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Fujitsu Limited Chunghwa Telecom and Fujitsu agree to jointly consider building an all-photonics network based on the IOWN concept

(Please note that this announcement is a joint announcement with Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., so there may be some duplication of information.)
Fujitsu Limited
Chunghwa Telecom and Fujitsu agree to jointly consider building an all-photonics network based on the IOWN concept
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. (Location: Taiwan, Chairman: Shuiyi Guo, hereinafter referred to as Chunghwa Telecom) and Fujitsu Limited (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Takahito Tokita, hereinafter referred to as Fujitsu) have jointly established the IOWN initiative in Taiwan. On January 31st, we signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) regarding a two-year strategic partnership for the purpose of jointly considering the construction of a network utilizing All Photonics Network (APN) technology (Note 2) based on 1). It has been concluded.
Based on this MOU, the two companies will discuss the construction of a network using APN technology in Taiwan, and contribute to the realization of an innovative and sustainable society through a network environment that has high capacity, low latency, and low power consumption. To go.
Chunghwa Telecom is Taiwan’s largest telecommunications carrier, and is collaborating with other companies globally to take advanced initiatives to address social issues such as rapidly increasing power consumption in networks. Fujitsu, together with telecommunications carriers in Japan, has been leading the study toward the introduction of APN technology based on the IOWN concept, which simultaneously achieves large capacity and low power consumption. Both companies joined the IOWN Global Forum in March 2020, which aims to realize a network environment with high capacity, low latency, and low power consumption.
[Overview of MOU and future developments]
Chunghwa Telecom and Fujitsu have agreed to collaborate and utilize Fujitsu’s expertise in APN technology to introduce this technology in the Taiwan region. Fujitsu is working with Chunghwa Telecom to build a verification facility for APN technology in Taiwan, and will use this MOU as an opportunity to promote the use of this technology in commercial networks in Taiwan. Fujitsu will leverage its track record and knowledge in Japan to contribute to the formulation and early commercialization of an APN construction plan tailored to Taiwan’s communications situation, and support the construction of
infrastructure that supports Taiwan’s society and people’s lives. .
[Image:×569.jpg] Signing of MOU: Chunghwa Telecom SEVP & CTO Hwang Shio (front), Fujitsu Executive Officer SEVP CTO, CPO Vivek Mahajan (back left), Fujitsu Photonics Systems Business Headquarters General Manager Rod Naifan (back right)
[Comment from Vivek Mahajan, SEVP CTO, CPO, Fujitsu Limited] We are pleased to have signed an MOU with Chunghwa Telecom and to be able to collaborate with them. Through this collaboration, Fujitsu will leverage the experience and track record of industry-leading APN to improve the network environment in Taiwan, solve social issues in Taiwan, and contribute to reducing environmental impact.
[Comment from Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. SEVP & CTO Huang Zhixiong] As a leading telecommunications company in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom is pleased to sign this MOU with Fujitsu. Chunghwa Telecom and Fujitsu will jointly develop APN technology to achieve better optical communication quality for various innovative applications such as Beyond 5G/6G, AI, and cloud computing. This will bring improved convenience and early access to information and communication services for Taiwanese society and people.
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Note 1
IOWN concept: Abbreviation for Innovative Optical and Wireless Network concept. A concept for an innovative network and information processing platform that can provide high-speed, large-capacity communications and vast amounts of computing resources by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as optoelectronic convergence technology.
Note 2
All-Photonics Network Technology: All-Photonics Network (APN) technology. One of the core technologies that support the IOWN concept. It uses light (photonics) in all areas of communication networks, and has features such as large-capacity transmission, low power consumption, and low latency that greatly exceed conventional communication technologies.
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