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Home » Toyoizumi Family Group (SF Toyoizumi Family Incorporated Foundation) Kitaosaka Hosenka Hospital Complete renovation of recovery period rehabilitation ward

Toyoizumi Family Group (SF Toyoizumi Family Incorporated Foundation) Kitaosaka Hosenka Hospital Complete renovation of recovery period rehabilitation ward

Toyoizumi Family Group (SF Toyoizumi Family Foundation)
[Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital] Complete renovation of recovery period rehabilitation ward
We aim to further contribute to the community by implementing cardiac rehabilitation and strengthening geriatric medical care.
We will comprehensively innovate new medical care by renewing the convalescent rehabilitation ward and strengthening support for geriatric emergencies and seniors.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] About the new initiatives of Toyoizumiya Group Medical Corporation Seiwakai Toyoizumiya Group Medical Corporation Seiwakai Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture) has been aiming to contribute to local medical care with a focus on the new coronavirus infection ward. In response to the new coronavirus infection being moved from Category 2 to Category 5, we will start various initiatives with the aim of contributing to the local community. As part of this effort, we will renovate the entire convalescent rehabilitation ward and carry out cardiac rehabilitation.
About Seiwakai Medical Corporation
Seiwakai Medical Corporation has opened Hosenka Hospital in April 2012 with 220 beds (chronic care and palliative care).
We will become a corporation with a total of 500 beds, including 280 beds (acute care and convalescent care) at Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital, which opened in April 2019 after receiving business transfer.
2024.4.1 Cardiac rehabilitation carried out
[Image 2:×1194.png ]
Starting in April 2024, we plan to provide convalescent rehabilitation for patients with heart failure and heart disease, which is expected to increase in the future.
In collaboration with nearby medical institutions, we provide education and training for doctors, nurses, and physical therapists who perform cardiac rehabilitation.
After patients with heart disease have completed treatment in the acute phase, they are hospitalized as necessary during the recovery, maintenance, and lifestyle phases.
We have built a system that allows for outpatient, outpatient, and home-visit rehabilitation.
We will support you so that you can lead a stable daily life. In addition, in orthopedics, the number of patients with spinal diseases such as cervical and lumbar vertebrae is expected to increase in the future.
When rebuilding the new hospital in 2026, we will introduce the latest equipment and collaborate with nearby clinics and other medical institutions.
As a spine center in the Hokusetsu region, we will establish a system that allows us to treat many patients.
In this way, at our hospital, you can learn through both
musculoskeletal rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation.
There is an environment where you can improve your skills as a medical professional.
■About new initiatives at Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital
Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital Past efforts
[Image 3:×1194.png ]
About Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital
Seiwakai Medical Corporation Kita-Osaka Hosenka Hospital aims to provide seamless medical care from the acute stage to the recovery stage. By smoothly collaborating with the same medical corporation’s Hosenka Hospital (chronic-phase medical care/cancer palliative care), We will do our best to provide treatment tailored to the patient’s condition. ▼Kitaosaka Hosenka Hospital HP
COVID-19 Complex (2020.10-2023.9)
In the three years since we opened the Hosenka Novel Coronavirus Infection Ward, we have been actively treating infectious diseases. We have continued to advance complex initiatives through
multidisciplinary collaboration, such as opening a hospital-integrated accommodation facility and the Osaka Coronavirus Medical and Nursing Care Temporary Center for the Elderly, Hosenka.
We will continue to contribute to local medical care with the teamwork we have learned through this initiative.
About the Toyoizumiya Group
The Toyoizumiya Group was founded in 1995 and started by engaging in the nursing care business.
In order to comprehensively solve Japan’s social issues such as a super-aging society and a society where people are increasingly disconnected and lonely,
We have developed medical, preventive, and lifestyle services one after another to meet the various needs and wants of individual customers. We will continue to do so without changing our basic philosophy of “contributing to society through welfare with a high degree of independence and freedom.”
We will create the future.
▼Toyoizumi Family Group HP
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