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Seahorse Mikawa Guest information 3/1 (Friday) Osaka match Daiki Kudo (Da-iCE)

Seahorse Mikawa
[Guest information] 3/1 (Friday) Osaka match Daiki Kudo (Da-iCE) ……
[Image:×1280.jpg] Da-iCE’s Daiki Kudo will appear in the match against Osaka Evessa on Friday, March 1st!
This appearance was made possible because the Seahorse Mikawa official cheerleaders “Super Girls” will be using Da-iCE’s song “Starmine” at their home night game in the 2023-24 season.
*”Star Mine” lyrics and composition: Daiki Kudo
On the day of the event, he is scheduled to appear at the “First Pitch Ceremony” and “Tatsuon the Stage.” Please enjoy it at the venue! Performance schedule
Friday, March 1st
Osaka Evessa match @Wing Arena Kariya
Just before the game starts (around 19:05)
first pitch ceremony
half time
tatsuwon the stage
Daiki Kudo
Date of birth: Born June 28, 1987 (36 years old)
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Blood type: B type
Height: 172cm
He is a performer and leader of the five-member artist group “Da-iCE” formed in 2011. He also writes and composes many songs, and in addition to Da-iCE, he also provides songs to many artists such as Nissy, WHITE JAM, Tensai Bonjin, and FAKY, and is also active as a creator. He is highly sensitive to music, culture, and fashion, and has a deep knowledge of idols and anime. In 2021, he started an original apparel brand “ITEM” where he serves as the creative director. He loves saunas so much that he has visited all the major saunas in the country, and is certified as a Sauna Spa Health Advisor. More details about this release: