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Amiyakitei Co., Ltd. Amiyakitei (Chubu) Strawberry Fair & Dessert Buffet Power UP

Amiyakitei Co., Ltd.
[Amiyakitei (Chubu)] Strawberry Fair & Dessert Buffet Power UP ……
A strawberry fair will be held at all of the domestic beef yakiniku “Amiyakitei” stores operated by Amiyakitei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture/President: Takuya Miyazaki), which has 81 stores in the Chubu area.
About the popular “Strawberry Fair”
[Image 1:×2510.jpg] Amiyakitei Chubu and Shiga area stores (*excluding Amiyakitei Plus) will be holding a “Strawberry Fair” from February 5th (Monday), featuring the popular “strawberries” on the dessert buffet. We will also change the price of the dessert buffet to make it even more affordable.
“Yakiniku and dessert are two different things!”, so Amiyakitei has a wide selection of meat and desserts, and we look forward to your visit.
The strawberry fair is for a limited time only, and will end as soon as they are gone, so please come early to enjoy the seasonal fruit. [Introducing the strawberry fair menu]
There are 3 types: 1. Luxurious strawberry fruit tart, 2. Strawberry milk pudding, and 3. Strawberry.
We want as many customers as possible to enjoy the #1 customer request, “Strawberry”…
At Amiyakitei, we are looking forward to your visit with a focus on desserts. *Depending on the store’s purchasing status, the display status on the day may differ.
*Please note that the sale will end as soon as the stock runs out. Dessert buffet price change
[Image 2:×1234.jpg] We will change the price of the dessert buffet to make it more affordable for our customers.
[Price after change]
Dessert buffet 1 item → 150 yen (165 yen including tax)
Dessert buffet 3 items → 390 yen (429 yen including tax)
All-you-can-eat dessert buffet → 580 yen (638 yen including tax) The all-you-can-eat price has been reduced from 780 yen (858 yen including tax) to 580 yen (638 yen including tax).
Also, from now on, you can now order just one item. Please take this opportunity to visit us.
*For customers ordering all-you-can-eat meals, children of elementary school age are half price, and children under elementary school age are free of charge.
*Please order the dessert buffet together with the main menu (grilled food, rice, noodles).
Please make a reservation and visit us.
Please visit the website below or call your local store directly. *Depending on the status of your reservation, we may not be able to accept your reservation, so we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. About Amiyakitei Co., Ltd.
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