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Home » Announcing the second group of artists for the live stage performance of 14 groups at “Creema YAMABIKO FES 2024”, an outdoor festival where you can experience music and culture in nature!

Announcing the second group of artists for the live stage performance of 14 groups at “Creema YAMABIKO FES 2024”, an outdoor festival where you can experience music and culture in nature!

Creema Co., Ltd.
Announcing the second group of artists for the live stage performance of 14 groups at “Creema YAMABIKO FES 2024”, an outdoor festival where you can experience music and culture in nature!
Seven groups will appear including SPECIAL OTHERS, toconoma, SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS, chelmico, maco marets, and Gusokumuzu.
Creema Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kotaro Marubayashi, hereinafter referred to as “Creema”) will be opening “Nagai Uminote Park Soleil” in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th, 2024. We have announced the artists who will be performing in the second round of “Creema YAMABIKO FES 2024” to be held at “Creema Yamabiko FES 2024”.
・Official HP:
[Image 1:×660.jpg] As part of the second round, we have announced 7 performing artists, and the entire lineup for Sunday, March 17th has been decided! A total of 14 groups will perform live on the outdoor music stage, following “Ulfles,” “KIRINJI,” “NakamuraEmi,” “Humbert Humbert,” “YONA YONA WEEKENDERS,” and “Lucky Kilimanjaro,” as well as “SPECIAL OTHERS,” “toconoma,” and “Lucky Kilimanjaro.” We have announced the appearances of 7 groups: SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS,” “chelmico,” “maco marets,” “Gusokumuzu,” and “umitachi.” With this announcement, the entire lineup for Sunday, March 17th has been decided. The remaining artist who will perform on Saturday, March 16th will be announced soon. .
[DAY1: March 16th (Sat)]
SPECIAL OTHERS (New), Gusokumuzu (New), umitachi (New)
Ulfurus, Emi Nakamura, YONA YONA WEEKENDERS
[DAY2: March 17th (Sunday)]
SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS (New), toconoma (New), chelmico (New), maco marets (New) KIRINJI, Lucky Kilimanjaro, Humbert Humbert
・Artist list:
What is “Creema YAMABIKO FES”?
Centered around live performances by 14 notable artists on an outdoor music stage, there is also a “Craft Market” where markets and workshops by 100 artists are lined up, a “Sauna Village” where you can enjoy outdoor saunas and sauna meals, and a specialty coffee tasting experience. 2 days of experiencing music and culture in nature. It will be held for the first time in November 2021 in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture. This time, the third time, we will move the stage to a vast park in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture overlooking Sagami Bay, set up a camping area for the first time, and expand the hours.
[Video 2:] Artist introduction (
[Image 2:×1661.jpg] Gusokumuzu
A four-person band based mainly in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The members are Eizo Tanaka (Vo, Gut), Yuki Kato (Gt), Yusuke Horibe (Bass), and Yuji Nakajima (Drums). “Subekaraku Dori Ame”, which was released digitally in July 2021, has become a hot topic, and their 1st album “Gusokumuzu” will be released in December. The 2nd album “Joyful Holiday” will be released in December 2022. Starting from May 2023, new songs based on “travel” will be released for four consecutive months. In July, he had a successful one-man performance at WWW Starting in November, they will be holding a tour called “On the Road” that will visit five cities across the country, with the final event being held at the Musashino Public Hall in their hometown of Kichijoji, Tokyo, and the tour will be SOLD OUT. Announced release of major debut album in 2024.
[Image 3:×1443.jpg] SPECIAL OTHERS
Formed in 1995 by classmates from Kishine High School in Yokohama. Since around 2000, he has been active on the streets, clubs, restaurants and bars. Major debut from Victor in 2006. Since then, their activities have expanded to include sound source production, live tours, appearances at various festivals, and collaborations with other artists. Held a one-man live at Nippon Budokan in 2013. It was sold out and ended with great success. In 2014, they started activities under the name SPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTIC in parallel with the main group SPECIAL OTHERS. His 6th original album “WINDOW”, released in 2015, ranked 9th on the Oricon album chart, making it his 6th consecutive top 10 album. In 2016, he performed at festivals all over the country, including being the headliner at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’16 “FIELD OF HEAVEN”. In March 2017, they released the collection of collaborative works “SPECIAL OTHERSII”, which marks the conclusion of their 10th anniversary project. In May 2018, the acoustic project SPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTIC (hereinafter referred to as SOA) was restarted. They released their first album “Telepathy” in about three and a half years since their debut album “LIGHT” as SOA, and concluded their nationwide tour with great success. On May 13, 2020, SPECIAL OTHERS released their 7th original album “WAVE” for the first time in 5 years. 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of their major debut. The first SG “THE IDOL” will be released in June, and the second SG “Sparkjoy” will be released on November 5th. On June 8, 2022, they released their 8th new album “Anniversary”. In 2023, the 25th of every month will be designated as “Nico Nico Day” and they will release music for 9 consecutive months!And their long-awaited 9th album “Journey” will be released on October 25, 2023.
[Image 4:×2547.jpg] SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS
The band was formed in 2001 by a group of musicians who met at a club event in Tokyo.
