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Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd. Asahi Shimbun Digital “Kitatoku” gift campaign underway

[Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd.] Asahi Shimbun Digital “Kitatoku” gift campaign underway

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Press release: February 7, 2024
Asahi Shimbun Digital “Kitatoku” gift campaign underway
*145 people will be randomly selected to win gifts for all Asahi Digital paid members living in Hokkaido*
Asahi Shimbun Digital, a news site operated by Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd. (President: Shiro Nakamura) (
) will be open to all morning digital paid members living in Hokkaido from February 7th (Wednesday) to March 20th (Wednesday), 2024, and 145 people will be randomly selected to win coffee makers, hotel spa tickets, etc. We are holding a “Kitatoku” gift campaign where you can win luxurious gifts.
Kita Toku
* All paid members of Asahi Shimbun Digital who live in Hokkaido can apply. * Click here for the gift application page

If you are not currently a paid member, please complete the
subscription procedure for one of the courses first before applying.

If you subscribe to the “Standard Course” (1,980 yen per month) for the first time, the subscription fee will be free for one month from the date of application. In addition to unlimited reading of all paid articles, there are also convenient features such as a scrap function that allows you to read articles later, a present function that allows you to share articles, and a “News gist” that delivers noteworthy news carefully selected by editors with mini explanations. You can also try our services.

For those who subscribe to the Asahi Shimbun for home delivery, we offer a special “Campaign Double Course.” You can use Asahi Shimbun Digital for an additional 500 yen (tax included) per month on top of the newspaper subscription fee.
For standard courses and campaign/double courses, please proceed from each campaign page.
Standard Campaign Double *Click here if you would like the basic course (980 yen per month) or premium course (3,800 yen per month)
) Please complete the subscription procedure and apply from the giveaway application page.
*Paper viewer course members cannot apply for the gift campaign. If you are interested, please complete the campaign/double course subscription procedure and apply from the giveaway application page.

▽Campaign overview
– Standard course – Campaign Double Course -Currently paid members * [Period] From February 7, 2024 (Wednesday) to March 20, 2024 (Wednesday) 23:59*
* [Present lottery target] *
Those living in Hokkaido who have newly subscribed to Asahi Shimbun digital paid membership during the above period, and those who are currently Asahi Shimbun digital paid members.
*Those who have completed the cancellation procedure at the time of the lottery are not eligible.

Lots of “Mikata”
Also, during the same period, we posted a new visual advertisement featuring model Ayaori Omata as the main character.
The catchphrase is *full of “Mikata”*. You can view it on digital signage and large advertisements in the Namboku Concourse of the Subway Namboku Line, and inside Sapporo City Subway trains.
Lots of “Mikata” Asahi Shimbun Digital

Asahi Shimbun Digital is a news service that expands your perspective on things with in-depth articles and diverse opinions, and is always on your side. Hokkaido news is also full of new perspectives. We thoroughly cover geeky topics and deliver a wide range of articles, from local topics to news that connects to the world. “Explanations” that will help you gain confidence in your own opinion by knowing the “originality” of the news, “Melting Pot of Worries” where you are sure to find hints about concerns that are difficult to discuss with others, and a multifaceted perspective on the news. Please try the morning digital content that expands your understanding, such as “Comment Plus” that can be understood with “Comment Plus”. *About details about this release*

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