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EXNOA LLC Another world life RPG “Angelic Link”, SHUFFLE! 20th anniversary collaboration underway!

Another world life RPG “Angelic Link”, SHUFFLE! 20th anniversary collaboration underway!
To commemorate SHUFFLE!’s 20th anniversary, DMM GAMES’s “Angelic Link” operated by LLC EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: We will inform you about the collaboration event and the collaboration limited characters that will appear.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] ■SHUFFLE! Collaboration event “Ribbon Guidance and Sunflower Seeds” is underway! A collaboration event with the popular beautiful girl game “SHUFFLE!” is being held for a limited time until 2:00pm on Tuesday, February 20th! By participating in the event and meeting certain conditions, you can get the collaboration event limited character “★1 Asa Shigure (SHUFFLE!)”! Please enjoy the special story woven together with the characters of SHUFFLE!
[Image 2:×537.jpg] ■Collaboration limited character “★3 Fuyo Kaede (SHUFFLE!)” is now available! A new collaboration limited character “★3 Fuyo Kaede (SHUFFLE!)” is now available! Various pickup gachas are being held for a limited time until 14:00 on Tuesday, February 13th! Please enjoy a relaxing moment in the world of Enkuri with Fuyo Kaede ♪▼Click here for the introduction video of Fuyo Kaede (SHUFFLE!)!
[Video 7: ]
▼ Gachas to be picked up ・SHUFFLE! Collaboration gacha (★3 Fuyo Kaede (SHUFFLE!) pickup) ・SHUFFLE! Collaboration special gacha (★3 Fuyo Kaede (SHUFFLE!) pickup)
[Image 3:×537.jpg] ■We are selling various products with bonuses that are useful for training! To commemorate the collaboration, we are selling a variety of products with great deals that will help you develop your characters! For a limited time only, until February 6th (Tuesday) 14:00, we will be selling products with great deals, such as packs filled with items recommended for new knights and packs with items that can instantly strengthen your character to the current maximum character rank. Now on sale!
[Image 4:×537.jpg] ■Enkuri x SHUFFLE! 20th anniversary collaboration follow and repost campaign is underway! A follow and repost campaign is being held on Angelic Link Official X (formerly Twitter)! During the event period, follow the official account and quote and repost the relevant post with “Memories of SHUFFLE!” to complete your application! At a later date, 3 people will be randomly selected to receive a special signed colored paper! Do not miss! ▼ Application conditions ・Follow the official Angelic Link (Tuesday) 17:00 to February 6, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:59: Fuyo Kaede (CV: Satano Ran) 2nd round… Number of winners scheduled to start from February 6, 2024 (Tuesday) 16:00 : 3 people each ▼ Angelic Link Official X (old Twitter)
[Image 5:×537.jpg] ▼Official website▼Official X (formerly Twitter)▼Official YouTube channel channel/UCGXKEOs9aoVc7KW6RZO2EKA■What is “SHUFFLE!” The “opening” of two doors discovered in a certain ruins led to two different worlds collectively known as the “God World” and “Makai” to the modern “Human World”. . It was a world ruled by “magic” that existed only in fairy tales, and it shocked the inhabitants of the human world, which was ruled by the laws of physics. Although there were many twists and turns in which the gate was later closed once, exchanges with the three worlds proceeded, and in the end, the peaceful path of “three worlds and three races coexisted” was followed, and each different world’s More than ten years have passed since the residents moved to the human world. Set in Koyo Town, where many humans, gods, and demons live, the main character, Rin Tsuchimi, is one of the “human” male students who attends the National Verbena Academy, a school where boys and girls of three races gather. Even though he had the bitter experience of losing his parents, he felt guilty about living under the same roof with a girl who was his childhood friend and who was highly respected in the same school. He was enjoying his peaceful daily life and school life. However, this simple peace and daily life is suddenly shattered by an encounter with two girls. When Rin went to school as usual and went to the familiar classroom, the students were talking about a new transfer student arriving. When homeroom begins, that becomes a reality, and the entire class is aroused by the appearance of two girls with long blue and vermilion hair, but they continue to introduce themselves as their “father”. The unexpected development of the appearance of a handsome-looking man and a tall, handsome-looking man instantly turned into a commotion. They reveal themselves to be the “God King” and “Demon King,” respectively, and declare that the transfer student is the princess of the God World and the Demon World. The class was shocked by that statement, but the people in question didn’t pay any attention to what was going on and continued speaking as if to attack them further. “The girls met a boy named Rin Tsuchimi when they were young, and have admired him ever since.He was chosen as a candidate for marriage between the two, and if he chooses one of them, he will become the next king. “and. After witnessing the whole story, Rin realizes that the peace and daily life he had lived up until now has been destroyed, and the curtain rises on a story full of ups and downs, with both anticipation and anxiety about what will happen in the future. ■What is “Angelic Link”? This work is a narou-based RPG about a different world, where the main character (you) is
reincarnated in another world, and the fallen angels of New Eden intertwine. Collect materials and train unique fallen angels through easy-to-operate command battles with automatic functions.
Additionally, as you progress through the main quest, you will be able to enjoy a heartwarming story that unfolds in the world created by FUNA-sensei, who is well-known for the anime “I Said My Abilities Should Be Average, Right!”. In modern society, where we tend to get tired from our busy daily lives, how about living a relaxed life with cute fallen angels? ▼Official promotion movie
[Video 12:] ■Game and character introduction videos are now available on the official Youtube channel! Currently, on the official Youtube channel, the navigator Lucifer introduces the charm of “Angelic Link” with “Introduction to Angelic Link” that even fallen angels can understand, and “Lucifer’s ‘Angel Dictionary'” which introduces the main characters that appear in the game. is currently being serialized! We deliver short stories that can only be seen here and content that connects you more deeply with the world of “Angelic Link”! ● “Introduction to Enkuri” that even fallen angels can understand Part 1 ~ What kind of game is Enkuri? ~
[Video 9:] ●Lucifer’s “Da Angel Dictionary” ~Lucifer Edition~
[Video 10:] ●Fallen Angel’s “Walk in Another World”
[Video 11:] ■Product Overview Title: Angelic Link (abbreviation: Enkuri) Genre: Futtobashi command battle RPG Official website: Official PV:
[Video 12:] Official Twitter: Platform: PC (browser version) / Smartphone (browser version) / DMM GAMES Store Rights notation: (C)2021 EXNOA LLC

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