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Aryaumu Co., Ltd. Recruiting immigrant DAO founders! “Make DAO your job” Solve problems with the power of the NFT community created in the region.

[Aryaumu Co., Ltd.] [Recruiting immigrant DAO founders! ] “Make DAO your job” Solve problems with the power of the NFT community created in the region.

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Press release: February 6, 2024
[Recruiting immigrant DAO founders! ] “Make DAO your job” Solve problems with the power of the NFT community created in the region. *With the start of the “Immigration × NFT” project, we have started recruiting founders for a digital community aimed at regional revitalization*
Aryaumu Co., Ltd. (location: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, CEO: Hiroaki Hatanaka, hereinafter referred to as Aryaumu) is a new initiative for “regional revitalization using NFT” called “Migration ×
Start an NFT project. This initiative aims to solve regional issues by operating a digital community centered on people who have migrated to rural areas (immigrant DAO founders). Migrant DAO founders are paid for their activities, and are able to solve local issues through NFT/DAO management as a job and start NFT businesses in the region. Introduction
Aruyaumu Co., Ltd. started the Hometown Tax NFT project in December 2021, and has supported the “regional revitalization through NFT” of more than 20 local governments. In the process of providing this support, we became acutely aware that there are many regions that need the power of DAOs, and at the same time, there are many community members who want to engage in NFT as a “regular job.” This initiative will bring together “regions that need the power of DAO” and “people who seriously want to get involved in NFT” and bring new ways to solve problems to the region. If you are even slightly interested, please fill out the application form below.

Application form →

Overview of “Migration x NFT”
◆ Overview: Solving regional issues by an NFT community centered on people who have moved to rural areas (immigrant DAO founders) ◆ Number of applicants: Several people
◆ Desired personality:
Among those who can move their residence certificate and living base to their new destination, those who meet any or all of the following criteria:
・Person who has knowledge of NFT project management
・People who are interested in regional revitalization and solving regional issues
・Active founders of NFT projects or those who are preparing to launch an NFT project

◆ Business content (this is just a specific example):
We envision the following content and will formulate the work content based on the aptitude and experience of the applicant.
 ○ Creation of related population through local digital community management  ○ Solving regional issues and supporting agriculture using NFT/DAO  ○ Starting a business using NFT in the region

◆ Benefits: Remuneration 233,000 yen + monthly allowance 80,000 yen (fixed) *Allowances: Allowances necessary for carrying out work such as housing rental fees and travel expenses.

Period: From the first day of the month in which a person wishing to immigrate can immigrate to March 31, 2025 (maximum of 1 year as immigration is possible from April 1st at the earliest),
municipalities where there are no problems in the performance of the work and the work is carried out. If you wish to continue the initiative, you can carry out the work for up to 3 years (until March 31, 2027)
◆ Contract type: Outsourcing contract with Aryaumu Co., Ltd. (You are free to do side jobs at other DAOs, etc.)

◆ How to apply: Applications will be accepted using the Google form below, and interviews will be conducted via Zoom. If you are interested, please feel free to apply.

Application form →

Key points of this initiative
Why not utilize the power of the “NFT community” as a means of solving regional issues faced by each local government? We started this initiative from this perspective.

This initiative will achieve the following three points.
○ “Creating a new related population”
○ “Solving regional issues using NFT/DAO”
○ “Realization of NFT entrepreneurship in the region”

Another feature of this initiative is that it allows participants to earn a “stable income” through DAO activities, which previously had been difficult to receive monetary compensation.

In an environment where you can fully commit to NFT/DAO activities, We are looking for people who can open up the possibilities of DAO. We aim to “create a new era regional revitalization model” by creating new forms of community that are possible only through digital technology, utilizing local resources, and connecting the local and external areas.

For local governments
As a recent trend, NFT x DAO is attracting attention as a new trend in regional revitalization. This innovative initiative has great potential to strengthen local communities, promote attractive urban development, and expand the number of people involved.
However, while issuing NFTs and launching DAOs may be easy in the early stages, many projects actually struggle to activate their DAOs and achieve their goals. In light of this current situation, our company, which has a track record of collaborating with popular DAO communities with many successful cases, and also operates DAOs ourselves, will provide consistent support to local governments. As we make proposals that utilize national systems, including the procurement of financial resources, we will propose business development that does not impose a substantial burden on local governments, so please feel free to consult with local governments. Please contact us.
About Aryaum Co., Ltd.
A startup from Sapporo that provides hometown tax NFT/tourism NFT solutions to local governments across the country in order to promote “regional revitalization through NFT.” By using NFTs emblazoned with the charm of the region as a return gift for hometown tax payments, we will not only create new financial resources, but also lead to city promotion and the creation of a related population. The company name “Aryaum” is an Arabic word that means today. Today, we will provide cutting-edge technology called NFT to local governments and regions who want to take on the challenge right away, and support the creation of communities that continue to be supported.

Alyaumu Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・Company name: Aryaum Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Hiroaki Hatanaka
・Location: Room 302 Katran Aso, Kita 38-jo Nishi 6-2-23, Kita-ku, Sapporo ・Established: November 18, 2020
・Capital: 23 million yen (including reserves)
・Business content: Regional revitalization consulting and development using NFT ・URL:
・X (old: Twitter):
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