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Home » Launch of “1.5 Career” aimed at building athletes’ careers

Launch of “1.5 Career” aimed at building athletes’ careers

Launch of “1.5 Career” aimed at building athletes’ careers

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Press release: February 7, 2024
Launch of “1.5 Career” aimed at building athletes’ careers
WHY is pleased to announce that we have entered into a business partnership with Shinagawa Culture Club Co., Ltd., which operates Shinagawa CC, and have started the 1.5 career of Mr. Yuo Ogawa, the manager of the Shinagawa CC second team. *
WHY will continue to provide opportunities for active athletes to develop highly satisfying careers in business settings through 1.5 Career Support, so that they have a wide range of options for the future.

* Initiative background: Supporting the 1.5 career of active athletes * Among active athletes, there are many cases where they are worried about their career after retirement, or who wait until their retirement is decided to explore their future career.
Therefore, START WITH aims to “create a society where each individual can verbalize and realize a satisfying career development based on diverse values.”
WHY has been developing the careers of athletes for many years through the “1.5 Career” initiative, which allows athletes to concentrate on playing as active athletes while expanding their future options and forming business careers by gaining experience in the business field. We started with Shinagawa CC. We aim to create a world where athletes can continue to play, eliminate vague concerns about the future, and demonstrate high performance in both play and business.
From left: Mr. Yoshida, representative of Shinagawa Culture Club Co., Ltd., Shinagawa CC second team coach Ogawa, Nakamura, representative of START WITH WHY Co., Ltd.
* What is the “1.5 career” that Shinagawa CC is working on? * We define a 1.5 career as something that is “just before” a second career where you leave competition and only work. In other words, this is a period where you can start your career as a business person while taking your sport seriously.
You can move forward to your second career with confidence, having increased your market value with an eye to the future.

*Shinagawa CC’s efforts so far*
One of the challenges that athletes face is that there is an overwhelming lack of information regarding employment because they are focused on competing. To address this issue, we have career advisors who are knowledgeable in both the sports and business worlds serve as our point of contact, and we are working to build a career plan for each player through interviews. Through the above initiatives, athletes themselves will be able to focus on their realistic lifestyles in parallel with their ideal competitive lives.
* Future main duties of second team coach Yuo Ogawa *
Workplace: START WITH WHY Co., Ltd.
Department: Sales Consulting
Scheduled operation: Regular meetings once a week, other remote work Work style: Fully remote
Reward: Yes
Specific business content: Online sales operations, inside sales operations

* Profile of second team coach Yuo Ogawa *
Height/Weight: 162cm/55kg
Date of birth: September 17, 1992 (31 years old)
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
(Soccer history) Osaka Toin High School → Doshisha University → Comcordia Elblag → Caramba Dinamo Riga → Riga FC
(Coaching history) Doshisha University Soccer Club Head Coach (2016~2023) → Shinagawa CC Second Team Coach (2024~)
* Comments from second team coach Yuo Ogawa *
1.5 STRAT WITH provided me with a great challenge of career (balancing soccer and work)
I would like to express my deep gratitude to President Nakamura of WHY and President Yoshida of Shinagawa Culture Club.
I am aware that my 1.5 career as a coach is rare in the world, but I will start taking a solid step forward as a member of society and work hard to become an indispensable part of both companies. Masu.

*What is START WITH WHY Co., Ltd.*

We are a venture company with the vision of “creating a society where each individual can verbalize and realize a satisfying career amidst diverse values.” We provide “super-accompanying” sales support specialized for professional human resources, and have provided sales support to more than 60 companies in about a year and a half since the service started in August 2022. In addition, we are currently partnering with many club teams and are supporting the realization of highly satisfactory career development for athletes through 1.5 Career.
Company name: START WITH WHY Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kazuya Nakamura
Address: 1-15-16 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023

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