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Home » News “Lunch Bag” that can be used for gourmet food and miscellaneous goods is now available on King Soft “ StartHome”

News “Lunch Bag” that can be used for gourmet food and miscellaneous goods is now available on King Soft “ StartHome”

News “Lunch Bag” that can be used for gourmet food and miscellaneous goods is now available on King Soft “StartHome”

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Press release: January 29, 2024
News “Lunch Bag” that can be used for gourmet food and miscellaneous goods is now available on King Soft “StartHome”
*Provides the latest information on restaurant chains and sweets shops* “Lunch bag” logo mark
Usable News Co., Ltd., which operates the gourmet and household goods news site “Lunch Bag” (Head office: Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, President and CEO: Taki
King Soft Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Senuma
Starting on January 23, 2024, we started distributing news articles on the portal site “StartHome” operated by Yu.
“Lunch Bag” is a news site that aims to improve the lives of consumers by providing articles that are easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use (URL:

This is the first time since the site was launched in September last year that we have partnered with a portal site to launch “StartHome” (URL:
We have started distributing articles at

“Lunch bag” logo
“StaetHome” logo

All articles distributed from “Lunch Bag” to “StartHome” can be read in the “Life” category.

Focusing on new product and campaign information from restaurant chains and sweets shops, we deliver news such as actual food reports and introductions to notable stores that are fun to read as
entertainment, useful for daily consumer life, and can also be used to learn about business. It is supported mainly by women of a wide range of generations, and its user base is rapidly expanding.
About Usable News Co., Ltd.

Usable News Co., Ltd. was established with the mission of improving the daily lives of our readers with “interesting and useful” news. In September 2023, we released the gourmet and household goods news site “Lunch Bag”.

Writers and editors with experience at publishing companies and newspaper companies explain how to get people interested in the topics covered in the news, as well as useful tips for consumer life and conversations with people after reading the page. We deliver “useful news” by thinking carefully about what to do to receive the news, one by one.

Usable News Co., Ltd.
– Head office location: 5-11-6 Chugokubu, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture – Representative Director and President: Masaomi Taki
– Established: July 3, 2023
– Main business: Operation of food and miscellaneous goods news site “Lunch Bag”
– URL:
★We are looking for media operators who can distribute “Lunch Bag” articles via RSS feed or manually. We envision a wide range of publications, including information portals and lifestyle media aimed at women. Please feel free to apply or contact us using the “Contact Us” form on the site.
About StartHome

“StartHome” is a portal site operated by King Soft Co., Ltd. that receives 8 million page views per month, with the theme of “a start page that provides a comfortable website entrance.”

It is mainly viewed by users of the security software “King Soft Security Pro”, and provides a wide range of news, including news, entertainment, gourmet food, weather, and games.
About Kingsoft Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “Coloring the way everyone works,” we have launched the SaaS platform “Wonder Cloud.”
Works” and cloud-based office software “WPS
Cloud”, business chat/internal SNS “WowTalk”, corporate business card management solution “CAMCARD”
BUSINESS”, AI service robot “Lanky” that automates transportation and meal delivery
We provide services that aim to realize a new era of working and living styles, such as “Porter”. Other security services include “KINGSOFT Security Pro” and “KINGSOFT”.
Mobile Security Plus”, office software “WPS
We are developing a wide range of businesses from software to applications and AI services, such as the “Office” series. Kingsoft Co., Ltd.
– Head office location: 5th floor, G-BASE Tamachi, 5-29-11 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
– Representative Director and President: Yu Senuma
– Established: March 9, 2005
– Business content: Development, sales, and provision of SaaS, software, apps, and AI services for corporations and individuals. – URL:
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