality yakiniku.
Aiming to create a friendly and easy-to-enter store that meets the needs of the community and customers, we are constantly conducting development and research to create a lively atmosphere and time where we can provide highly satisfying services.
Currently, we are deploying a dominant method centered on Aichi Prefecture, but in the near future we are thinking of expanding the plan from Aichi to the three Tokai prefectures and nationwide. In the future, we would like to continue to build good relationships with local residents and aim to be the “best restaurant in the area,” with the motto of allowing everyone to enjoy “cheap and delicious yakiniku” near them.
About Amiyakitei Co., Ltd.
Company name: Amiyakitei Co., Ltd. Location: 5-12-8 Nyoishincho, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture President and CEO: Takuya Miyazaki Established: June 22, 1995 URL: index.html
Brand: Amiyakitei/Amiyakitei Plus/Kanjo
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