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Home » Mikiko Ichikawa goes for a friendly drive with Takako Matsu! Enjoy going out on the new Nissan Days Web movie “Go out and enjoy the Nissan Light NEW Days!” Released on February 8th (Thursday)

Mikiko Ichikawa goes for a friendly drive with Takako Matsu! Enjoy going out on the new Nissan Days Web movie “Go out and enjoy the Nissan Light NEW Days!” Released on February 8th (Thursday)

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Japan Marketing Headquarters
Mikiko Ichikawa goes for a friendly drive with Takako Matsu! Enjoy going out on the new Nissan Days Web movie “Go out and enjoy the Nissan Light NEW Days!” Released on February 8th (Thursday)
A close look at the couple’s drive, where you can see them enjoying their real drive talk and outings to the fullest URL:
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as Nissan) has partnered with actor Mikiko Ichikawa, who appears in the “Nissan Days” commercial, and actor who appears in the “Nissan Sakura”
commercial.・The web movie “Nissan’s light vehicle NEW Days, Odeka light!” featuring Takako Matsu as a special guest will be released on a special website from February 8, 2024 (Thursday).
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In the web movie “Nissan Light NEW Days, Odeka Light!”, Takako Matsu and Mikiko Ichikawa, who have worked together in the past and have both appeared in commercials for “Nissan Light” The co-starring was realized. In this movie, the theme is “light cars that make going out fun” and we closely follow the couple as they go out on a drive in a Nissan Dayz. From reunions after a long time, realistic in-car talks, and people enjoying activities to the fullest while out and about, the Nissan DAYS depicts fun driving scenes that will make you want to go to various places after seeing them. It is.
Please enjoy the feeling of going out with Nissan Days through a friendly drive with Mr. Ichikawa and Mr. Matsu.
Overview of the web movie “Nissan Days, Odeka-light”
Title: WEB movie “Nissan’s light car NEW Days, a big light car!” Performer: Mikiko Ichikawa/Special guest Takako Matsu
・Special site for “Nissan Light Vehicles NEW Days, Odeka Light Vehicles”: URL
・WEB movie “Nissan’s light car NEW Days, a big light car!”:
・WEB movie “Nissan’s light car NEW Days, a big light car!”
 Pro Pilot Edition: URL
Intelligent Around View Monitor Edition: URL 360° Safety Assist Edition: URL ▽Story
Mikiko Ichikawa arrived first and was waiting for someone in front of Nissan Days. Then, Takako Matsu appears in a Nissan Sakura. After a long time together, the two hug each other, and Mr. Ichikawa introduces them to the new Nissan Dayz, and Mr. Matsu introduces them to the Nissan Sakura. The two set out for an outing in the Nissan Dayz, with Mr. Ichikawa driving. During the drive, you can have a variety of conversations inside the car, from the reassuring Nissan ProPILOT technology that makes going out even more enjoyable to what the two of you have been into lately. Then, we arrived at a “tufting experience” where you could make your own original rug. Mr. Matsu and Mr. Ichikawa sometimes look serious while enjoying the tufting experience to the fullest. Mr. Ichikawa enjoyed driving to his fullest on the way home, but thanks to the “ProPilot,” he seemed to be able to relax. We will look back on the fun outings we had on Nissan Days and discuss our memories from today.
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Shooting episode
Takako Matsu and Mikiko Ichikawa reunited for the first time in a long while for this photo shoot. The two seemed to be laughing with each other throughout the shoot, and it was impressive that they got along so well that it didn’t feel like it had been a while. During the filming of the scene in which Mr. Matsu appears at the meeting place in a Nissan Sakura, Mr. Ichikawa and the staff spontaneously burst into applause as Mr. Matsu suddenly stops at the shooting location, saying, “Wow!”. There was also a heart-warming scene where the two of them spoke to Ladybug, who suddenly landed on the Nissan Sakura, saying, “Do you want to ride in the new Dayz, too?” Before the outing in the Nissan Days, Mr. Ichikawa seemed a little nervous about driving, but once he returned from the drive, he was impressed not only by the ProPilot but also by the wonderful Matsu-san’s assistance. It’s all thanks to you!” he said with a smile as he seemed to enjoy driving. And in the sea scene, Ichikawa tried parking. Mr. Ichikawa was a little nervous at first, but using the Intelligent Around View Monitor of the Nissan DAYS, which allows him to see the surroundings of his car from a perspective similar to seeing it from the sky, he parked his car perfectly in the parking spot. Mr. Ichikawa looked relieved, and the scene was filled with applause. During the tufting shoot that followed, the two of them seemed to be having fun, as if they were enjoying a private outing, and the scene remained calm throughout, so we were able to finish the shoot without incident.
[Image 3:×734.png ]
Interview with Takako Matsu and Mikiko Ichikawa
Q.After filming, please tell us your impressions and highlights of the web movie.
Mr. Ichikawa: The sea scenes might be beautiful.
Matsu-san: It was truly a moment of light. I also got to experience it for the first time, right? Something like tufting.
We were able to take pictures with everyone’s help. it was fun. Q. How was the driving scene?
Mr. Ichikawa: I was nervous about driving with Mr. Matsu in the car, but But halfway through it started to be a little fun. Also, there is a ProPilot function, so
I think that once I pressed that button, I felt more at ease and it became easier to talk.
Q. How was your first attempt at tufting?
Mr. Ichikawa: It was really fun. (Mr. Matsu) loves handicrafts. Mr. Matsu: (Mr. Ichikawa) I also like handicrafts (lol), so it’s good to be completely innocent when it comes to needlework.
Mr. Ichikawa: I feel like I can look at myself from above, or rather organize my feelings.
Mr. Matsu: (Tufting) I’ve found that it’s very popular because you can redo it quickly and it’s easy to do things in different colors. Mr. Ichikawa: (Looking at the work they made) It’s cute.
Q. Please tell us the key points of the Nissan Days.
Mr. Ichikawa: The DAYS really feels spacious once you get inside, and it’s also very easy to drive.
It’s packed with advanced technology, so I think you’ll want to go all over the place.
Matsu-san: Please join us next time!
Mr. Ichikawa: Huh, Sakura? please! I wanna ride!
Q. Is there any place the two of you would like to go out this year? -Flip answer-
Mr. Matsu: “Garden”
Mr. Ichikawa: “Tokushima Prefecture with tufting”
Matsu-san: The other day, I had tea with a friend at an art museum.

     There was
It was quite fun, and I think that’s what I like about it (lol) But I feel like I haven’t been to many gardens so far, so I’d like to take a walk around those gardens.
I thought I’d like it, but since it’s a bit cold in February, I’ll keep an eye on it.
I want to walk around various places.
Mr. Ichikawa: It certainly depends on the season, even in the same garden. Matsu-san: Because the scenery changes. I’m looking forward to that for a bit. Mr. Ichikawa: I heard that there is a tufting craftsman in Tokushima. So, since there are fewer and fewer people to inherit it, this person will be able to inherit it,
After learning and teaching it, it became very popular.
I wanted to go to Tokushima Prefecture, where tufting is popular. Q. Please tell us what you would like to try this year or what hobbies you would like to try for the first time.
-Flip answer-
Mr. Matsu: “Photo”
Mr. Ichikawa: “Tea picking”
Matsu-san: I’ve always liked cameras, but lately I’ve been taking pictures with my smartphone.
Around last year, I wanted to use a camera (for the first time in a while). I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I have a camera with me, so Now that I have it, I want to use it again.
Mr. Ichikawa: I would like to go “tea picking”. I’m also happy in Taiwan. Matsu-san: I like Taiwan. Taiwanese tea is delicious.
Q. Lastly, please give a message to the viewers who watch the web movie. Matsu-san: Mikiko-chan gave me a ride in her car,
Mr. Ichikawa: We drove a Nissan Dayz and went for a drive together. Matsu-san: The weather was nice and it was really fun!
Mr. Ichikawa: It was fun, and the people who watched it probably said, “It looks like fun, it makes me want to go out.”
I think you will feel that way. Days,
Matsu-san: Enjoy!
Takako Matsu Profile
[Image 4:×127.jpg] Born in 1977 in Tokyo. In 1993, he made his stage debut at the Kabukiza Theater in “Ninjo Banashi Shichimoto Yui”. Since then, he has appeared in numerous plays, movies, and TV dramas. Movies such as “Kuru”, “Masquerade Hotel”, “Frozen” series, “Last Letter”, “The Last Samurai”, “Twelve Months of Earth”, TV drama “Quartet” (TBS), “No Side Game” ( TBS) “Switch” (TV Asahi), “Towako Maeda and the Three Ex-husbands” (Fuji Television), stage play “Q:A Night At The Kabuki”, “Sekai wa Alone”, “Inubito”, “Ikinari” Read books! ” and “Rabbit Runs on the Waves.”
Mikiko Ichikawa Profile
[Image 5:×193.jpg] She has been active as a model since she was a teenager. After working as an exclusive model for the magazine “Olive”, she made her feature film debut in the movie “Timeless Melody” (’00). She won the Best Actress Award at the Moscow International Film Festival for “Blue” (’03). For “Shin Godzilla” in 2016, she won the Mainichi Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Award and the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress. In 2019, she won the Nikkan Sports Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for “Yokogao” and “First Love: Dad, Chibi ga Gone”. In recent years, his works include “À Table! ~Creating and eating historical recipes~” (BS Shochiku Tokyu), “My Worst Friend” (NHK), “Moon and Cake” (CX), and “Side by Side Tonari”. He appeared in “The People Who Are in the Room”
(’23/directed by Chihiro Ito) and is also the narrator for “Switch Interview” (NHK).
About “Nissan Days”
[Image 6:×140.png ]
The Dayz, which underwent a minor change in September last year, has a stylish design, a spacious and high-quality interior, and features enhanced features such as ProPILOT driving assistance technology, Intelligent Emergency Brake, and Misapplication Collision Prevention Assist. It is a light vehicle equipped with advanced technology. A wide variety of body colors are available, making this a car that will make you want to go to more places and make everyday outings more enjoyable.
Nissan celebrates its 90th anniversary
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., celebrating its 90th anniversary, has delivered excitement to customers around the world through unique products and innovative technology, based on the spirit of “doing what others don’t do.” We will continue to work closely with our customers and continue to take on the challenge of realizing a more sustainable future.
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