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Home » Japan Teradata begins providing new consulting services specializing in AI, aiming for early realization of business transformation using AI

Japan Teradata begins providing new consulting services specializing in AI, aiming for early realization of business transformation using AI

Japan Teradata Co., Ltd.
Japan Teradata begins providing new consulting services specializing in AI, aiming for early realization of business transformation using AI
Supporting the creation of new businesses and operational efficiency, an advanced IT team consisting of industry consultants, IT architects, and data scientists will complete everything from identifying business issues to formulating a roadmap to utilize AI in 10 weeks.
Tokyo – February 5, 2024 – Japan Teradata Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Rinji Takahashi, hereinafter “Japan Teradata”) announced today that it will utilize AI to help Japanese companies create new businesses. We are pleased to announce that we have started providing the “AI/ML Innovation Service” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), a consulting service to promote production and business expansion. This service is a new addition to the various consulting service portfolios provided by Japan Teradata, and analyzes and utilizes data owned by companies, with a particular focus on cutting-edge AI, including generative AI, which has recently received a lot of attention. This is a consulting service that supports the promotion of digital transformation (DX) that can achieve high business results, such as improving operational efficiency and realizing innovation that creates new business. We have consultants who are familiar with the trends and issues of each industry, IT architects who plan and propose optimal systems, and data scientists who utilize and implement cutting-edge advanced analytics such as AI. Our dedicated team of Teradata specialists who are familiar with every step of the process will comprehensively support your AI project. This service begins with the selection of a business problem, identifies the data needed to solve the problem, analysis technology such as AI, the current technology stack, formulates the ideal architecture and implementation roadmap, and estimates cost-effectiveness. This is a consulting service uniquely provided by Japan Teradata that performs calculations etc. in a short period of 10 weeks. Main contents provided by this service:
Issues to be solved with data and extraction
List of data and analysis methods needed to solve problems
Proposals on how to best utilize AI/ML and points to improve business efficiency Visualization of current system architecture and formulation of future architecture needed to solve problems
Examining the cause-and-effect relationships among multiple issues and priorities for solving them, and formulating a roadmap
Proposing an AI project that calculates cost effectiveness and realizes high ROI When selecting business issues, we focus on customer-specific business strategies, finances, business processes, etc., and refer to data utilization examples and use cases that Teradata has provided to famous companies around the world for over 40 years. Significantly reduces the time required for selection. In addition, we will utilize “Teradata VantageCloud“, which has an extremely rich track record of utilizing large-scale data as the most comprehensive cloud data analysis platform for AI, to support DX and AI at the company-wide level. We design and propose an integrated data analysis platform architecture that can promote advanced and smooth data utilization. Furthermore, this service will calculate and present an approximate cost-effectiveness estimate. Customers will be able to consider and judge the roadmap of AI/ML and data utilization projects proposed as deliverables and their priorities based on ROI. More than five years have passed since the promotion of DX started in Japan, but compared to countries with advanced DX overseas, the development of domestic DX still seems to be in the developing stage. Many companies are seeing delays in projects such as the introduction of IoT, the advancement of data analysis, and the use of AI, which are expected to be accelerated by DX.According to a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the degree of DX promotion is about half that of the United States. It has been reported (*1). In addition, the Ministry of Information and Communications White Paper points out that there are differences between Japan and Europe and the United States in the main purposes of data utilization. While there is a strong need to utilize data for work style reform, Western companies are said to have a high rate of data utilization for the purpose of adding value to business and creating new businesses (*2). In the future, it is thought that there will be a growing trend in Japan to utilize AI/ML including generative AI, IoT, cloud, etc. for the purpose of adding value to business and creating new businesses, and Teradata has a wealth of knowledge on such utilization. We strongly support each company’s efforts through this service, which is provided by a specialized team accumulated over the years. [Source] *1: March 2021, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Research on the economic impact of digital
transformation *2: Reiwa 3rd edition Information and Communications White Paper (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Availability Status This service has started to be provided in Japan. For details, please contact your sales representative or About Teradata Teradata believes that better information grows people and businesses. Teradata’s most comprehensive cloud data analytics foundation for AI delivers trusted, unified data and trusted AI/ML for confident decision-making, rapid innovation, and valuable business outcomes. For more information, please visit # # # The Teradata logo is a trademark and Teradata is a registered trademark of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and internationally. ■Inquiries regarding this matter Japan Teradata Corporation Public Relations Officer Ariga TEL: 070-4532-8253 | E-mail: |
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