With a focus on live performances, he has a solid playing ability and a cool atmosphere, while delivering rough, entertaining, explosive jazz that is on the verge of bursting. In 2005, he received the “John Peel Play More Jazz Award” at the “WORLDWIDE AWARDS 2005” sponsored by BBC RADIO1. Since then, he has released works overseas and performed at many big festivals such as the world’s largest festival
“Glastonbury”, Montreux Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, and has performed in 31 countries so far, and has been active worldwide. continuing.
[Image 5:×1646.jpg] toconoma
Formed in 2008 in Shibuya, Tokyo. A groove born from a passionate dance beat and an emotional melody. Even without the song, there was something more that could be conveyed. The spun sound overcomes the barriers of genre and opens up beyond the scene. After releasing their 3rd album “NEWTOWN” in June 2017, they performed at FUJI ROCK 2018 (FIELD OF HEAVEN stage) and held their 10th anniversary solo tour at 4 locations including Tokyo TSUTAYA O-EAST (sold out) and Hong Kong. He has been active in Asia as well, including holding one-man tours and performing at outdoor festivals, and released his 4th album “VISTA” for the first time in three years on July 8, 2020! From September 2020, the tour will be held at 6 locations nationwide as the toconoma JAPAN TOUR “VISTAS”, overcoming postponements, etc., and the final will be held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST in May 2021. In August, they released their first documentary DVD “VISTAS” and the production run is already sold out. In August 2021, an independent project “TOCOJAWS 2021” inviting SPECIAL OTHERS will be held at Ebisu GARDEN HALL, and tickets sold out immediately. He will also perform at the second FUJI ROKC FESTIVAL (FIELD OF HEAVEN stage) in 2022. They celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2023 with their one-man tour “TOCONOVA,” and in August they successfully held their first Hibiya Noon performance, and are currently working slowly while maintaining their own pace.
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] chelmico
A rap unit formed by two friends, Rachel and Mamiko. Formed in 2014, after working as an indie band, they made their long-awaited major debut in 2018. She has released four albums so far, and has also been active as a solo artist as Makako Suzuki/Rachel, evolving as a rapper. He is active in various fields such as commercial songs, drama theme songs, providing music to artists, guest performances, etc.
“Question”, the newly written opening theme for the TBS drama stream “Renai no Susume”, was released on December 6th.
[Image 7:×1667.png ]
maco marets
Rapper/MC born in Fukuoka in 1995, currently active mainly in Tokyo. In 2016, he made his CD debut with his 1st album “Orang.Pendek” on “Rallye Label”. After that, he started his own label “Woodlands Circle” and has been constantly releasing works up to his latest album “Unready”, which is his seventh album. In recent years, she has been attracting attention for her work as the theme song for E-Tele’s “Z’s Selection” program, collaboration work with various artists such as Sakura Fujiwara, Moka Sato, Maika Loubte, Masinomi, Shin Sakiura, and LITE, as well as her writing activities in the media. .
[Image 8:×2445.jpg] umitachi
Band from Gifu. Admiring the sea, they gathered together and were named “umitachi”, which is the plural of the word “sea”. Vo&Gt Makino Ange’s straightforward lyrics and the warm atmosphere that only Umitachi can create will capture your heart. I want to continue singing the songs I want to sing and create a new music scene with music that is not bound by genre. Don’t forget your initial impulse.
Event overview
Name: Creema YAMABIKO FES 2024
Date: March 16th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 2024
Location: Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill (4-chome Nagai, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Admission fee:
Advance ticket 7,200 yen (1 day ticket) / 13,500 yen (2 day ticket) Advance tickets with parking lot (limited to 1,400 tickets/day) 9,200 yen (1 day ticket) / 17,500 yen (2 day ticket)
Advance ticket with bike storage (limited to 40 tickets/day) 8,000 yen (1 day ticket) / 15,100 yen (2 day ticket)
Same-day ticket: 8,000 yen (1-day ticket) / 15,000 yen (2-day ticket) URL:
Sponsor: Creema
Sponsored by: FM Yokohama, J-WAVE, Yokosuka City (in alphabetical order) Official account:
X (old Twitter):
*The entire park will be reserved for the two days of the event, so only those with event tickets will be able to enter.
What is Creema?
Creema is a CtoC marketplace where creators and consumers across the country engaged in creative activities can directly buy and sell original works online. The service was launched in 2010 with the aim of “establishing a new, fair and huge economic zone where truly good things will never be buried.” Currently, more than 17 million original works by approximately 270,000 creators are exhibited, and the total sales amount is approximately 17 billion yen, driving the expansion of the market as Japan’s largest handmade marketplace (*). In addition to online events, we also hold the large-scale event “Handmade in Japan Festival < *Total amount of transaction in domestic handmade marketplace service October 2022 to September 2023
Company Profile
Trade name: Creema Co., Ltd.
Address: Sumitomo Real Estate Harajuku Building 7-8F, 2-34-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and President Kotaro Marubayashi Capital: 1,080 million yen (including capital reserve, as of the end of November 2023)
Number of employees: 105 (as of the end of February 2023)
Business: Creator empowerment business
・Handmade Marketplace: Creema
・Online shop opening service: InFRAME
・Crowdfunding: Creema SPRINGS
・Video lesson platform: FANTIST
・Events: Handmade in Japan FES (Tokyo Big Sight), Creema YAMABIKO FES (Nagai Uminote Park Soleil Hill), etc.
・Alliance: Regional revitalization, PR support services, etc. More details about this release: